PassageMaker September 2017

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bump in the night

Whether you’re a thousand miles out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, navigating a tight harbor entrance littered with rocks and reefs, or landing your boat into a narrow slip in 20-knot gusts and three-knot currents, boating presents unique challenges. Circumstances change depending on a boat’s reliability, your crew, the weather, and the boats around you. While boats have grown increasingly modern, with undeniable advances in sonar, radar, power, stabilization, and so on, with these advancements come boats that are equally complicated to understand and troubleshoot. Now, more than ever, it is essential to be prepared before you leave the dock. To paraphrase an old sailor’s adage, things only fail when you need them most. Take what happened recently to contributors James and Jennifer Hamilton as they left New England,…

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daniel harper q&a

Last year we had the chance to meet Daniel Harper to discuss Siren Marine’s boat monitoring system. As mobile data plans have become cheaper, and access to the internet becomes ubiquitous, companies have gone all-in to develop comprehensive but simple-to-use monitoring systems. These systems gather and interpret the data spat out by the various instruments on your boat, and the term ascribed to such data has been dubbed the “Internet of Things,” or IoT for short. Here is a bit of our conversation with Daniel about how he came to monitoring, what makes Siren Marine unique, and what he thinks is the future of IoT in the marine world. How do you identify the Internet of Things? How does the Internet of Things apply to the marine world? Recall one of the…

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Love to shoot pictures? Want to share your adventures? Send us your favorite high-resolution photos with a short description, and we’ll showcase our favorites in Viewfinder. For consideration, email: On Instagram: #viewfinder FAMILY STRONG From the docks at Rhode Island’s Fort Adams State Park, a single photo captures just 7 of 37 Kadey-Krogen yachts that gathered in Newport Harbor from June 29 to July 2. Like all Kadey-Krogen events, the clear emphasis was placed on community-building, be it through mansion and vineyard tours, sailboat racing on classic America’s Cup 12 Meters, dinners and dancing, or in the common thread of boat ownership. What made this event extra special was that the company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year after its founding in 1977. In honor of that achievement, company owners flew…

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boaters university

In July, Active Interest Media’s Marine Group (parent company to PassageMaker) launched a new endeavor called Boaters University, an online platform for continuing boating education. Based on the tremendous success of TrawlerFest seminars over the years, Boaters University will bring the same expert knowledge and resources to you, but on your schedule and at a pace that suits you. Debuting with an in-depth, 11-segment series on marine diesel engine maintenance and troubleshooting, this first series is designed to convey the mechanical know-how that students need to venture past the sight of land or to destinations beyond the range of SeaTow. This coming year we will introduce additional courses, with classes on Boat Handling and Docking, First Aid, Navigation, Weather, and much more. Find out KNOT WAFFLEN’ IN ALASKA We recently had the…

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GOT FUEL CELL FUEL? In your May/June 2017 issue (on page 40) there was an interesting report on the EFOY Fuel Cell. While there was much discussion of the cell’s output capabilities, there was zero discussion of what input (i.e. fuel) the fuel cell requires? Dave Calvert Dave, Our apologies for overlooking this important detail. To explain: Fuel cells, in general, derive energy through a chemical reaction, using an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte. The EFOY fuel cell is called a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell, which uses a mixture of methanol and water to create the necessary chemical reaction. The fuel is introduced on the anode side of the cell, with ambient oxygen from the air being introduced on the cathode side of the cell; a chemical reaction is then created. The reaction…

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universal appeal

In the darkest corners of your boat, there is an unspoken place—maybe at the chart table, possibly in the galley—where a spaghetti-tangle of USB cords tethers your phones, tablets, camera batteries, and assorted electronics to a power source. It may be unseemly, but it’s today’s reality. Wireless charging devices are still uncommon, though there are rumblings that the upcoming iPhone 8 will venture down the cord-cutting path. Until then, we have a few companies like Scanstrut, who have developed the ROKK Charge+, a superfast dual-port USB charger that is waterproof, spaghetti-proof, and corrosion-resistant. Over 3X faster than standard wall-socket USB Type-A chargers, the Charge+ features a click-and-lock lid, through which can be fed two USB cords. With one or both cords plugged in and the stainless hinge snapped shut, the…