PC Hardware Handbook

PC Hardware Handbook

Whether you’re building a new PC from scratch or looking to upgrade your current rig, the PC Hardware Handbook is packed with guides and reviews to help you choose and install the best components and accessories, from CPUs to peripherals.

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welcome to pc hardware handbook

It’s been a fun old year for PC enthusiasts, and by ‘fun’ we mean “Thanks, crypto miners, for driving up the prices of RAM and GPUs to literally insane levels. Good job.” Snarky comments about being made of imaginary money aside though, the last 12 months have seen some interesting developments, aside from the squeeze on our pockets. AMD dropped the bombshell that is Ryzen; everybody waited for Intel’s counter-move. And waited. And waited. When it finally dropped, our first move was – obviously – to pit them against each other in a battle royale of builds. That’s what we’re all about here, which is why, on these pages, you’ll find all the essential info you need to build and/or upgrade your own PC. Whether you’re looking to switch out…

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how to build a pc

1 PREPARE THE CHASSIS Let’s build. First, take off both side panels on the case. You’ll need access to both sides for inserting hardware, cable management, and general ease of access. It can get crowded, quick. Move any cables inside of the case out of the way. We’ll get to moving those around in a while. 2 MOTHERBOARD PREP Your chassis should include motherboard standoff screws, as pictured (sometimes they’re gold instead of black). These prevent your motherboard from making direct contact with the back of the chassis, which could short out the board. Reference the holes on your motherboard to see where the standoffs need to be, since this can vary. Screw them in tightly. Take the I/O (input/output) shield and line it up with the frame from inside the case. Make sure you…

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today’s best upgrades

Upgrading is fundamental to the PC. It’s one of the cornerstones of our platform of choice, and it’s why the PC has survived while other systems have failed. It’s also the reason why you can focus on the hardware that matters the most, and spend your money appropriately. You can upgrade in stages—if you want to focus on a performance CPU first, with a mind to upgrading your graphics card or storage later, you can. As long as you know what’s happening in the tech world, you’re in good shape. On that note, we’ve just had an incredible year for processors. AMD has come out swinging with its Ryzen line, with increased core counts and strong raw performance. And Intel has just responded with its eighth-generation CPU line—we’ve managed to squeeze…

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FOR HIGH-END PERFORMANCE A THREADRIPPER IS DEFINITELY THE WAY TO GO ADVANCED TOTAL £999 AMD RYZEN THREADRIPPER 1950X www.amd.com There is an argument for going with Intel’s Core i9-7980XE: It’s a beast, with 18 cores and 36 threads. It costs £1,668, though. For the vast majority of us, such a move makes no sense. If you want high-end performance that will leave your bank balance less sore, then a Threadripper is the way to go. And at £999, the 16-core 1950X is the best that AMD has on offer. The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is incredible, effectively squeezing a pair of Ryzen 1800Xs into one package. There are big wins in addition to the phenomenal core count, including 64 PCIe lanes, support for quad-channel DDR4, and 40MB of L3 cache. It happily turbos up to 4GHz,…

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graphics cards

ADVANCED TOTAL £679 NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI www.nvidia.com Graphics cards are in a bit of an odd state right now. Nvidia has been left unchallenged, with AMD only providing any hint of competition in the mid-range. The RX 500 refresh was little more than a badge swap, and Vega a dud – a disappointing high-end solution, overhyped to its own detriment (although it struts its stuff nicely when it comes to cryptocurrency mining, annoyingly). So, how does the land lie if you’re looking to invest in a high-end GPU? How do you power a 4K gaming rig in today’s market? Well, fortunately, Nvidia hasn’t been resting on its laurels, and is still focused on trying to capture as much of that market share as it can. Recently it dropped the bombshell that is the GeForce…

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ASUS HAS LOADS OF MONEY AND RESOURCES TO INVEST IN BIOS DEVELOPMENT ADVANCED TOTAL £290 ASUS PRIME X399 www.asus.com If you’re going with the mighty powerhouse of Threadripper, you need a suitable motherboard. We admit, there’s not a huge selection of X399 boards out there right now (seven in total), so pickings are slim, but that’s not to say there’s no choice to be had. In our opinion, Asus’s Prime X399 is ideal. For this number of cores, unless you have very specific needs (overclocking, more PCIe SSDs, specific storage solutions, and so on), there’s very little to justify investing in a pricier mobo. Asus’s Prime X399 was the board we chose for our recent workstation rendering machine, because of these very reasons. We wanted to keep an eye on the price, yet still have access…