Racecar Engineering December 2020

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a question of culture

The rhetoric across the motorsport world at the moment is that we must fight racism, that it isn’t diverse enough and needs to change. It’s safe to say that the upper echelons of motorsport, such as MotoGP and Formula 1 is, as James Alison, Technical Director of Mercedes Formula 1 team put it, ‘just nerdy white blokes.’ So, what is it in particular about the higher echelons of motorsport that mean that this is the case? Motorsport is a complex amalgamation of business, sport and technical exercise. Mike Blanchet’s column in this issue of Racecar Engineering (p7) discusses the fragility of these three elements when approached from the perspective of a privateer / customer team, and a manufacturer in Formula 1. Like any other sport, in racing there is a way to…

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power of dreams

Despite the disappointing withdrawal of Honda, plus Covid-19, on the face of it Formula 1 appears to be in surprisingly good shape. Surely, all involved in attaining a 17-round World Championship worthy of the title during this pandemic have to be hugely applauded. Nonetheless, the situation is unlikely to be sustainable longer term, so a turnaround in the virus threat cannot come too soon, just as it applies to life and work in general. Although buoyed by all the teams signing up to the new Concorde Agreement, F1 is more fragile than seems to be generally appreciated. Imagine if Dieter Matezitch, Gene Haas and Lawrence Stroll – very wealthy men who are indulging a passion as much as a business – suddenly found their reasons for competing no longer sufficiently appealing.…

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silver bullet?

Formula 1 is governed by the Concorde Agreement, which outlines the mutual obligations of the sport’s governing body (FIA), its commercial rights holder (Liberty Media, trading as F1) and all competing teams. As such, the agreement provides F1’s commercial structures and its regulatory framework, last named having the powers to supersede the FIA’s International Sporting Code on all matters save for safety provisions. The Concorde Agreement is effectively F1’s constitution, and renewing (or extending) the document can be long-winded. The 1998-2007 Concorde was replaced on 1 January 2010, but only after F1 had been pushed to the edge of breakaway threats. That consensus is not readily forthcoming is no surprise. The 12 signatories have disparate agendas and differing business models. Having been introduced in 2013, the current Concorde expires at the end…

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withdrawal agreement

‘We are working on another spec for 2021, which we are confident can produce a notable percentage improvement in performance’Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda Formula 1 technical director As Formula 1 settles into the final third of the 2020 season, it does so in the knowledge that power unit supplier, Honda, will conclude its participation in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship at the end of the 2021 season. The Japanese firm returned to the series in 2015 after a seven-year hiatus, before which it was a full works constructor. Its first few seasons of the current stint as a power unit supplier under F1’s 1.6-litre V6, turbo-hybrid regulations were a struggle as the manufacturer caught up to the other engine suppliers who had several more years of development under their belts at that…

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structural integrity

The innovative Aeroscreen that was designed and developed to campaign in the 2020 NTT IndyCar Series has, by all accounts, been a success, garnering positive reviews from drivers, officials and fans alike. The system of components that make up the Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT)-designed Aeroscreen comprises a 3D printed titanium upper frame, laminated polycarbonate windscreen and a structural carbon fibre lower frame. Combined, these are designed to provide driver protection from the wide range of (potential) projectiles associated with American-style open-wheel racing on a variety of tracks, including superspeedways where debris fields can be rather large. As the frame and polycarbonate transparency are the most visible change to the 2020 IndyCar, it is easy to overlook the lower frame assembly that serves as the foundation of the entire system, but…

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operation bloodhound

We were looking to improve the performance model with actual data While low-speed testing (200mph) on the runway at Newquay airport in 2017 was all about demonstrating that we could operate the car, and to gather data on the installation and integration of the Eurojet EJ200, South Africa was all about gathering the data for the whole operation. Everything from logistics, planning and operations to how well the air brakes work, to drinking water and laundry. In fact, everything we need to understand before embarking on the Land Speed Record attempt. Hakskeen Pan (HKP) is remote, incredibly beautiful and the finest place on the planet to go fast. However, that remoteness brings with it its own challenges. Twice a week we needed to go and collect drinking water from the nearest significant…