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the upside of anger

Lots of things get my goat, like arbitrary rudeness and the use of power tools before 7 a.m. But the things that make me truly angry tend to be connected by a common thread: injustice. Nothing riles me up like hearing about a friend being treated unfairly, witnessing bullying on social media or reading news stories about human suffering. I like to think that my instincts are pretty good, but some of my reactions have admittedly been rather poor. Case in point: the time a driver leaned on his horn because my elderly Labrador, Isaac, was slow crossing the street. I responded, once my dear dog was safely on the sidewalk, by standing in front of the vehicle, blocking the road and insisting the driver talk to me about his inappropriate…

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JALANI MORGAN Photographer, Toronto “Special Delivery” Jalani Morgan thinks that photographers often give their subjects too much, or too little, direction, which leaves them feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera. To help put them at ease, he lets his people know that the portrait is a collaborative process, and encourages them to give feedback, too. That usually helps everyone to relax. See his work on page 10. EMILY CHU Illustrator, Edmonton “Overcoming Envy” Thankfully, Emily Chu doesn’t find herself experiencing envy very often. Apart from her illustration work, she tries her best not to take life too seriously. She does sometimes find herself getting jealous of her dog, Monty, however, who seems to not have a care or worry in the world. Learn how you manage your own envy and turn it into motivation on page…

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LETTER OF THE MONTH A FRESH PERSPECTIVE I read, with great interest, “When Fentanyl Works” (April 2019). It had never occurred to me that there was another side to this powerful, potentially deadly drug. I would like to thank Teva Harrison for sharing her nuanced story. As Harrison mentions, the opioid crisis is front and centre in the news. There are many people reeling from the loss of a loved one. But this story showed me that when prescribed and used as intended, fentanyl is not the death sentence many believe it to be. For people living with chronic and debilitating pain, it’s actually a life saver. —JO-ANNE KLEIN, Ajax, Ont. DRESSED FOR COMFORT The story “A Warm Reminder” (April 2019) brought back memories and a flood of tears. My father has been gone more…

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special delivery

ON A CRISP spring morning in a neighbourhood near Toronto Pearson International Airport, Sophia Niro* awaits a delivery of free groceries. The septuagenarian is expecting a couple of crates—a frozen turkey for Easter, milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried pasta, tomato sauces, soups and beans, as well as flour for making her own bread. Dressed elegantly in slacks and a beaded sweater, Niro has one weak leg and uses a cane to walk. She’s clutching it as she stands at the back door of her brick low-rise to let in Vishal Khanna; she doesn’t want him or the two volunteers accompanying him to have to lug 40 kilograms of food from the parking lot around to the main entrance at the front of the apartment building. Khanna, the co-founder of the…

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life’s like that

After my husband injured himself, I took him to the doctor. There, the nurse dressed his wound and gave him instructions on how to care for it. She then reassured him by adding, “Now, if you do everything I’ve told you, you won’t be with us for long.” —TRUDY MASLOFF I went to the doctor, and because I’m a teen, I had to take a survey about drugs, alcohol and sex. It asked whether I was in a gang. I wrote down “Marching band.” —MYLIFEISAVERAGE.COM Search History: A Window to the Soul • My most recent Google searches are as follows: “DIY wine opener” “How to pour wine after breaking the cork” “How to store wine without cork” “How long is open wine good for” “Why do dogs walk funny with shoes on” – @FRATULEZ • Googling: “How to make a birthday cake…