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seasons of change

One of my favourite holiday memories features cold teeth. When I was a girl, Christmas at my grandparents’ house in Quebec’s Eastern Townships was mostly about eating. Our feast of roast goose or duck was followed by enough cookies and cakes to fill a small bakery. My Czech grandma was a fabulous cook, and my family felt that the best way to honour her weeks-long efforts in the kitchen was to consume with abandon. When we were done indulging or, at least, ready for a brief break, it was time for one of the adults to take me outside for a run or two in the toboggan. The living room window looked over a little hill, and my family would gather to watch the display. My fellow tobogganer was usually my auntie…

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DANIEL WOOD Photographer, Edmonton “Brad Can Build Anything” In shooting Brad Fremmerlid, Daniel Wood aimed to highlight Brad’s exceptional building skills, as well as the powerful connection Brad shares with his father. As a photographer, Daniel appreciates how Brad is able to see things through a unique lens, and is grateful to have spent a day in his world. Learn about Brad’s business on page 118. CHRISTINA FRANGOU Writer, Calgary “Fighting Fatigue” Christina Frangou has been a terrible sleeper for most of her life—she considers fatigue an old friend. The things that help her most are simple: exercising daily and not working late at night, though she’s still struggling with breaking that second habit. Her best advice to readers is to listen to your body and respond to what it’s telling you. Find tips for overcoming fatigue…

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LETTER OF THE MONTH Exercise for Everyone I identified closely with “I Love Aquafit” in your October 2019 issue. My weekday routine includes participating in aquafit classes at my local seniors’ club. What a joy seeing people setting aside their canes, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs, frolicking like children before the session and then focusing on getting their best possible workout during the class. All are welcome, all are equal. —SUSAN FLYNN, London, Ont. STAY SHARP I just finished “25 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia” (September 2019). I know a 26th way: subscribe to Reader’s Digest. You will be sure to learn, laugh and find something to challenge your brain. Pass it on to a family member or friend so you can discuss the contents. Thank you for putting together an engaging magazine. —PAULA GREWAR,…

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that’s a wrap

LAST YEAR, Elizabeth Roy* was so excited about her presents she couldn’t wait the five days until December 25 to open them. After taking a peek, she carefully rewrapped them for Christmas morning. A resident at the Elliott Community, a not-forprofit seniors’ residence in Guelph, Ont., she regularly meets friends and is proud of her independence. But with her family living far away, she feels lonely when she sees other people planning celebrations with their loved ones. In fact, until last year, Roy hadn’t received a Christmas gift in years. Winston Newman*, a neighbour of Roy’s, opted to divvy up his surprise present among some pals. “I have a sweet tooth, so it made me happy to receive a basket full of truffles, chocolate bars, cookies and hot chocolate packets,” he…

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life’s like that

One Big Mistake —FROM THE NATIONAL POST Mother’s Instinct One time, my mom dropped her phone while she was talking to me, then picked it up and said, “You okay?” —CAROLINE COX, journalist There are three stages to growing up: 1) Olives are disgusting. 2) I don’t mind them. 3) Literally inhaling olives. —@DONGJIRAT Is marriage just two people taking turns mashing the trash down in the hopes the other one folds first and empties the bin? —MONICA HESSE, writer Downsides of Gentrification Could really use more places to buy dish detergent and fewer places to buy dog gelato on my block. —ZOE WHITTAL, television writer You never realize how boring you are until someone asks you what you do for fun. —@THEFUNNYTEENG Red Alert Maybe my favourite thing about the person I married is that if I say, “I’m starving but I don’t know what I want…