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Sailing Today June 2019

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skipper’s view

THIS MONTH I TESTED ELAN'S E4 off the Slovenian coastline on the sort of luminescent day that leaves you almost gasping for breath at its beauty. It was a crystal clear March day with a strong bora blowing down from the north. The E4 is a quick boat and we were soon smoking along at 8kt, the bow wave fizzing as we slashed through the Adriatic chop. Initially I was focused on steering but, as the boat settled into the groove, I became fully aware of my surroundings and almost laughed out loud at the beauty of it. In the foreground lay the Slovenian port of Koper, all elegant Venetian spires. Behind lay the mighty Dolomite mountain range, still snow-capped in March and glowing like the Mountains of the Moon…

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beneteau embraces the new age of sail

The Beneteau Group has announced a partnership with NEOLINE that will see its yachts exported to the US from Europe under sail. “Groupe Beneteau exports nearly 80% of the boats built in Europe. The United States is the main destination for these exports and the North American market represents almost 30% of our revenues,” says Magdeleine Allaume, Beneteau’s supply chain director. “The exceptional dimensions of our boats and the need to safeguard their quality at every stage during their transportation makes this flow a real logistics challenge. As the world’s leading builder of recreational sailing yachts, the use of sails for maritime transportation was a completely natural choice for us.” To meet the environmental challenges involved with maritime transportation, NEOLINE is developing an industrial-scale freight transportation solution that is powered primarily by a…

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protect, collect and dispose antifouling initiative

An initiative to educate users on the environmental impact of antifouling has been launched by the British Coatings Federation (BCF), along with the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine. It is intended for those who antifoul their own vessels, as well as for marinas and boatyards who are offering professional antifouling services, and an informative leaflet has been produced explaining how to best protect yourself and the environment, especially with regard to collecting paint debris and disposing of waste. A weather resistant poster is also available for display in chandlers, marinas and boatyards. Both are available for download at safeantifouling.com. “Everyone wants to do the right thing but either they don’t know how or they lack the facilities to do so. We hope that the information provided will help to improve the…

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dredged eastern channel opens in cowes harbour

A new eastern channel has been dredged for small boat access to Cowes Harbour, hopefully reducing the risk to leisure mariners of tangling with ferries and commercial traffic. (And vice versa, of course!) The new route replaces the previous Small Craft Channel, and dredging works were carried out over winter to ensure minimum disruption to eel grass beds off East Cowes. “Small craft, up to 20m in length, approaching from or departing to the north or east can now use the Cowes Harbour Eastern Channel and avoid the busy main entrance,” say Cowes Harbour Commissioners, “thereby de-conflicting small craft from the larger commercial vessels.” The 35 metre wide Eastern Channel is dredged to 2.25 metres below chart datum. Small craft leaving the Eastern Channel when proceeding into the Inner Fairway should…

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london yacht show cancelled

The 2019 London Yacht Show has been cancelled at the 11th hour, leaving the capital with no significant boat show to speak of this year. The LYS was due to be staged in St Katherine’s Docks in early May, with organisers intimating it would offer the capital a smaller but more targeted platform for the yacht industry following the demise of the London Boat Show. Following what is described as extensive consultation with key stakeholders and brands within the UK yachting industry, the event was due to be a rebranded and relaunched version of the previous London On Water Show – with a focus on the high-end boating and luxury goods market. Organisers planned to create an opportunity to showcase yachts on the water, alongside a floating luxury pavilion, in a show…

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news briefs

GOOD NEWS Economic uplift Figures from British Marine show the marine sector has created close to £6bn in sales from boating related tourism in 2018. Hire, charter and training are booming. 459 harbour masters Retired businessman Mark Ashley-Miller, 56, has set out from Dartmouth on a two-year circumnavigation of the UK, with plans to visit every one of 459 harbourmasters en-route. BAD NEWS Russian GPS mystery A report accuses Russians of spoofing (mimicking) GPS signals, causing AIS systems to report positions incorrectly for up to 1,300 vessels – mostly near Russia. Glaring error An accident report has stated that glare from the sun was a factor in a collision between a Solent ferry and a pleasure boat…