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Sailing Today April 2020

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skipper’s view

CLIMATE CHANGE IS an issue that - one way or another - is vexing us all at present. Sometimes this has manifested itself in weird and unexpected ways. I actually overheard someone describe pixie-like teen eco warrior Greta Thunberg as ‘Greta Tumourface’. I guess reactions such as this reflect a certain exasperation among some sections of society at being preached at. Anyway, it’s an issue that is important for sailors in two very clear ways. First up, climate change is doing very strange things to our weather and this is discussed by Rod Heikell in his piece on ‘Medicanes’ on P60. No, this is not a prescription drug, it’s a Mediterranean hurricane brought about by excessive heating of the sea over the summer months. Having witnessed both the searing heat…

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mca looks to drones for lifesaving duties

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is to undertake an investigation into the use of drones in future search and rescue operations. A project announced in February aims to explore how current regulations might be developed to allow the MCA to operate Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) drones, unlocking potential for them to be used to make coastal rescues safer and more efficient. It’s thought that BVLOS drones could be used to survey rescue sites ahead of rescue teams’ arrival, whether that be sending images back of cliff accidents or looking for casualties in the sea. “The use of drones in search and rescue, counter pollution and maritime aerial observation operations will potentially increase overall efficiency and also reduce the risk to our personnel – allowing the MCA to discharge its international obligations…

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biggest ever mediterranean waves recorded during storm gloria

Storm Gloria, which lashed Spain’s coastline in late January, whipped up the biggest significant wave height ever recorded in the Mediterranean Sea. Significant wave height is the average height of the tallest third of waves in a given time period, and Gloria generated a record of 8.44m as measured by a deepwater buoy off the Port of Valencia. The Med’s previous significant wave height record was 8.15m, recorded off Menorca. Spanish authorities have estimated the maximum wave height generated by Storm Gloria at 13.5m – more than 44ft. The storm battered the Balearic Islands and Spanish coastline with huge waves, in the most extreme weather event the country has seen this century. Boats were torn from moorings and at least 13 people died due to waves or flooding as rivers burst their banks…

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plymouth to crowdfund sailing trips for 350 kids

The Plymouth Waterfront Partnership (PWP) has launched a crowdfunding appeal as part of its efforts to take 350 disadvantaged children to sea. The Spirit of Adventure project aims to connect local youngsters with the Mayflower400 celebrations and the sea. “Even though Plymouth boasts an enviable waterfront location as Britain’s Ocean City, many of our children and young people are disconnected with the ocean. Some of them will never have even been to Plymouth Hoe, let alone been on a sailing boat,” says PWP chief executive Sarah Gibson. “The schools we’re working with are located in some of the most deprived areas of the city. These children deserve to feel their own spirit of adventure, to test their skills as team players, as sailors and citizens of Britain’s Ocean City.” crowdfunder.co.uk/spirit-of-adventure…

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Following our news story on Discovery Yachts in the March edition of Sailing Today (p8 Ebb and Flow), we would like to publish the following clarification: The Discovery 58 pictured was not the same vessel, Elusive, discussed in the story. Although both were Discovery 58s, they are different generation yachts and Elusive was built when Discovery Yachts was under a different ownership regime, and hence built by a different company with different production methods. Sailing Today apologises unreservedly to the owner of the yacht featured in the photo and wishes to underline that the boat should not be associated with the yacht Elusive.…

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greek government unveils plans to build giant sea barrier off lesvos

Greek ministers have unveiled controversial new plans to reduce the flow of refugees coming from Turkey to Greece via the Mytiline Strait. The strait separates Lesvos in Greece from mainland Turkey and at its narrowest point is 5.5km wide, making it a realistic - albeit dangerous - method of gaining entry into the EU. The Greek government has announced that it will build a floating barrier running 2.7km along the narrowest section of the strait, rising 50m out of the water and equipped with flashing lights. Greece’s defence minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, told the Greek radio station Skaia: “In Evros, natural barriers had relative [good] results in containing flows. We believe a similar result can be had with these floating barriers. We are trying to find solutions to reduce flows.” Amnesty International’s Massimo Moratti…