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Summer 2021

Sailing World connects the community of racing sailors through words, images and shared experiences. Across many mediums, it explores the sailor’s passion and showcases the lifestyle, destinations and technology. It links knowledge-hungry participants to the sport’s top experts, providing unrivaled instructional content.

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unlimited canoe

Most of the projects featured in Epoxyworks are neat and have a high level of finish. For a creation that will be put in the ocean and beat on with sticks, that seemed too high of a standard. When building the Unlimited Canoe, we instead opted for durability and fast construction, not to mention cheap. The bulk of the canoe is made from cedar strips, resawn from siding boards taken from my house during a remodeling project about 20 years ago. The plywood for the stations was from a crate that had contained two surf skis from Italy (almost a full 3/4" thick and very flat). We built it on a strongback that was also used in the construction of four previous canoes, although none was a full 45' like the…

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what price a brain?

At MIT, in a single season, two members of the sailing team suffered head injuries so severe, they each had to abandon their studies and leave school for more than a year. As the joke that is not a joke has it, we’re talking about very expensive brains. Those college sailing injuries happened five years ago, prompting a round of soul searching and—hey, it’s MIT—a look at the data. Coach Fran Charles relates: “The data showed us that sailing was almost on par with football for head injuries. We looked at each other. We agreed. This is crazy.” The team took steps and mandated helmets on those heads. As of 2021, helmet wearing remains policy at MIT. Not every sailor is happy with that, but the athletic department is. Beginning last spring,…

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all in the family

Wendy Goodwin had been so busy running Cape Cod Shipbuilding, the 122-year-old family business, she didn’t have time to have a family of her own. Then the pandemic hit, the opportunity arose, and she began the process of fostering to adopt an 8-year-old girl. On a day in early spring, when the sun shines on the Cape and the winter is almost forgotten, Goodwin’s daughter is in her office attending math class remotely. Goodwin is in a spare room, once the domain of the parts manager. Long before that, this space was where her grandfather, Les Goodwin, slept with his ballerina bride, Audrey, in the early days after they purchased the boatyard. The place today certainly looks its age. Past Cranberry Highway, on the south side of the two-lane Narrows Road, a…

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go with the faux

River tables? Love them! Think they’re cool… know I’d never have the patience to make one… too cheap to buy one. Lately, I’ve been on a refurbish/re-do jag and am obsessed with Facebook Marketplace. Things I never even knew I needed I can find everywhere! It really is a curse (for my family) and a blessing (to me!). After weeks of searching I found and bought a sweet sectional. I started visualizing the new living room layout and quickly was in search of a cool looking, round coffee table. It didn’t take me long to score an outdated, glass-topped baby for $25! I figured, at that price I could not go wrong—but then something did. As I was coming down from my bargain score high, it dawned on me….I cannot stand glass-topped coffee…

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otto and i: autopilot use and settings

Having a modern autopilot—and knowing how to use it—can really expand what you can do with your boat. I have a 44-foot racer/cruiser named Dark Star. A few years ago, I did a solo sailing delivery from Desolation Sound in central British Columbia to Seattle, a distance of 200 miles. This would normally be a three-day trip, but with extensive use of my B&G pilot, I was able to make the passage in 24 hours by myself. This kind of trip is not for everyone, but it was a cool experience for me, made possible because I had a good autopilot and I know how to control it reasonably well. I use the pilot a lot on Dark Star, both for cruising and shorthanded racing. When motoring, I employ the pilot…

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back to the front

“Why not?” There’s a phrase that leads to trouble. So too does its problematic next of kin: “If not now, when?” Those were the sorts of thoughts rattling around the mind of Peter Gibbons-Neff last year as he considered his future on the verge of transitioning from active duty after a 10-year stint in the Marine Corps. A captain and US Naval Academy graduate, he’d survived two deployments to the war-torn Middle East and a divorce, and was back on home waters last year, working at the Pentagon and living in Annapolis, Maryland. With the rest of his life looming large, he wondered, what next? It turned out the answer lay around the corner from his place in the Eastport section of the quaint old sailing town. It was a boat, of course—a lif-ealtering,…