Sailing World Summer 2021

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burst my bubble

A self-inflicted wound. That’s how my 2021 Newport YC Turnabout Frostbite season ends. With two perfectly avoidable shots, right between the toes, I crawl to the end of the season on my hands and knees, a victim of my hubris, my ambition and my desire to win it all. The late Dr. Stuart Walker would have explained that my visions of grandeur are what ultimately did me in. Allow me to set the scene: It’s the final day of the season, and last year’s champion, the great F.J. Ritt, is only two points ahead in the complex standings that span from New Year’s Day to mid-April. I’m third overall behind Bea Grimmitt, the previous season’s top female (for the 13th time) by a mere fraction of a point. Wipe away the…

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small boats, big harbor

Brad Read looks out his office window across Newport Harbor’s Brenton Cove, observing how the puffs fan across the racecourse that’s spitting distance from his public-sailing operation’s docks. Small pink and green buoys he set earlier outline the miniature racecourse. Alongside him at his desk is his 37-inch remote-controlled Dragon Flite 95 racing sailboat, Hatey-Eight, a nod to the Beantown puck-slinger David Pastrnak. The color scheme, of course, is black and gold. Outside Sail Newport’s headquarters, competitors arrive one by one, raceboats in hand, mylar sails flapping in the breeze. They are the co-founders of Sail Newport’s Thumb Yachting Guild: race programs director Nick Ewenson, pro sailor Anthony Kotoun and round-the-world storyteller Amory Ross. There’s Henry DiPietro, the flock’s shepherd, and his wife, Janet, the scorekeeper. They too have their colorful…

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the vendée that could have

The final results of the 2020?21 Vendée Globe will forever have Yannick Bestaven as champion of the most competitive singlehanded round-the-world race—ever. One position below Bestaven in the rankings sits 36-year-old Charlie Dalin, the first of 33 starters to cross the finish line in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. He could have won. He should have won. But he didn’t. It was one cruel and unexpected windshift—mere miles from the finish line in Les Sables-d’Olonne—that denied him his holy grail of solo sailing. Dalin’s ascent to the top ranks is an amazing example of the opportunities available to France’s elite singlehanded sailors. Dalin, as a young and eager sailor long ago, once helped me prepare for my Mini Transat campaign in 2003. I had no idea then that he would someday race an…

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back to the front

“Why not?” There’s a phrase that leads to trouble. So too does its problematic next of kin: “If not now, when?” Those were the sorts of thoughts rattling around the mind of Peter Gibbons-Neff last year as he considered his future on the verge of transitioning from active duty after a 10-year stint in the Marine Corps. A captain and US Naval Academy graduate, he’d survived two deployments to the war-torn Middle East and a divorce, and was back on home waters last year, working at the Pentagon and living in Annapolis, Maryland. With the rest of his life looming large, he wondered, what next? It turned out the answer lay around the corner from his place in the Eastport section of the quaint old sailing town. It was a boat, of course—a lif-ealtering,…

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silent drivers

Autopilots aren’t new, but modern technology has made today’s autopilots considerably better than previous-generation offerings. Moreover, the utility that contemporary autopilots offer make them must-have equipment for doublehanded sailors racing aboard 30- to 50-footers. Here’s a look at how they work, the hardware and software involved, and the performance and safety benefits that they deliver, both for ground-up installations and refits. Autopilots are electromechanical systems that—as their name implies—can steer a boat to a specified compass course, wind angle, waypoint or route. Unlike human drivers, autopilots never suffer concentration gaps, or get tired or scared, so long as they’re fed a steady diet of information and DC power. While each manufacturer has its own approach to hardware and software, autopilot hardware generally consists of a processor (sometimes also called an autopilot computer),…

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otto and i: autopilot use and settings

Having a modern autopilot—and knowing how to use it—can really expand what you can do with your boat. I have a 44-foot racer/cruiser named Dark Star. A few years ago, I did a solo sailing delivery from Desolation Sound in central British Columbia to Seattle, a distance of 200 miles. This would normally be a three-day trip, but with extensive use of my B&G pilot, I was able to make the passage in 24 hours by myself. This kind of trip is not for everyone, but it was a cool experience for me, made possible because I had a good autopilot and I know how to control it reasonably well. I use the pilot a lot on Dark Star, both for cruising and shorthanded racing. When motoring, I employ the pilot…