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playing the odds

We learn during our Open Water certification that anybody can call any dive for any reason; it’s one of the most important tenets of diving, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned cave diver. Explorer and caver Jill Heinerth reminds us why this is so important in “Live and Learn” (page 62). Even if you never enter a cave underwater, Heinerth’s life lessons have applications outside of dive that can help you manage anxiety and improve your problem solving skills. “When we courageously face the darkness of the caves in our life, almost anything is possible,” Heinerth says. Sometimes, we don’t call the dive—Mother Nature does. Few know this better than those who seek “the greatest shoal on earth,” South Africa’s (mostly) annual Sardine Run. “Don that cold, clammy wetsuit and…

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plan b

Not long ago, an acquaintance who had just gotten back from a golf holiday complained that they’d had lightning storms every day. “So where did you golf?” I asked him. “Nowhere,” he said. “We stayed inside and watched movies the whole time.” On another occasion, I asked a surfer just back from the beach, “Where did you surf?” “Surf?” he said, a little dejected. “Nowhere. It’s flat as glass.” If you think about it, it happens a lot: “Where did you whatever?” “Nowhere.” And, that’s followed by how lack of time or money, bad weather, political unrest, natural disaster, you name it, kept someone from whatevering. But, have you noticed how little this happens to us in diving? Sure, it happens—but way, way less because diving is so versatile, varied and dynamic. Beach conditions…

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suzan meldonian

YEAR DIVE CERTI FIED: 1975 AGE WHEN CERTI FIED: 20 DIVE CERTIFICATION LEVEL: PADI Rescue Diver WORDS TO LIVE BY: “If all you see when you look at the sea is a mere blue horizon, you may find solace in its expanse, but you have no idea of the complexity of the life cycles that flourish below.” Any conservationist knows it takes a village. But sometimes it also takes a town crier, someone to raise consciousness, or an alarm, when a precious place needs help. Author and underwater photographer Suzan Meldonian has worked for years—and authored two books on the subject—to raise awareness of Florida’s treasured Blue Heron Bridge. Those books have been cited by government officials as helping to open the eyes of nondivers to the economic value of the bridge as a destination, leading to the…

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it all flows downstream

It had been raining hard the past few days. Spring rains had arrived after a long winter and I knew what to expect, but I was still shocked when I saw the Kanawha River. Plastic bottles, coolers and other man-made refuse swirled among the tree branches and other natural debris washing downstream. It was—literally—trashed. Ocean pollution is a global problem. Plastic has been found on the seafloor of the deepest trenches. We hear horror stories of enormous floating garbage patches, as well as microplastics that make their way into the water we drink and the food we eat after being broken down by ocean currents, salt and the sun. But where does it all come from? The technical term is “nonpoint source pollution,” meaning there is no single source of this plastic…

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microplastic madness

Need a reason to ditch your car? Contributing to global climate change by burning fossil fuels isn’t the only way the automobile wreaks havoc on Earth’s oceans. A report published in 2019 by the San Francisco Estuary Institute and the 5 Gyres Institute, a nonprofit that researches plastic pollution, found rainwater washes more than 7 trillion pieces of microplastics into San Francisco Bay each year. Researchers believe most of these particles are pieces of rubber left on the road from car tires. Microplastics, less than 5 mm in size, make their way into the ocean and, when ingested, harm marine life from tiny zooplankton up the food chain to larger animals. The three-year study also found road runoff contributed 300 times more particles than microfibers and microbeads in clothing and…

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first look at new gear

ROBBY MYERS is the associate gear editor and a ScubaLab test-team diver. He has been diving since 2014. AQUA LUNG STORM PRICE $89 CONTACT aqualung.com Compact and lightweight, the Storm is well-suited for traveling scuba divers and is made of rugged Monprene for serious durability. The short, stout blade packs a punch, and performs well in both frog and flutter kick. Available in five sizes—XXS to 2XL—the Storm has an open-heel foot pocket designed to be worn with bare feet. The ergonomic bungee strap is comfortable against the heel, and makes quick donning and doffing easy. SCUBAPRO D-MASK PRICE $185 CONTACT scubapro.com This stylish dual-lens mask mirrors the design of Scubapro’s new D-Series D420 regulator. It comes with a special mount for the Galileo HUD dive computer that can be installed in seconds, no tools required.…