Ships Monthly December 2020

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uncertain future for shipping

As I write these words, the country has entered a second national lockdown. Although this one appears not to be as stringent as that in the spring, the Covid restrictions continue to have a major impact on the shipping world. While construction work on new ferries and cruise ships continues, their shortterm deployment opportunities seem limited. The impressive new E-Flexer Galicia made her debut for Brittany Ferries recently, but as she underwent berthing trials and crew training, the company’s one-time flagship Pont-Aven went into lay-up at Le Havre. Many cruise ships remain laid up on the south coast, and elsewhere, and the prospect of a return to service of others is not known, while older ships continue to be taken out of service and scrapped. Uncertainty surrounds many areas of life at…

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contributors this month

Russell Plummer Russell Plummer has been contributing to Ships Monthly for 40 years. He has travelled on and written about hundreds of ferries, cruise ships and excursion vessels. Stephen Payne Stephen Payne is a naval architect, best known for designing Queen Mary_2. He is a past President of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. Alan Moorhouse Alan Moorhouse’s interest in ships started with a cruise on Canberra in 1964, and he has been writing about passenger ships for over 25 years. Patrick Boniface Patrick Boniface specialises in naval history and has published a number of histories on various British surface warships and submarines. Ships Monthly on Facebook REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS Roy Cressey • Gary Davies • Roy Fenton • William Mayes_• Russell Plummer • Jim Shaw • Conrad Waters SUBSCRIBE TO SHIPS MONTHLY See page 20 Kelsey Media takes your personal data very…

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swift takes to the lake

On 13 October Damen Shipyards Group officially handed over the Lake cruiser Swift, a vessel to be operated by Windermere Lake Cruises Ltd. The build project has been a unique one, with Damen constructing the vessel inland on location at Windermere in the Lake District National Park. This is the first project that the shipbuilder has carried out in the UK. Damen built Swift in a car park on the lakeside, and worked with both Windermere Lake Cruises and the local community on the project. Swift is the 17th vessel in Windermere Lake Cruises’ fleet, and features covered decks with large windows and, at 34m, is slightly smaller than the company’s current flagships.…

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drama off the isle of wight

A dramatic incident occurred on the south coast of England on 25 October, making the national news headlines, after seven stowaways were discovered on board the Liberian-flagged tanker Nave Andromeda (2011/42,338gt) as she arrived at the Nab Anchorage from Lagos, Nigeria. The South Korean-built tanker had left Lagos, Nigeria on 6 October bound for the Fawley Refinery, to load gasoline for the United States. Her crew became aware stowaways were on board around 23 October, but for their own safety decided to leave the stowaways while the tanker was so far from land. At around 0900 on 25 October, the captain of Nave Andromeda sent out a distress call after the situation worsened, as the crew of 22 found themselves threatened by the stowaways. Local police forces were reluctant to board the…

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world’s first lpg-retrofit

The main engine on the LPG carrier BW Gemini has been successfully converted from an MAN B&W 6G60ME-C9.2 type to an MAN B&W 6G60MELGIP dual-fuel type capable of operating on fuel oil and LPG. BW Gemini is part of the fleet of BW LPG, the world’s leading owner and operator of LPG vessels. The successful conversion makes BW Gemini the world’s first commercial vessel to be propelled by a two-stroke LPG dual-fuel engine. The conversion is the first of 12 ordered by BW LPG for a series of vessels in its fleet. Retrofitting rather than building new ships minimises the company’s carbon footprint, and means no extra tonnage is added to the world’s fleet of tankers.…

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ben nevis detained in port

A union has condemned a shipowner for failure to pay crew wages. The 4,000dwt Malteseflagged offshore supply ship Ben Nevis arrived at Aberdeen on 3 October and was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) due to unpaid wages to her Indian crew for work carried out between June and September. Despite this, she was going to put to sea. The RMT general secretary said: ‘This is a disgraceful attempt by Global Offshore Services to put Ben Nevis back to sea while seafarers still have unsettled wages, in breach of international maritime law. RMT is concerned for the welfare of those seafarers and their families who have gone unpaid’.…