August 2021

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jersey speed skiff

This exciting and dynamic boat has been called a fireball for the high speeds it delivers in such a compact package. It’s the Jersey Speed Skiff, a New Jersey-built boat steeped in the state’s history. The stuff of myth and legend, it’s also an active speedboat class on the racing circuit. And to think that this 16-foot-long, 70-knot inboard runabout had such humble beginnings more than a century ago. The design came out of the Jersey coast in the early 1900s. The clinker-built, sailing/rowing Jersey skiff had a flat bottom so it could be launched and hauled off the beach. The high sides and wine-glass-style transom helped it run through the surf. (Two earlier versions, the Sea Bright skiff and the Southern Shore, differed in some design details.) The first powered Jersey…

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sea stories

WHAT WE’RE WATCHING ONNE’S NEW GOOSE Onne van der Wal, the world-famous marine photographer, is at it again. A few years ago, he completely refitted Snoek, his 1972 Pearson 36, which was featured in PBS’ special presentation Second Wind: The Snoek Refit with Onne van der Wal. Now, Van der Wal is working on an entirely different sort of project. He and his wife, Tenley, are refitting their 1986 Grand Banks 32, Snow Goose, with a mission to spend a significant amount of time cruising her. Van der Wal is documenting the process with pictures and videos, and Soundings has been following along with the process. You can watch van der Wal install a new hatch, apply Propspeed to Snow Goose’s wheel, replace lighting fixtures, electronics, corroded bits and pieces and…

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oh, the people you’ll meet

If you’ve spent enough time around boats, you know that you meet some of the nicest people on the water. The Soundings staff was reminded of that when working on the shoot for the feature Dog Days of Summer on page 54 of this issue. Cate Brown was assigned to do the photography for the piece, which offers tips on how to acclimate young pups to the cruising life. Art Director Bri Smith discovered the “talent” for the shoot—two Brittany Spaniels, agile and attentive sisters who are just a year old. Brown offered to source a boat on which to pose the pups. She found enthusiastic volunteers in Sarah and Paul Browne. The couple own a Nordic Tugs 37 that they keep in Wick-ford, Rhode Island. Cate asked if they’d welcome two…

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need a tow? the line begins here

John Condon needed a few minutes to double-check the numbers. At first glance, it seemed incredible that in just two years’ time, the number of calls to TowBoatU.S. from boaters needing on-water help could have increased by 43.9 percent. But it was true. Last year, when the coronavirus outbreak led Americans to buy boats faster than they had purchased them in more than a decade, TowBoatU.S. experienced a 20 percent increase in requests for on-water assistance compared to 2019. That surge amounted to more than 81,000 requests in total during 2020. It was the highest-ever year-over-year jump. This year, requests for help are up again, another 21 percent compared to 2020 during May alone. That spike, along with figures from January through April, has TowBoatU.S. projecting 100,000 dispatches this year for…

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a boatbuilding boom

You would think a pandemic would put a dent in the boatbuilding business, but it has not. In fact, in Maine, as elsewhere, it has been quite the opposite. A tour of six Maine yards showed there is no shortage of work with boatsheds jammed full of new builds and refits. Maine continues to attract buyers from around the country and the world who want to have their dreamboats constructed to the designs of the best naval architects. They come to Maine for new builds, rebuilds or refits, in modern and classic styles in custom or semi-custom designs. Yards are operating at the highest capacity they want to be building, while still emphasizing quality. Are there trends? When it comes to boats, the Pine Tree state can deliver whatever you want, but…

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easy does it

Your neighbor has a new Tesla automobile that can parallel park itself with a tap on its touch screen. My neighbor plants corn hands-free with a GPS-guided John Deere tractor that turns itself around at the end of a row, self-aligns with a three-inch tolerance and proceeds down the field while he sits in the cab checking futures prices on his tablet. Which begs the question: When will my boat be this smart? When will I be able to touch the screen and then rub sunscreen on my wife’s shoulders while the boat backs itself into a slip? The technological cure for your docking anxiety may not be that far off. Late this year new docking-assist systems from Volvo Penta and Raymarine will reach the pleasure craft market. Neither offers autonomous docking…