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do good, feel good

Many of us hop on our boats for a good time. But occasionally you meet people who use their boats to have fun and do good. Paul Robertson, shown above at left, is one. Robertson grew up in Ocean City, Maryland, where he began boating at a young age. He embraced the sport through his teens and into his 20s and 30s, eventually discovering a sweet spot for billfish. He’d always make time to troll lines offshore, even though he had commitments at home, where he was building a business and raising four children with his wife. Then one day, he went to consult with a doctor after taking a few falls. He learned he had Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, for which there is no cure. Many of us hop on our…

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A CLOSE CONNECTION I was reading “The River That Flows Both Ways” (October) by Pim Van Hemmen and enjoying that nice story about a white-hulled TransWorld Fantail Trawler with single Lehman diesel, when it suddenly hit me: That’s my old boat! Launched as Lyric in 1989, she was the first “production” model from this builder. I spent a good deal of time in Taiwan ironing out the small details that would make a big difference in the boat’s operation, such as adding freeing ports rather than little internal drains. I was very pleased with the results. Aboard Lyric, we cruised the Chesapeake for a season then headed down the ditch for the winter, in horrid conditions. Lyric’s displacement hull handled the gales and winter storms easily and provided most comfortable living conditions. A billionaire…

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the ultimate day boat

Formula’s Super Sport Crossover line just got bigger. The SSC models pay homage to the builder’s racing heritage, riding on stepped, deep-V hulls that offer great performance. The 500 SSC, a new flagship for the builder, has that, plus a lot more volume. Previously, the builder’s largest model was its 45 Yacht, but Formula recognized that its business was trending away from that type of conventional cruising boat. “People are moving toward day boats, but there was nowhere to go after our 43-foot SSC model,” says Scott Smith, marketing manager at Formula. “The 500 is really a reflection of people wanting to stay within the line, but get into something with more room.” Don’t let the day boat distinction fool you. The 500 is equipped for weekending, and there’s room to host…

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taking care of business

What happens to all that plastic shrink-wrap after your boatyard crew pulls it off and launches your boat in the spring? That’s the question the Rhode Island-based nonprofit Clean Ocean Access wants boaters all across the United States to ask as part of its Shrink Wrap Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis program. The program started in April 2019 and just got a boost by way of a partnership with TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based recycler that collects waste and then partners with corporations or municipalities to turn the waste into raw materials and make new things. “When we looked at it in 2019 in the United States, about 3 million metric tons of low-density polyethylene was made. That’s things like your bread bag, plastic bags— plastic you can stretch with your hands, more…

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robalo r360

When it comes to fishing boats, it’s difficult to beat the brand recognition and reputation enjoyed by Robalo Boats, which has been building solid, value-focused craft for anglers for more than 50 years. The latest to join the stable is the company’s largest boat to date: the Robalo R360 center console. “Robalo is known for heavy-duty construction, legendary rides and an unwavering desire to stay on the cutting edge of innovation,” says Buck Pegg, Robalo’s executive vice president. “Our team is thrilled to provide the R360 as a world-class fishing boat to our customers who view fishing as a way of life along with those who use it as a way to escape.” This flagship is the first Robalo to feature a stepped hull. It rides on double steps and a Kevlar-reinforced…

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let there be light

The tuna were biting offshore and the boat was loaded with bait, tackle, crushed ice and an excited charter party ready for action. As the fish were taking up residence in the Hudson Canyon off the New Jersey coast 75 miles from Manasquan Inlet, the strategy was to sneak out in the dark and get lines in the water prior to first light. Just before unleashing the 52-foot boat from the dock I realized my starboard green navigation light was out. Despite gentle persuasion with my fist, it remained extinguished. A rushed inspection of the boat did not turn up a replacement bulb, but I found what I needed in my tackle locker: green Cyalume glow sticks, which were left over from a swordfish trip. I grabbed two sticks, snapped both to…