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oh, the people you’ll meet

If you’ve spent enough time around boats, you know that you meet some of the nicest people on the water. The Soundings staff was reminded of that when working on the shoot for the feature Dog Days of Summer on page 54 of this issue. Cate Brown was assigned to do the photography for the piece, which offers tips on how to acclimate young pups to the cruising life. Art Director Bri Smith discovered the “talent” for the shoot—two Brittany Spaniels, agile and attentive sisters who are just a year old. Brown offered to source a boat on which to pose the pups. She found enthusiastic volunteers in Sarah and Paul Browne. The couple own a Nordic Tugs 37 that they keep in Wick-ford, Rhode Island. Cate asked if they’d welcome two…

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need a tow? the line begins here

John Condon needed a few minutes to double-check the numbers. At first glance, it seemed incredible that in just two years’ time, the number of calls to TowBoatU.S. from boaters needing on-water help could have increased by 43.9 percent. But it was true. Last year, when the coronavirus outbreak led Americans to buy boats faster than they had purchased them in more than a decade, TowBoatU.S. experienced a 20 percent increase in requests for on-water assistance compared to 2019. That surge amounted to more than 81,000 requests in total during 2020. It was the highest-ever year-over-year jump. This year, requests for help are up again, another 21 percent compared to 2020 during May alone. That spike, along with figures from January through April, has TowBoatU.S. projecting 100,000 dispatches this year for…

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reinvented 37

Since 2003, Back Cove Yachts has built a reputation for producing practical and attractive Downeast-style cruising powerboats using high-quality construction methods. One of its most popular models to date is the Back Cove 37, of which more than 200 have been built since it first splashed in 2009. In 2020, the production mold for the 37 was ready to retire after 11 years, giving Back Cove the opportunity to reimagine the design while retooling the mold. The company will launch the updated model as the Back Cove 372, which will have new features built into the original modified-V hull, with 16 degrees of transom deadrise, high freeboard and gentle sheer. The hull stringers will be dry-installed, and then infused with the rest of the hull using a vacuum resin infusion process,…

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jim eastland 1934-2021

Jim Eastland, whose Eastland Yachts brokerage firm in Essex, Connecticut, introduced thousands of people to the joys of boating, died April 19, 2021. He was 86. “It’s like there’s a hole now in the fabric of friendship and sailing here,” says Eastland’s longtime friend Mark Ellis. “It’s a loss to a broad piece of the community.” Eastland grew up in Westbrook, Connecticut, and was considered an athlete so gifted that when the U.S. Army sent him to Germany, it had him train others in competitive swimming and basketball. After returning from service, Eastland attended school for industrial design, and then got the boating bug while living in Westport, Connecticut. He started a dealership called Associated Yachts in Rowayton, Connecticut, in the 1960s, and then founded Eastland Yachts with his friend Patricia…

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sportier than ever

Mercury’s new 600 Verado, the company’s largest outboard ever, is one of the most exciting product debuts of the year. That propulsion is now available on the Sport Boat 40X from Hinckley. The boat—a Downeast-style pilothouse design and the second model in the Hinckley lineup to be powered by outboards—got a completely redesigned swim platform to accommodate two of the new 600-hp, 7.6-liter V12 motors. With the 600s, the Hinckley should run in the high 50-knot range—a few knots faster than the boat would run with triple 400-hp Verados, also offered with this 40X. The most significant benefit of the twin 600s, according to Hinckley, is the higher cruise speed and improved efficiency in the mid-range, which is anywhere from 15 to 20 percent. Another benefit of the twin 600s over triple…

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when lt blows

Today we have many computer weather programs, phone apps and satellite communications. Why then do recreational mariners also need a meteorological understanding of wind prediction? Because they still get caught with their pants down. It helps to know how wind is generated. Wind is simply air in motion between two masses of different atmospheric pressures, which is due to temperature differences and the rotation of the earth. Land and sea breezes blow on or offshore as the sun heats the land, and it cools off again at night. A change in air temperature equals a change in air density. Wind blows from areas of cooler high pressure toward warmer lower pressure. Warming land causes air to rise, drawing in cooler air from the sea. Then, as the land cools later in the…