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Southwest Art October 2019

The work of the West's most accomplished artists come to your home in the pages of Southwest Art. Dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art, each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels, Southwest Art acts as your very own gallery, with brightly colored photography of hand-picked pieces filling the pages!

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record-setting sale

THE ANNUAL COEUR d’Alene Art Auction is always a good barometer for the western art market. Now in its 34th year, it’s the largest auction of western art in the country, and it’s known for regularly handling top estates and blue-chip artworks. This year’s installment, held in late July in Reno, NV, finished with a strong total of $16.8 million sold and several world records set for important artists. The top lot in the auction was CASUALS ON THE RANGE, a 1909 oil painting by Frederic Remington, which sold for $981,750 against its presale estimate of $800,000 to $1,200,000. It was one of almost 20 paintings in the auction to come out of the esteemed collection of John J. “Jack” Mitchell, the cofounder of United Airlines. A world-record price was set for…

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andrew bolam

ANDREW BOLAM’S massive, eye-catching paintings of Native Americans and western wildlife are a far cry from the smaller, more detailed landscape paintings he created early in his fine-art career. Some of those earlier works, all done in oil, measured a mere 2 by 2 inches. “Now I barely paint under 40 by 40 inches—that’s a small painting for me,” says the artist. “I usually like to work 48 by 48 or larger.” From his studio in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Bolam now paints almost exclusively in acrylics. He also works in series, which allows him to tackle continually fresh stylistic approaches around the Native American figures and wildlife subjects he has been dedicated to portraying for the past few decades. As he experiments with different mark-making techniques, textural effects, and color…

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ani espriella

ANI ESPRIELLA was 5 years old when she moved with her family from her native Colombia to Miami, FL. The move proved to be a fortuitous one for young Ani, whose next-door neighbor happened to be future singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan. Back then, Estefan was a child herself—just a handful of years older than Espriella—but her musical skills were already flourishing, and she coached Ani in both singing and playing the guitar. Those lessons helped launch Espriella into her own successful, 20-year singing career. “It was a crazy business, with traveling and nightclubs,” recalls Espriella, who—by the time she reached her early 40s—craved a slower, quieter pace. Back then, she was also in family-raising mode as the mother of two young children. So, in 2003, she left behind her singing career and…

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karen blackwood

ONCE A YEAR or so, Karen Blackwood likes to paint a sunrise scene. But generally no more than that. “If I did it more, I’d be afraid it would seem like a stylistic gimmick,” says the Newburyport, MA, artist, who predominantly paints seascapes cropped in around frothy, splashing waves. Thus, for Blackwood, sunrise scenes often involve capturing the day’s first exquisite rays of sunlight illuminating the surf. “Sunrises are the hardest to paint and the most fun to paint,” she says. “It’s hard to have that many intense colors together and still create harmony. It’s almost mind-boggling. I smile when I paint those scenes because it makes me feel good. You almost hear the angels sing.” One moving example that easily evokes a chorus of cherubim is ILLUMINATION, a striking sunrise…

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woolaroc retrospective

ON A hillside surrounded by a 3,700-acre wildlife sanctuary, the Woolaroc Museum preserves the history of the American West through an outstanding collection of art and artifacts first begun by oilman Frank Phillips, who founded Phillips Petroleum in 1917. Today the museum encompasses some 50,000 square feet, with 10 spacious exhibition galleries. Starting this month, the works normally on display in high-ceilinged Room Six, the largest gallery, make way for the Woolaroc Retrospective Exhibit and Sale, which features more than 150 paintings and sculptures by eight of the finest living artists who focus on western themes. Each artist is showing about 10 retrospective pieces plus eight new works that are for sale. The participating artists are avian sculptor and natural historian Tony Angell; western landscape painter Clyde Aspevig; contemporary southwestern painter…

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laguna beach plein air

WHEN 30 OF THE nation’s top pleinair painters gather this month for the 21st annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational, they’ll be doing more than just capturing images of one of Southern California’s most idyllic coastal villages. They’ll also be celebrating a local legacy of painting that stretches back some 100 years to the time when California Impressionists like Edgar Payne, William Wendt, Franz Bischoff, and Frank Cuprien first set up their easels here. The Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, founded in 1996, preserves and advances that heritage, and since 1998 the organization has invited top artists in the genre to gather for a show each fall. “Our goal,” says LPAPA executive director Rosemary Swimm, “is to have the best of the best in the country. We’ll sometimes even book…