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Southwest Art February 2020

The work of the West's most accomplished artists come to your home in the pages of Southwest Art. Dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art, each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels, Southwest Art acts as your very own gallery, with brightly colored photography of hand-picked pieces filling the pages!

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unlimited possibilities

EARLIER THIS winter, on a somber gray morning, I was driving west of Fort Collins, CO, where there’s a striking section of hogback—a prominent ridge of rock with a narrow crest and steep slopes on both sides. This land-form is visible in many areas along the Front Range, and it’s always fascinated me; it’s one of the places where Mother Nature seems to be pointedly reminding us of the Earth’s geological history. On this particular morning the hogback looked even more remarkable thanks to a light blanket of snow that had fallen the day before, creating strong contrast against the reddish rock. Just a week earlier, I’d been driving through a landscape that couldn’t have been more different. As it happens, the sky was equally bleak, but this time I was…

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kathryn alexander

A DASH OF fiery red here, a stroke of cerulean blue there: In a signature painting by Kathryn Alexander, it’s nearly impossible not to feel a burst of energy as you soak in the bright, jewellike colors that fill her canvas. Alexander’s wildlife subjects themselves—from grizzlies to deer to buffalo—often display glorious streaks of color in their fur. “Animals are my way of expressing the importance of our connection to the earth and what a precious resource it is,” explains the Santa Fe, NM, artist. “Hence, in my work, the animals are always integrated into their environments. Sometimes the background colors come through the animals, or the animals become part of the background in their natural habitat.” As a child growing up in New York, Alexander was an accomplished classical pianist,…

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lisa taylor

NOT ONE TO limit herself to a single genre—and ever careful not to create the same work twice—Lisa Taylor paints it all. Among her diverse oeuvre of oil paintings, you’ll find portrayals of landscapes, still lifes, figures, and animals, including her two cats, Jaxx and Jed, and other felines, too. “I’ll never have a shortage of cats to paint,” jokes the Tennessee native. “I think I have a neon sign over my head that says ‘Sucker!’ and they go and tell other cats. They find me.” You might be surprised to learn that Taylor, an award-winning artist, only recently ventured into painting. She earned her bachelor’s degree in logistics and intermodal transportation, and she’s an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. But ever since she was a child, says Taylor,…

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joshua a. martin

WHEN SEEKING wildlife subjects to photograph and later paint, Joshua A. Martin generally doesn’t need to look beyond his own yard in Norman, OK. In this town 20 miles south of Oklahoma City, Martin’s rural surroundings provide a quiet space for rabbits, deer, and other creatures to romp, roam, and graze. Often, the artist doesn’t even need to step outside his front door to capture a great reference shot. “Most of the photos I’ve taken have been of birds and other animals I see outside my window,” he says. Martin’s oil paintings themselves are photorealistic, prompting some curious observers to ask why he creates works that resemble photographs “if I can just take photos,” he says. It’s a fair question to which the artist has a simple answer: “I like making…

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i saw it in swa!

Mountain Treasure While showcasing her oil-pastel paintings at the Crested Butte Arts Festival in the Colorado Rockies, New Mexico landscape artist Jennifer Cavan chatted with a couple from Texas about one of her paintings on display, entitled MONUMENTAL SPIRIT. The 48-by-48-inch work—a vibrant portrayal of the San Miguel Chapel in Santa Fe, NM—appeared in the August issue, where Cavan’s work was featured. “I mentioned the Southwest Art article and pulled it out to show them,” says the artist. “They bought the painting on the spot!” The collectors planned to hang the work at their new mountain property in Crested Butte. Horse Power After seeing SUMMER PASTURE by oil painter Diane Frossard in an Artists to Watch article in the June issue, a collector from Marina del Rey, CA, contacted the Texas artist. Impressed…

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masters of the american west

WHEN COLLECTORS, art lovers, and the 64 participating artists gather on the evening of Friday, February 7, for the gala preview that kicks off the 23rd annual Masters of the American West Art Exhibition & Sale, they’ll behold a wide-ranging display of some 200 new paintings and sculptures celebrating the nation’s frontier states. The show aims to present “a vibrant and inclusive vision” of its subject matter, says Amy Scott, the Autry’s curator of visual arts and vice president of research and interpretation. To that end, attendees will witness artists working in styles both traditional and modern, portraying subjects that range from western history and myth to present-day people and issues, from its epic landscapes to its unparalleled wildlife. The selection “offers visitors so many different points of access,” Scott continues.…