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Southwest Art March/April 2020

The work of the West's most accomplished artists come to your home in the pages of Southwest Art. Dedicated to the coverage and preservation of this unique genre of American art, each issue profiles the artists of the Southwest and looks at their work and what to expect in the upcoming times. Written for collectors, dealers and art enthusiasts of all levels, Southwest Art acts as your very own gallery, with brightly colored photography of hand-picked pieces filling the pages!

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a mix of materials

IN THE PAGES of Southwest Art each month, the images shown are dominated by one medium above all others—oil paintings. And for good reason: For centuries, oil has been the principal medium for artists in the Western world. Visit most major museums and you’ll see more oil paintings than anything else hanging on the walls; visit many top galleries in the western United States, and the same is true. For better or worse, oil’s advantages mean that it plays an outsize role in the art world. But there are countless other mediums out there, and they deserve our attention. That’s why this month’s features are devoted to four artists living in the West who work with materials other than oils. Clive Tyler, who’s based in Taos, NM, creates his landscapes using…

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kalie graves

IT’S USUALLY THE ordinary domestic items around her house that Idaho artist Kalie Graves reaches for when she’s designing her still-life arrangements. A striped dish towel, a lemon, and a carton of eggs have all received the limelight in her work. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity of her tableaux. Although they might look like they “just happened,” says Graves, “I take a lot of time on my still lifes.” From fine-tuning the delicate folds in a linen napkin to choosing the most pleasing colors, patterns, and lighting effects, every still-life scene is carefully thought out before the artist puts brush to canvas. “No one can watch me,” chuckles the oil painter, who prefers to hem and haw over her setups privately, while her husband and two sons, Henry and…

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gustavo ramos

AS A YOUNG boy growing up in Brazil, Gustavo Ramos loved to draw, and his passion got him thinking that maybe he’d pursue a career in architecture someday. He never imagined that he’d become an award-winning figurative painter; back then, a fine-art career wasn’t even a notion in his mind. Then, when he was 15, Ramos moved with his family to the United States. The change was startling for the teenager, who didn’t know any English when he arrived at his new high school in Arizona. “It was shock treatment,” Ramos recalls now, a decade later. “I had to depend a lot on observing body language when trying to communicate with people.” It proved to be a seminal time for the budding artist, whose careful observations of people’s expressions, gesticulations, and…

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ryan jensen

IT WAS A PERFECT day for painting en plein air along California’s northern coast. The sunlight sparkled on the water in Humboldt Bay, where Ryan Jensen was hard at work on a large-scale marina scene when a seagull flying overhead—to put it politely—dropped a little something that landed along the bottom of his 5-by-9-foot canvas. Jensen laughs as he recalls that frustrating moment now, but he also finds an important moral in the story. “It’s an exercise in just letting it be—there’s a greater force here at work,” says the Blue Lake, CA, artist. “The excitement is in the spontaneity of working outdoors.” Jensen aims to paint with emotion and authenticity, and his expressive, impressionistic approach is getting noticed. He won Best of Show at the Mendocino Open Paint Out in…

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scottsdale art auction

THE FULL 50-YEAR span of Maynard Dixon’s remarkable painting career, from 1895 to 1945, is represented at this year’s Scottsdale Art Auction, headlining offerings that also include major works by Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, and six of the Taos Society artists, along with contemporary masters. “I don’t recall a sale that has ever had this scope of Dixons available, as well as [this level of] quality,” notes Jack A. Morris Jr., one of the three partners in the auction and owner of Morris Fine Arts in Hilton Head Island, SC. Morris cofounded the auction in 2005 with Michael Frost, owner of J.N. Bartfield Galleries in New York City, and Brad Richardson, owner of Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. Since then the event has attracted standing-room-only crowds with lively bidding and…

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the russell

“THE RUSSELL,” says its official description, “is much more than a western art exhibition and sale; it is a three-day western art experience.” Though that claim may seem grand, the event’s schedule more than delivers on the promise. And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that all 211 artworks in the exhibition and sale—some by top artists of today, others by masters of the past—have already been on public view for a full month, a distinction that “sets us apart from the other western art events,” says Duane Braaten, the C.M. Russell Museum’s director of art and philanthropy. The first day begins at 10 a.m. with the opening of the Russell Skull Society of Artists Suites in the Mansfield Convention Center. Works from this group of 23 elite artists, selected…