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June 2019

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When it comes to fitness, tech has been a lifesaver for me. Eight years ago, I entered a competition using the then-nascent Kinect camera and a video game to lose weight and get fit. I lost eight kilos in a month, started cycling to work and even entered the London Marathon.There’s something about being able to measure your progress, analyse the data and then challenge your friends that can make a HIIT workout, dare I say it, fun. OK, that’s a stretch, but seeing your friend heading out for a bike ride can be some motivation to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning rather than marathoning Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the days of strapping a plus-sized phone to your arm to track your running route and listen…

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our month

I LISTENED TO B&W’S WIRELESS LAMPSHADEMy ears were treated to a musical banquet when I spent the morning with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, St Vincent, Led Zeppelin and Neil Young. At least it felt like they were there, trapped inside B&W’s new Formation speaker range, where the company has finally entered the world of wireless. While there’s no voice control just yet, the sound quality is sublime… and so you should expect it to be when the cheapest model, The Wedge, is £899.Natalya Paul, Online EditorI LOST A WEEK IN A PILE OF CARDBOARDNintendo’s Labo VR kit (reviewed on page 74) might not be the most high-end virtual reality experience you can get, but it’s the only one that lets you hold a cardboard elephant mask to your face…

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hot stuff

HOT FOUR #1THE FIN END OF THE WEDGEOppo Reno 5GWhen great white sharks attack their prey, they have a neat trick that protects their eyes from being damaged if their dinner thrashes around in a vain attempt to escape: they roll their pupils back in their heads.It seems someone at Oppo is a Jaws fan – because not only does the Reno 5G’s 16MP front-facing camera hide away inside the chassis when it’s not in use, but it automatically pops up on a fin-like protrusion when summoned for a selfie. That allows the 6.6in 2340x1080 AMOLED screen to dominate the front with no sign of a notch, plus there’s a fingerprint sensor built-in. Round the back (see over the page) you get a triple snapper setup of 48MP + 8MP…

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the powers that d

Acer ConceptD 9from €4999 / acer.comProfessional 3D modellers, video editors, illustrators and photographers don’t have a huge range of choice when it comes to portable PCs, especially if they want something as powerful as a desktop to take out on the road. Acer wants to change all that with its absurdly powerful ConceptD 9.• Watch your toneThe star of this particular show is undoubtedly the 17.3in 3840x2160 screen, mounted on a tilting Ezel Aero Hinge accommodating various arrangements. You can lay it flat, bring it forward over the keyboard like an easel or push it back like a regular notebook display. Included is a Wacom EMR stylus allowing illustrators, animators and designers to do their thing with 4096 levels of pressure-sensitivity, while the screen itself is Pantone-validated for accurate colour…

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b&o beovision harmony

£16,100 / bang-olufsen.comCould someone please get those admittedly handsome wooden slabs out of the way of the telly?Wait just a second. We’re happy to report that B&O’s latest attempt to revolutionise television design doesn’t involve permanently obstructing your view of EastEnders. Rather, what you’re looking at is the Beovision Harmony’s meticulously crafted oak and aluminum fronts as they fan out, forming a kind of consumer electronics Wu-Tang symbol before resting underneath the screen when you want to watch something.Sounds fancy.Oh it is. When you’re not using it, the wafer-thin screen hovers just above floor level, partially covered by the two panels. The idea is that your living room won’t appear quite so dominated by a monolithic black rectangle. Switch it on and the wings open out butterfly-style and close up…