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Tactical Life March 2019

TACTICAL WEAPONS is the complete source for military, law enforcement and general shooting enthusiasts firepower - past, present and future. Published four times a year, each issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS is packed wiith exclusive guns-of-the-elite reviews on shotguns, combat handguns, battle rifles and long range precision weaponry, SWAT and personal defense tactics, reports from the front lines of GWOT and US Border Patrol, high-tech hardware and much more. TACTICAL WEAPONS is an absolutely essential piece of kit to keep you well armed, well informed and completely ready for duty!

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ready to dig in?

No, we haven’t gone nuts (pun fully intended) or adopted a new “Tactical Squirrel” mascot. Our contributor and photographer Alex Landeen had this cheeky mask on hand during our cover photo shoot, and we couldn’t help but have some fun. And there is something fun about digging through the pile of guns out there to bring you something different. The idea: If we bring you content that stands out, whether it’s unique guns or the people behind them, Tactical Life itself will stand out on a crowded newsstand. Make sense? This brings us to our cover guns—the Steyr L9-A2 and AUG A3 M1 dressed in Corvus Defensio goodies—which stand out in a sea of striker-fired pistols and AR-15s, respectively. We’ve also dedicated a special section to AKs for much the same…

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gear up!

ALAMO PRECISION RIFLES APR G2 ACTION → A collaboration between Alamo Precision Rifles and Thompson Leh, the APR G2 action has several features previously reserved for custom high-end models while still being very affordable. This Remington-700-style action uses a fluted, one-piece bolt with a mechanical ejector and a double-pinned recoil lug. Upgrades include 1-1/16x20-tpi threads, wire- EDM raceways for smoother cycling, a pinned 20-MOA rail and a smaller ejection port for rigidity. The entire action has a DLC finish. (aprifles.com) COMP-TAC EVADE HOLSTER → The eVade is an appendix inside-the-waistband (AIWB) holster that is designed for casual EDC as well as deep-concealment applications. The eVade’s holster body is made of Kydex for comfortable wear and a smooth draw. The rig attaches to your belt with a tuckable nylon clip that holds strong without…

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modern-day spartan

When you first meet Jim Smith, you’ll notice his tempered and patient demeanor. When speaking, he is always gracious, answering audience questions even if it’s the same question for the 100th time. In class, his instruction is crystal clear, and he adapts his direction according to the level of the students attending. After class, he always takes time to get to know his students, taking a genuine interest in seeing them succeed. But get him in his natural habitat—behind glass on a precision rifle or transitioning from a carbine to a pistol—and he’s a force to be reckoned with. It’s all business from here. Jim is a former member of Delta Force and veteran of Operation Gothic Serpent, the brutal and deadly battle in Mogadishu made famous by the book and…

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going ballistic

Lying prone atop a shooting mat spread out on the rocky, windswept Arizona desert floor, veteran and former U.S. Army Sniper School instructor Dave Bremson intently examined a Kestrel weather and wind speed meter in one hand along with his cell phone in the other. Under a slate-gray overcast sky, he silently checked and re-checked the instruments while hunkering down behind his Bergara B-14 HMR in 6.5 Creedmoor, outfitted with a Timney Calvin Elite trigger, a Vortex Viper PST scope and a Dead Air Sandman-S suppressor, and prepped to fire hand-loaded Hornady 143-grain ELD-X rounds. After interpreting and corroborating the data being displayed between his devices, he made a quick adjustment to his scope and locked in on his target downrange—a steel plate precisely 1,004 meters away per his rangefinder, halfway…

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steyr sequels

Like many people, when I hear the name Steyr, my mind goes to the movie Die Hard and the main German henchman toting a Steyr AUG. The gun is iconic in terms of looks and performance, and it’s on an astronomical number of wish lists. But Steyr also has a handgun side of the house. As an instructor, I have seen Steyr pistols off and on in classes since the mid-1990s, and they have always performed well. This is no surprise considering that Steyr Mannlicher has been producing guns for over 155 years. With this as a backdrop, I was excited to learn that Steyr had developed a new handgun and AUG, and I got my hands on both for testing. Let’s start with the pistol. DIGGING IN → The L9-A2 MF is…

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back to school

The proliferation of sniper movies like Shooter and American Sniper has brought long-range shooting skills into the mainstream. And that’s just what I experienced while attending the Steyr Training Academy’s Precision Rifle course in Alabama last spring with a few civilians and police countersnipers. The allure and satisfaction of learning to make long shots predictable rather than a matter of luck is the driving force behind the large numbers of shooters attending precision rifle courses around the country these days. Personally, I’ve attended many supposed “long-range training” events, but most were short on actual skills training. That wasn’t the case here. Steyr’s event was a three-day mix of classroom instruction followed by two days of trigger pulling at an Olympic-grade shooting range. COURSE RUNDOWN → The Steyr Precision Rifle I (SPR-I) course includes…