The Absolute Sound February 2021

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Forty-Plus Years—and Counting As an avid reader of TAS since the late 70s, I still find your journal as up-to-date, insightful, and enjoyable as ever. Perhaps even more so now, since components sound better than they have ever done. Hence, the importance of TAS as the purveyor of news and tests covering the best-of-the-best high end. “Meet the Writers” in Issue 310 was a most welcome addition. Getting to know something about the backgrounds and musical priorities of your freelancers provides useful insights into the people behind the names. While you provided tantalizing glimpses of the equipment and part of the listening environment of your respective contributors, what I missed was the writers’ comments on their musical biases and equipment, and their reasons for choosing those specific components. I do hope that…

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from audiophile lunacy to textbook orthodoxy

“One of the most belittling experiences is to deride the ‘black art’ of a craftsman who gets consistent results by a certain ritual which he cannot explain and then to discover that his actions in fact held a deeper technical significance than we understood from our simplified model.”— Dr. Richard Heyser In the previous issue’s From the Editor, I offered a brief history of high-end audio’s remarkable contribution over the past 35 years to improving digital sound quality. Digital audio presented entirely new challenges because so much about this new medium was a mystery. Phenomena that affected the sound were largely unknown to designers who had spent their careers working with analog circuits, as well as to academics exploring the edges of digital-audio theory. Just what were the distortion mechanisms in…

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meet the writers

Just who are the editors and freelance writers who contribute to The Absolute Sound? What are their backgrounds, musical interests, and sonic priorities? What kind of systems and listening rooms do they have? To answer these questions, we’d like to introduce you to two more TAS staffers: Executive Editor Jonathan Valin, and Associate Editor & Acquisitions Manager Neil Gader. Jonathan Valin I’ve been a creative writer for most of my adult life. Throughout the 80s and 90s, I wrote eleven novels and many stories—some of which were nominated for (and won) prizes, one of which was made into a not-very-good movie by Paramount, and all of which are still available hardbound and via download on Amazon. At the same time I taught creative writing at a couple of universities and worked brief…

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industry news

Swiss manufacturer CH Precision has announced a new flagship level of products positioned above the company’s current top-line 1 Series. The line’s launch coincides with the company’s tenth anniversary, which explains the new products’ 10 Series designation. The first components in this all-new line are the L10 linestage preamplifier and M10 power amplifier. The dual-chassis L10 is built with the same fully balanced, fully differential, and fully discrete topology as CH Precision’s 1 Series, but is implemented with new circuits, board layout, and mechanical grounding. As with other CH products, the L10 features extensive user-configurable options. In a first, the user can choose between local and global feedback. The L10 will be available in two versions: a dual-chassis (separate power supply), dual-monaural configuration priced at $73,000, and a full monaural setup…

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As I grow older I find I have less and less need for background music or, frankly, even much patience with it. I rarely listen to music in my car any longer unless it’s something I specifically want to listen to. Around our house music doesn’t play unless, again, someone is actively listening to the music being played. Generally speaking, my family and I avoid restaurants that have constant Muzak or live music, preferring a cappella conversation among ourselves and our dinner companions (if I don’t like the music or if it’s too loud, the annoyance factor becomes stratospheric). So it will come as no surprise when I say that for many years now I had no music system in my office. I know that many writers, audio and music…

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boulder amplifiers 508 phonostage

Boulder Amplifiers’ products tend to be as hefty as their prices. The company’s new 508 phonostage is neither. It is a svelte piece of gear that retails for $5000. At this price point, there is a lot of competition, but the Boulder acquits itself very well, indeed. It is a clear offspring of the company’s more lavish products, including the new two-box 2108 phonostage. The smallest product that Boulder has offered in two decades, it is carved out of a single block of aluminum and looks quite attractive, at least if a Bauhaus look is your style. Personally, I found its appearance to be quite ingratiating; it didn’t take up much space on my new Stillpoints ESS rack and was dead quiet in operation. No hum, no buzz, no nothing.…