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Listening Is Believing Like many other audiophiles, I have gone through the digital media: CD, DVD-Audio, the latest Blu-ray Pure Audio disc, MP3, streaming, etc. I still love vinyl as it delivers real and true music: emotion, engagement, and involvement that no digital media can ever touch! I own and play 1000+ stereo vinyl LPs, 95% classical music, through two turntables, one fitted with an mm phono cartridge and the other an mc. Listening is believing. Jack L. Class D Revelation TAS recently had some information on JBL’s HDI speaker lineup [Future TAS, Issue 309]. I was intrigued, and undertook the mission to hear these at some (loud) lengths. I was able to bring along Joe Walsh, Kronos Quartet, and Samura Lore. Good heavens-what a family of great-sounding products! I don’t recall ever hearing…

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guest editorial

“The truth is that this hobby of ours is not ‘all about the music.’ It’s about the intersection between art and technology, and we shouldn’t be apologetic about our fascination with the latter.” The Great Audio Piety “It’s all about the music.” How many times have you heard that? Or said it? I know I have. It’s an understandable response in situations where we may be feeling a little embarrassed by the isolation, overindulgence, and sheer nerdiness our hobby sometimes manifests. A non-audiophile visitor to your home—that’s most of them, right?-stands slack-jawed in the presence of your stereo system, especially if someone’s hinted at its cost. “It’s all about the music” might deliver you from the realm of solipsistic extravagance to that of a worldly esthete, in your guest’s view. Or perhaps your life partner…

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future tas

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable With close to one million units sold over the past 20 years, Projects Debut turntable is one of the best-selling products in the history of hi-fi. Projects latest, the Debut Carbon EVO, features the brand’s one-piece carbon-fiber tonearm technology with an integrated headshell and precision sapphire tonearm bearings, and comes with a factory-mounted Sumiko Rainier phono cartridge. Additional features include electronic speed selection, and suspension elements from the EISA-award-winning X1. Available in a range of nine finish options, including varieties of eight-coat, hand-painted, high-gloss, matte pastel colors, or walnut veneer. Other features include a heavy 1.7kg die-cast aluminum platter, one-piece, continuous-run, high-purity copper internal tonearm wiring, and a shielded termination box. A hinged adjustable dust cover completes the package. Price: $499. T+A R 21 Loudspeaker The newest member…

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2021 the absolute sound editors’ choice awards

Welcome to the 2021 edition of TAS’ Editors’ Choice Awards, our annual recommended products feature. On the following pages we present the gear that our editors and writers have selected as most worthy of your consideration. These are components that we ourselves would buy-or recommend to friends and family. Each product category is divided into price ranges, with components listed in order of ascending cost (though some items, like accessories, are listed alphabetically). Each recommendation is accompanied by a capsule review, the original reviewer’s name or initials, and the issue number the review appeared in. Note that, in some cases, a product may have been reviewed, but the review has not yet been published; in other cases, a product may not have been formally reviewed, but has still earned a…

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time outtakes

When the Dave Brubeck Quartet dropped Time Out in 1959, it instantly became the pied piper for a new, cool, cerebral movement in jazz. By 1954 Brubeck had already made the cover of Time magazine due to his widespread popularity on college campuses and his globetrotting work as a jazz ambassador abroad. But it was Time Out that captured the imaginations of Americans, creating a generation of new jazz fans in the process and becoming the first million-seller in jazz history. Recorded the same year and in the same 30th Street Studio owned by Columbia Records where a few months earlier Miles Davis had recorded his classic Kind of Blue, Brubeck’s Time Out grabbed the ears of the record-buying public on the strength of such hypnotic and beguiling numbers as…

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perfecting american utopia

The story of the fruition of David Byrne’s American Utopia begins, ironically, with what you’d expect to be the endpoint: the album’s release in 2018. Debuting at number 3 on the Billboard 200, American Utopia owed its success to Byrne’s return, after many years of soundtrack work and musically-experimental collaborations, to the crisp song structures and askew sensibilities that characterized his years with Talking Heads. Further, Utopia boasted some truly standout tracks. Exhibit A: “Every Day is a Miracle,” which, with its irresistible singalong chorus, ranked alongside Byrne’s best. Lyrically, American Utopia continued Byrne’s fascination for seemingly-insignificant slices of American life. However, this time out, he traded cynicism for a notably sunnier outlook. “We’re only tourists in this life,” he sang in “Everyone’s Coming to My House.” “Only tourists but the…