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The Week Magazine February 7, 2020

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editor’s letter

Shortly before taking office, President-elect Barack Obama faced a crucial question: Should his administration prosecute Bush administration and CIA officials involved in the “enhanced interrogation” program? Many Democrats were calling for war crimes charges, but Obama believed prosecuting his predecessors would be so politically divisive that it would consume his presidency. “We should look forward, as opposed to backward,” Obama said. If a Democrat is elected president in November—a big if—he or she will face even greater pressure to go after Donald Trump, his top aides, and his company. The litany of possible criminal charges includes obstruction of justice, perjury, tax fraud, money laundering, accepting payments from foreign governments, and violations of campaign finance law. A year from now, the next president-elect may find it impossible to say “Let’s just…

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bolton’s book roils impeachment trial

What happened The publication of damaging details in former national security adviser John Bolton’s new book upended the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump this week, creating a bitterly partisan showdown over whether Bolton and other witnesses would be called to testify. Shortly before The Week went to press, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told the Republican caucus he no longer had the 50 votes necessary to block witnesses, but was reportedly confident he would get them. He and other Republicans warned colleagues that calling Bolton as a witness might open the door to weeks of testimony Democrats could use as political ammunition, while not affecting Trump’s inevitable acquittal. House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said that the truth was “a subpoena away,” while Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) warned…

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coronavirus cases surge in china and abroad

What happened Fears were growing this week that the new SARS-like coronavirus could spiral into a global pandemic, as the number of cases continued to multiply inside China and abroad despite Beijing’s unprecedented efforts to contain the disease. More than 6,000 cases of the respiratory virus—thought to have emerged from a live-animal market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan—have been confirmed so far in China, but experts believe the actual number is far higher. At least 133 people have died from the disease, which can be transmitted from person to person and has surfaced in 19 countries, including the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Australia. To stem the spread, Beijing has implemented the largest quarantine in human history, putting more than 50 million people across 17 cities on lockdown and shuttering…

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it wasn’t all bad

At age 102, Bob Vollmer is finally ready to put his feet up. After 57 years working as a land surveyor, Indiana’s oldest state employee will start his much-delayed retirement next week. A World War II veteran, Vollmer joined Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources in 1963 and has spent the past six decades traversing the state collecting technical field data. He says he plans to spend his retirement working on “some projects” for his great-grandchildren, and possibly one for himself too: “Might build me a new swimming pool or something like that.” When 6-year-old Owen Colley learned that millions of animals had died in Australia’s devastating bushfires, he was desperate to do something to help his wild friends. So together with his parents, the Massachusetts kindergartner came up with a plan.…

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the democrats: a choice between biden and sanders?

Anything can still happen, said Michael Brendan Dougherty in NationalReview.com, but as Iowans prepare to kick off the 2020 election with their caucuses on Monday, the once crowded Democratic field may soon collapse into “the Biden and Bernie show.” Former Vice President Joe Biden still leads all candidates in national polls, but Sen. Bernie Sanders’ numbers have surged in recent weeks, and averages of state polls show Sanders leading in both Iowa and the second state to vote, New Hampshire. If Sanders—the favorite of young progressive activists—wins both of those, only Biden—backed by older moderates and African-Americans—will stand between him and the nomination, and Democrats will have to decide whether to “move to the left or to the center” for the general election. That debate should have been settled by…

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good week/bad week

Good week for: The ultimate sacrifice, after Ivanka Trump told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, “I gave up my life to move to Washington to try to help Americans, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish.” Health food, after Barbara Heller, 76, accidentally fell seven stories from the window of her New York City apartment, but survived by landing on boxes of fruit and vegetables that cushioned the impact. “It’s quite amazing,” said husband Charles. Putting your mouth where your money is, after Mitch Felderhoff, co-owner of a Texas dog-food distributor, announced he’d eaten nothing but his own products since Jan. 1. Felderhoff—who’s lost 20 pounds—says his favorite dog food is “our ancient grains ocean fish” flavor, at least “from a kibble standpoint.” Bad week for: Impersonation, after police ticketed…