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welcome to our spring 2018 issue

Here at VISI HQ our mission is to listen to you, our readers, and to provide you with inspiration and solutions in print and online. This is one of the reasons our dynamic online editor Lindi Brownell Meiring has been sharing the results of her online surveys on the VISI.co.za page in the magazine (page 20). In our previous issue, Lindi reported that in answer to the question which item in the home you'd be prepared to splurge on, 48% of the 1 200 readers who responded chose a brand-new sofa. We listened, and in this issue you stand to win a chesterfield-style sofa, worth R33 000 (page 156). This pale-grey leather beauty from Incanda would work equally well in a modern or traditional interior. And if that’s not enough,…

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ELSA YOUNG, PHOTOGRAPHER We say spring, you say…? Hot valleys filled with sweet-smelling fruit blossoms. Describe your home in three words. Comfortable, happy, colourful. What is your favourite thing about your home? Apart from my husband and dogs, it would have to be my garden. Do you have a party trick? I can tie a knot in a cherry stalk with my tongue. What’s the one item you can’t live without in your kitchen? Our Vitamix blender. Is there an app you can’t live without? Google Maps. Finish this sentence: I’m saving up for… a Knoll Tulip dining table and chairs. ● Elsa shot the Nando’s Portal to Africa pop-up event at Victoria Yards on page 44. LOUIS ORLIANGES,MEDIA CONSULTANT We say spring, you say…? Watsonias on the slopes of Jonkershoek Mountains. Describe your home…

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“Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.” – Zaha Hadid – @astoldbytiffany We in love with this month’s Visi Autumn issue simply because of our big surprise… and what a wonderful time to feel all the love thank you @visi_mag @mr_price_ za #lovealwayswins #creativity #design #sadesigner #visifeature #visi #autumn #textile #patterns #colab #productdesign #illustration #culture #heritage – @lulasclan Au naturel #iamsnowflakethecat #catslife #cats #catnap #catgram #catsogram #catstgram #catsogram #catsofinstagram #visimag #visimagazine #catsofinsta – @iamsnowflakethecat A cool breeze in the desert. Au Nature! Thanks @visi_mag @africa_namibia Greenfire Desert Lodge #desertsafari #visimag #familysafari – @toer_nooi Can’t wait for the next issue of VISI? Get your daily dose at VISI.CO.ZA More than 800 of you answered our poll asking WHAT WINTER MUST-HAVE YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. Here are…

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retail therapy

Dokter and Misses Design duo Katy Taplin and Adriaan Hugo, or Dokter and Misses, have their product and furniture showroom on the first floor and showcase their sculptural Moonjelly lamps on the top floor of 99 Juta Street. The lampshades are hand-blown by expert glassblowers at Ngwenya Glass in Swaziland. • Moonjelly single pendant, R13 000 • Moonjelly standing lamp, R27 600 • Weirdo desk, R17 800 • dokterandmisses.com Joe Paine This product and furniture design label also has a showroom on the first floor of 99 Juta Street. Joe aims to create products that are inventive yet simple, sophisticated but without pretension, with a focus on outdoor applications, plants and birds. His newly launched Stilt light is available with a metallic or matte lampshade in your choice of colour. • Stilt lights, R6 900 each • joepaine.com Mash T.…

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home is comfort

It’s challenging growing up as an immigrant in South Africa when you have no memories of the country you were born in and nothing in local media represents your norms. As much as my parents taught me to be proud to be Taiwanese and reinforced our cultural customs at home, it wasn’t easy to embrace my East Asian heritage in Bloemfontein. We knew we were different, but we were also made to feel different. It was a strange feeling of discomfort and anxiety when strangers would approach out of curiosity, which often took the form of invasive confrontations, demanding to know details about us, or mockery – in other words, casual racism. I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, I didn’t want to be forced into unnecessary conversations…

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a vanished place of heat and stars

Keimoes, a small town on the Orange River, was the reference point of my childhood, though we lived in other places for the first 12 years of my life. On the outskirts of town, surrounded by four morgen (three-and-a-half hectares) of vineyard, stood a house built mostly out of mud bricks. My grandparents lived there. My mother had grown up there. Later, after my grandparents died, we moved there, and my parents christened it Viljoenhof, my mother’s maiden name. Both my parents would die in that house. My first memories are of visiting my grandparents as a little girl. The wide sandy street only served three properties, dead-ending against my grandfather’s vines. In the long summer evenings the neighbours from the three homes would carry out kitchen chairs to sit in…