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Visi is a celebration of living well. It is committed to bringing readers the best of South African design, decor and architecture, together with the latest international trends. The innovative magazine prides itself on quality and integrity in design and editorial content. Readers enjoy news about today’s decor and design trends, new products and ideas, as well as features on South Africa’s most beautiful homes and spaces.

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welcome to summer 2018

Each year we begin production of our Summer Issue in early August, right after returning from 100% Design South Africa at Decorex Joburg. As always, this year’s exhibition did not disappoint. VISI partnered with 100% Design SA on a new feature, Designing in Wood, which put the spotlight on woodcraft and other skills required to produce wooden furniture and accessories. We were delighted to be associated with the magnificent work by established designers and some exciting new talent. Read about it on page 128. As I moved through all of the stands, the one phrase that I heard again and again from new exhibitors was, “We sell online and our designs can be flat-packed”. This gives me so much hope that local design will be more accessible to enthusiasts around…

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black glass is the new black

“A hunger for change and a further blurring of demarcation between living and food prep zones have seen black take pole position in kitchen design. Sleek black appliances are key to the look and… Smeg is leading the change,” says Steve Brookes, managing director of Smeg South Africa. The new Linea range combines the elegance and fluidity of glass with the rigour and strength of stainless steel, and both elements are complemented by the chrome and back-lit details of the control knobs. The restyling process began with the redefinition of the collection design, which has already gained much recognition for its balanced austere style that embodies the latest trends. In addition to numerous aesthetic and structural innovations, the line has also evolved to ensure precise matching detail. Naturally, pioneering technology features prominently –…

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ULRICH KNOBLAUCH, PHOTOGRAPHER What’s your ultimate summer thirst quencher? Sparkling water with lemon. Do you have a song on repeat? I have two, actually: Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” and Kendrick Lamar’s “M.A.A.D City”. What’s your favourite memory of summer? Forever Arniston. If you could live in a fictional home from a book or movie, where would you choose? I wouldn’t mind renovating Bilbo Baggins’ pad. Do you have a guilty pleasure? I go for a massage once a week. The summer read that changed your life? Magazines. They’re an endless source of inspiration for me. What is your most treasured possession? The millions of pictures of my two daughters, Sofia (pictured) and Miemie. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Ulrich shot the photos of the farmhouse in the Overberg on page 58. MICHAELA STEHR,VISI CONTENT PRODUCER What’s your ultimate summer thirst quencher? My gin…

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Size matters @visi_mag – @drewhendrix45 Safari essentials… Champagne and VISI #visimagazine @visi_mag – @renscheolivier There aren’t many magazines I enjoy, to be honest, but #VISI is one of them. It’s a source of aesthetic inspiration, especially now that we are doing some refurbishing in our flat. – @coverd_books With the cold front up ahead, what better than a good magazine in front of the fireplace @visi_mag #visi #visimagazine #fireplace – @wernerhumpel IF YOU COULD REVAMP ONE ROOM IN YOUR HOME, WHICH ROOM WOULD YOU CHOOSE? More than 1 300 of you took our online poll to let us know where you’d start. Here are the results: Can’t wait for the next issue of VISI? Get your daily dose at VISI.CO.ZA INSTANT INSPIRATION Follow @visi_mag on Instagram, where we share some of the best and most beautiful designs from around the globe.…

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the shape of clay

Almost 10 000 years ago, the four elements of earth, water, air and fire were united to create the first construction material made by human hands to satisfy the basic need for protection against the elements. Since then, with its exceptional properties and having proven its value over the millennia, clay has remained one of the most popular and reliable building materials. Its unique synthesis provides outstanding protection against moisture and frost. It is vapour-permeable, UV resistant, fire resistant and extremely durable. Harness the strength of this age-old material with today’s technological advancements in precision manufacturing and the result is the Marley Domino Flat Interlocking Clay Tile. This burnt-clay tile with its strikingly smooth flat surface, clean lines and exact fit has given rise to a renewed interest in the application of clay…

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bigger is better

HORSE Entrepreneur Simone Stiglingh: “This horse is happiness! It’s Jackson Pollock on a sugar rush – amazing! Art consultant Kholisa Thomas: For me, horses embody freedom. This multicoloured paint-dripping horse shouts it. TORTOISE Kholisa: The busier my life gets, the more I value slowing down and finding stillness. This golden tortoise is a beautiful reminder of that. Simone: Alchemists of old could only have wished to turn tortoises into gold. What a wonderful time to be alive! LIZARD Simone: Reptiles have always amazed me. I admire how they don’t let their exterior dictate their growth – they simply shed their skin. Kholisa: It has that otherworldly “take me to your leader”kinda vibe. Very cosmic, very cool! DOG Kholisa: This piece is so playful. It’s a good reminder that life is supposed to be fun and we shouldn’t take ourselves too…