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cheers to choice

Our editorial team is in the enviable position of having access to the best wine and food in the country, and their resounding sentiment for the year 2018 comes down to one word: diversity. Never has there been a more exciting time to experience what’s on the plate and in the glass in the restaurant space. Thoughtfully selected wine lists and menus that tap into the cultural mélange now available to chefs, somms and diners reign supreme, as do deep dives into the cuisines of places like Mexico, Portugal, France and beyond. This year’s annual list of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants (page 46) reflects the current richness of the country’s wine and food landscape, featuring eateries in which wine is a focus, and where, in our experiences, the wine, food, atmosphere…

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brush up on the   basics

YOUR CHEAT SHEET TO CELLARING WINE Sip or save? Spotting collectible wines may seem daunting, but fear not—help is here with our simple guide to 10 ageworthy styles perfect for your cellar. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COOL AND WARM CLIMATE WINE One of the most important aspects of growing grapes is climate. Find out whether you prefer wines produced in warm or cool environments to help better select your next bottle. GET TO KNOW AUSTRIA’S WINE REGIONS Learn more about Vienna, Wachau and beyond, with this guide to the regions of Austria. WINE FAULTS AND HOW TO RECOGNIZE THEM Is your wine corked? Oxidized? Plain over-the-hill? Discover the signs of common wine faults and which characteristics are oft en mistaken for them. VAGUE WINE TASTING TERMS AND WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN The wine world has always been full of colorful…

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côtes de gascogne, madiran and saint mont

A vast region, Southwest France stretches from the Atlantic coast in the west towards the Mediterranean sea to the east, bordering the Bordeaux region to the north and the Pyrenees mountain range to the south. This historic yet dynamic area is made up of a multitude of landscapes, soil types and grape varieties. It features familiar names like Merlot, Tannat and Cabernet Franc, but it’s also famous in wine circles for its ancient viticultural rarities: Petit Manseng, Gros Manseng, Braucol, Négrette and Prunelard are some of the less-common indigenous gems found here. Truly fascinating, deeply diverse and steeped in history, it’s no wonder Southwest France was singled out as Wine Enthusiast’s 2017 Wine Region of the Year. Wines: Dry, crisp, aromatic whites with citrus and exotic fruit notes (some sweet white wines are…

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sips and snaps around the globe

VINITALY The 52nd annual trade show attracted 128,000 industry members to Verona, Italy, in April. In addition to showcasing wine from more than 4,000 exhibitors, the event offered opportunities for fine dining and beer tasting, providing a broad taste of emerging trends and regions. An aperitivo party hosted by W.E., and masterclass on Barolo by W.E. Italian Editor Kerin O’Keefe, added to the offerings. HOSPICE DU RHÔNE The nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the 22 Rhône grape varieties held its biannual three-day festival in Paso Robles, California, featuring master classes, pairing lunches and dinners, auction and walk-around tastings for both consumers and trade. Highlights included a panel on South Africa’s Cinsault Renaissance moderated by W.E. Managing Editor/Tasting Director Lauren Buzzeo. CELEBRATING ART & WINE In honor of its May Art & Wine Issue, Wine Enthusiast…

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OFTEN CALLED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD, the UNESCO-recognized Dolomites of northern Italy soar heavenward behind Trentino’s fertile pastures. Fortunately, you needn’t understand their fascinating geology—like how they once formed an enormous tropical coral reef—to appreciate their magnificence. The same can be said of the sparkling wine produced at the foot of these stony towers. Recognized by its collective trademark Trentodoc, corresponding to the Doc Trento appellation, the region’s bottle-fermented sparklers have long captivated consumers on the base of their elegance, aroma, and taste alone. Yet wine lovers wonder why Italy’s finest bubbles prove as unique as their origin. Perhaps it’s the place: pure alpine sunlight mixed with warm days and cool nights imparts freshness and finesse. Seventy-seven percent of Trentino’s territory lie above 3280 feet. Or the people:…

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clear winners

There’s a whole industry dedicated to pairing the right wine with the right food. Spirits, however, are often overlooked in this country. Cocktails can be a fun way to incorporate liquor into a meal, but they present a challenge: A good cocktail should balance sweet, sour and bitter notes that don’t require an accompanying dish to reach equilibrium. Spirit lovers might prefer to keep things simple and sip spirits neat with meals. It’s the norm all over the world—think ice-cold vodka in Russia, agave spirits in Mexico, aquavit in Scandinavia, shochu in Japan and arak in the Levant. It’s best to start experimenting with clear spirits that see little or no barrel aging. The strength of their aromas and flavors are less assertive than, say, a smoky Scotch or a rich, aged…