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sip science

Vineyard drones, wine on tap, augmented reality labels, 3-D printed barrels: Wine has gone high tech, and there’s never been a more exciting time to enjoy something so at once rooted in the past as in the future. Technological advances have made our ability to make, age, serve and select wines better and easier than ever. In virtually every corner of the wine world, the combination of science and soul is fueling a fast-evolving taste for wine in digital-first ways never before seen in the long history of wine appreciation. A unifier at the table and the keyboard, wine has taken center stage on social media, too, where a community of avid fans share their pours, passions and pet peeves on all things wine in real time, and look to experts for…

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out & about: sips and snaps around the globe

JÄGERMEISTER MANIFEST TASTING POWERED BY WINE ENTHUSIAST The liqueur brand moved into the ultra-premium space with the release of its Manifest bottling. In Feburary, Wine Enthusiast Spirits Editor Kara Newman co-hosted a tasting event with specialty cocktails at Existing Conditions in New York City. LA ART SHOW OPENING NIGHT WITH 1849 WINE The LA Art Show kicked off in January with a party thrown by event sponsor 1849 Wine. The brand poured five wines that boast labels designed by internationally renowned street artist, Saber. Alex “Defer” Kizu’s onsite work was sold at auction to raise additional funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. PREMIERE NAPA VALLEY Organized by Napa Valley Vintners, this February event was held at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena, California. Members of the trade had the chance…

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temperature control

the crush ADVANCED DEGREES CHILL OUT Perk up your palate and take some risks by adding a chill to red wines. While Gamay and Pinot Noir are well-known contenders, the varieties listed here are also ripe for the refrigerator. Whatever you select, serve it at 50–60˚F. CINSAULT Widely planted throughout Southern France, this grape’s thin skin produces delicate tannins well-suited for chilling. It is also known for its flowery aroma and fleshy flavors like strawberry and red cherries, which get racy when chilled. These juicy flavors and the acidity of a chilled Cinsault work well with mildly spicy Thai coconut curry. It’s also a perfect match for white-flesh fish, because it won’t overpower delicate flavors. FRAPPATO This Sicilian grape carries moderate acidity that feels like zipping around on a scooter. It has a fresh bouquet of wildflowers…

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next of gin

All gins receive flavor from juniper—it’s just not gin without this piney little berry. But bolder, fruit-flavored bottles have finally arrived. England, gin’s spiritual homeland, has led the trend for a few years, and it’s been worth the wait stateside. The newest crop is audacious, with fruity notes like grapefruit, Marasca cherry and cranberry that will appeal to a wine lover’s palate. Here are four to try. MALFY GIN ROSA From Italy’s Piedmont region, the main flavoring of this pink gin is Sicilian grapefruit. It’s slightly sweet, so the overall effect is similar to pink lemonade. Try it in a spritz-style drink, where it’s lightened with bubbles. Also look for the Con Limone (lemon) and Con Arancia (blood orange) bottlings. LUXARDO SOUR CHERRY GIN This delicious newcomer marries London dry gin with Marasca cherry…

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open tabs

Cold Cola Rouge HOXIE Josh Rosenstein, the maker of Hoxie, admits a preference for hybrid varieties like Chambourcin and Vidal Blanc, and he sources much of his fruit from Augusta, Missouri, the first American Viticultural Area (AVA). Hoxie makes its own cola for this Kalimotxo-inspired can, which is blended with Chambourcin. Rosenstein believes that we’ll see “the consumer spritzing year-round.” The Underwood Mei Wine UNDERWOOD WINE COMPANY Canned wine giant Underwood works with growers from around Oregon. “The products are…not taking themselves too seriously,” says Underwood Founder Ryan Harms. This limited seasonal collaboration with Mei Lin, chef/partner at Nightshade in LA, is made with Riesling, guava, lemongrass, lychee, yuzu, tea, elderflower and almond. Dry Rosé Wine Spritzer PORTLAND SANGRIA Ryan Sharp, winemaker at Portland Sangria, sources all of his ingredients from throughout the Pacific Northwest to create intriguing…

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pineapple a day

Fresh pineapple is a revelation to anyone raised on the canned stuff. High in both sugar and acid, and with lots of complex flavors, the tropical fruit is also notoriously hard to pair. When you factor in that it can be served in a plethora of ways, from caramelized cake, to spicy salsa and salty pizza, it seems near impossible to settle on a single perfect pairing. Instead, there are a number of wine options to play up its different aspects of juicy-fresh pineapple goodness. Read on to make the most of its exotic bounty. TROPICAL In both taste and appearance, pineapple epitomizes the term “tropical fruit.” It’s exotic and ambrosial, with an almost creamy richness that it shares with balmy-weather brethren like guava, lychee, passion fruit and mango. Flamboyant, fruit-forward and…