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be a vinous voyager

There’s nothing like a well-planned trip to reignite your passion for the joys this world has to offer: varying cultures, landmarks, cuisines and, of course, wine. Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to consider where you will journey in the year ahead and what delectable voyages await. Thankfully, the idea of enotourism and wine-specific travel has flourished in the past few years. Wine regions and wineries have realized the importance of offering comprehensive experiences that, while still focused on wine, encompass so much more to truly go beyond the glass. From vineyard tours to blending sessions, on-premise food pairings to concerts among the vines, immersive encounters offer memorable anchors to retain not only the enjoyment and entertainment of the activity itself, but also contextual education. Having delicious fun while learning—what…

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Visit and plan your next delicious excursion. EUGENE IS FOR WINE LOVERS The southern Willamette Valley city is known more for its hippies than its wine. But that’s all changing, thanks to urban wineries and better wine lists at restaurants and bottle shops. Visit for more about this Oregon city on the rise. DESTINATION MINNEAPOLIS Minnesota wine country is making a name for itself with cold-hardy varieties, and this Midwest metropolis has established itself as a wine destination to be reckoned with. Check out its best spots at TRAVELING THE NEW HAMPSHIRE WINE TRAIL Rugged, mountainous New Hampshire isn’t your typical wine country. Learn how Granite State winemakers focus on cold-climate grapes, fruit wines and mead at WINE GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D.C. The nation’s capital isn’t only home to acclaimed restaurants, it’s got urban…

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out & about: sips and snaps around the globe

SPAIN’S GREAT MATCH Wine Enthusiast was a sponsor of this October event in New York City. Now in its 25th year, it’s the largest Spanish wine gathering in the country. An event for the public featured wine tastings and tapas prepared by Michelin-star-awarded Spanish Chefs. Members of the trade and media were also able to attend educational seminars, including one led by W.E. Contributing Editor Michael Schachner. DINNER WITH CUSTOZA The Consorzio Tutela Vino Custoza DOC, which represents the Northern Italian Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) of Custoza, partnered with Wine Enthusiast to host a dinner. Twenty-five guests from both sides joined together at Flora Bar for a night of food paired with a portfolio of these white wines. FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW About 110,000 people went to the world’s largest in-water boat show,…

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lighten up

By the time February rolls around, chances are you’re tired of being cold and bundled up inside, drinking big-bodied, well-oaked red wines, and you’re looking to break out of the rut. Fortunately, sparkling reds are on the rise from producers in Italy, California and points in between. The Golden State, meanwhile, has also hit a pink-hued stride, with a plethora of bodacious and textural rosés that stand up to the cold. Reds that Sparkle Frothy, fizzy, racy and—red? With high-quality versions produced in more places, sparkling red wines are in demand. Experts guide us on what to drink and why. Why are they so hot right now? “People freak out—they’re just really fascinated with something that’s not typical,” says Drew Cuddy, co-founder/owner of Satellite SB wine bar in Santa Barbara, California. His customers love…

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cuckoo for cocoa

Not only do many of us love chocolate, it’s also a favorite way for many to say, “I love you.” But its history isn’t all sweet. In fact, chocolate started out as a savory ingredient. Cacao beans, which are the base of today’s confection, are from Central America, where they were originally fermented into a beverage mixed with chiles. It was Europeans who added sugar, cocoa butter and milk to create the modern treat. In its sweet form, it’s a perfect match with flavors that range from citrus to nutty and minty. Add a sprinkle of salt for chocolate bliss. PAIR IT When it comes to pairing wine and chocolate, Marcus Gausepohl, wine director at Brennan’s of Houston, suggests “ruling out dry wine unless your cacao content is 75% or greater.” He recommends Brachetto d’Acqui,…

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the rise of blaufränkisch

Blaufränkisch originated within what was the Austro-Hungarian empire, where it’s still prevalent today. The suffix-fränkisch dates to the early Middle Ages and was used in countries where German was spoken to designate a family of wine grapes considered superior, promulgated by Charlemagne, King of the Franks. It was in 1862 that the name Blaufränkisch first appeared, at an exhibition in Vienna. In 1877, the grape turned up in Germany under the name Lemberger, and then 13 years later in Hungary as Kékfrankos, the literal translation of Blaufränkisch. The grape’s other names from traditional growing regions include Franconia or Frankonia (northern Italy), Frankovka (Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia), Gamé (Bulgaria), Burgund Mare (Romania), Frankovka Modrá (Slovakia) and Modra Frankinja (Slovenia). It performs best in cool continental climates, where it makes beautiful, perfumed wine reminiscent of…