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golden state greatness

Last October, the news was filled with horrifying stories of California wine country and the residents who were under siege of wildfires that would destroy thousands of homes and take dozens of lives from north to south. Today, though the memories and impact of those fires continue to loom large, the current news is positive: Wine country is open for business, and California’s 2017 vintage is excellent. We celebrate the rich culture that is California wine, highlighting experimental winemakers, emerging regions and the best travel adventures statewide. In fact, the quality and diversity of California’s vinous offerings has never been better. Sure, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay still reign supreme, but skilled winemakers are mastering unique expressions across the Golden State that ring true to the area’s varied terroirs and diverse appellations. Beyond Cab…

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top foodie cities

BOISE, IDAHO Surrounded by Idaho’s emerging wine region, Snake River Valley, the surprisingly lively capital of Boise will tempt you with local bottles and great meals. SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA A passionate dining community is gaining steam in South Dakota’s largest city. Visit here for everything from walleye tacos to long-fermented breads. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Barbecue and the Bourbon Trail are must-dos in the so-called “Horse Capital of the World,” but this city’s diverse food and drink scene has a lot more to offer, too. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA A mix of reliable standards and emerging hotspots make Birmingham a place to visit. Check out top stops for eating and drinking, along with a recipe for classic Alabama white sauce. ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO This unsung Southwest destination is on the rise, offering offbeat travel for foodies, oenophiles and those who celebrate the…

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PROWEIN 2018 Düsseldorf, Germany, welcomed more than 60,000 visitors this March for the latest rendition of ProWein, an annual international trade fair for wine and spirits. Often regarded as a who’s-who of industry elite, professionals took in three days of tastings, lectures and exhibitions that featured wine and spirits from around the globe. THE 10TH SANTA BARBARA WINE AUCTION Attendees of the sold out February dinner put on by Santa Barbara Vintners Foundation bid on various experiences to raise funds for Direct Relief, a pharmaceutical nonprofit. VINISUD One of the world’s leading industry showcases, Vinisud took over the exhibition center in Montpellier, France, this February. Visitors mingled with more than 1,000 exhibitors and enjoyed free tastings. Aimed at promoting wines from the Languedoc and neighboring Mediterranean appellations, this year’s event focused on current market trends…

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italian art, artisans & wine—the perfect pairing

Some sophisticated cities naturally attract these world-class Italian artists: Chicago has lured Maestro Riccardo Muti from Naples to conduct the Chicago Symphony, architect Renzo Piano to design the Modern Wing of the Art Institute, and master tailors to create bespoke Burdi suits, employing purist details such as 1,000 hand stiches shaping each lapel. Chef Tony Mantuano established Spiaggia with a similar respect for authentic Italian excellence, building a vast cellar that embraces wines from re-emerging regions, such as an elegant Pecorino from the Marche. Chef Luisa Silvia used her Bolognese grandmother's book of lovingly handwritten recipes as the foundation for Merlo on Maple where she sources classic Lambrusco and Albana di Romagna from that epicurean region, and Osteria Langhe pays homage to vineyard-carpeted Piemonte with rich Barolos and Barbarescos. New Yorkers…

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the vine whisperer

Edward Lee “Mac” McDonald grew up on Texas moonshine—his dad made it—but a taste of Burgundy at age 12 made wine his dream. When he was in his 50s, McDonald bottled his first Vision Cellars Pinot Noir, under an African-mask label that he designed. Purchasing his own Sonoma County vineyard, which he named Ms. Lil’s Vineyard for his wife, was a natural step for someone with his precision, high standards and country sensibility. His wines are elegant and bright, though McDonald prefers wearing overalls and a straw hat, spending as much time tending his vines as he can.…

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meet the american vignerons

When you hear the word vigneron, your mind may wander to a vineyard in rural France where a figure in a dark beret and wine-stained apron works the grapevines with pruning shears in one hand and a Gauloise in the other. Or maybe the character is in a cellar, pouring liquid from a wine thief into a tastevin over a candlelit barrel. That classic style of vigneron, or winegrower, tended to the grapes and made wine with minimal family or outside assistance. Their main companion in the vineyard was oft en a plow horse. There were no crews, no enologists, no laboratory or vast array of cellar equipment, only oak barrels. While only a handful of modern winemakers mirror that profile, American winemakers who embody the spirit and work ethic of the…