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we’ve only just begun

We hate to sound smug, but we think we look pretty good for our age. Celebrating our 30th anniversary as the world’s leading progressive wine magazine, we’re excited for what’s next as we continue to push new innovations, perspectives and dialogues within the sphere of wine, spirits, beer and food. We’ve got legacy, but we never stop refreshing who we are, whom we reach and what we help put in your glass. That said, it’s hard not to reflect while looking forward. Incredible, positive changes have taken place in the wine and food space since we launched, and we’ve been there every step of the way. Incredible, positive changes have taken place in the wine and food space since we launched, and we’ve been there every step of the way. In many cases we’ve…

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online & on social

ANNIVERSARY CHEERS We’re turning 30! We want you to join in the fun: Explore Wine Enthusiast magazine covers from the past three decades, and vote for your favorite @wineenthusiast on Twitter and Instagram. Also, share your favorite beverage trends and wine moments with us and all your friends using #wineenthusiast30 WINE, MEET CHEESE Wine and cheese are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a seriously delicious endeavor. We’ve broken down the art of pairing the two favorites. The results? Maximum goodness. Visit WINE-BEER HYBRIDS Fancy a Cabernet Franc pale ale? How about a Viognier saison? Problem solved. A new wave of craft producers are combining brewing and winemaking to create unique beers perfect for wine lovers. Visit If you haven’t subscribed to our podcast, you’re missing out! Tune…

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sips and snaps around the globe

SONOMA WILDFIRE COTTAGE INITIATIVE Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County is teaming up with Rebuild Wine Country, a nonprofit organization supported by Wine Enthusiast, to build 8–10 temporary cottages for people whose homes are uninhabitable due to fires in the region. At a June event in Santa Rosa, the two groups unveiled plans, including renderings, for the cottages, which will sit on the Medtronic Fountaingrove campus. HARLEM EATUP! Held in May, this weeklong festival is a chance for consumers to explore the food and drink of the New York City neighborhood. Grand tastings, a marketplace and sitdown dinners bring together star chefs and raise money for charities including Citymeals on Wheels and Harlem Historic Parks. AUCTION NAPA VALLEY The 38th annual auction, organized by the Napa Valley Vintners nonprofit organization, raised $13.6 million for various…

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ones for the books

A few dusty books, a framed portrait of Mark Twain or a famous author or two that has graced the door are a few factors that establishments use to anoint themselves as literary bars. But luckily, for those who appreciate a well-crafted cocktail with an immersive read, there’s an array of innovators that have redefined the term. Grab your favorite well-worn paperback and voyage to these six can’t-miss bars. ACADEMIA Austin, TX Russell Davis may be most familiar as a cocktail-fixer on the television show Bar Rescue. This spring, he opened Academia. It’s designed as a faculty lounge with an Ivy League-level drinking experience, replete with collegiate banners and chalkboard walls. “Academia pays homage to the great thinking drinkers of our era, and it just so happens that many of these figures were…

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toast to cinnamon

The scent of cinnamon evokes home, hearth and holidays, with a spicy edge. As writer Vanna Bonta said, “cinnamon bites and kisses simultaneously.” Cinnamon lends subtle warmth and complexity to many dishes. Though it’s associated with sweets here in America, it’s used in savory applications around the world, from Mexican mole sauces and Moroccan tagines to Middle Eastern pilafs and Greek moussaka. It’s also a key ingredient in Chinese five-spice and some Indian curries. Add a pinch to Bolognese sauce, roasted root vegetables, ratatouille, chicken soup, meat stews or burgers. Most cinnamons in the U.S., including those labeled Korintje, Vietnamese or Saigon, are the cassia variety of the Cinnamomum genus. The Ceylon variety is more common in other parts of the world, sometimes called “true cinnamon.” It has a thin, flaky texture…

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chill factor

The sun is shining, the barbecue is ablaze and you’re thinking this shoulder-season weather couldn’t be any sweeter. It’s time to hit that cooler and whip out…red wine? Well, that’s what’s happening on California’s Central Coast, where some winemakers are making lighter reds that are prime for glugging on still-warm September days. Whether made from grapes like Cinsault and Valdiguié, fermented carbonically to retain fruitiness or aged in steel rather than oak, these so-called “sessionable reds” are a refreshing change of pace from pesky dogma that only whites should be served chilled. Stolpman Vineyards in Santa Barbara County produces a carbonically fermented Sangiovese called Love You Bunches. Peter Stolpman, managing partner at the winery, says wines like these are as joyous as rosés, but with more depth and texture. Around the estate,…