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Wisconsin Game & Fish February 2019

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in the field

New Hunt Wild App Is Now Available A NEW Hunt Wild Wisconsin mobile app for Apple and Android phones launched late last year to help hunters find public lands, brush up on regulations and access satellite and topographic maps. Shooting hours are automatically calculated based on your location, and you can register your harvest or purchase licenses, tags and permits right from the app. Another feature allows you to tailor the map to your hunting location, including saving trails you walk in on. For users with Android phones, the app works best with versions 8.0 and above. Snapshot Wisconsin Goes Statewide THE STATE’S Snapshot Wisconsin program went from 26 counties last year to all 72. The DNR partners with volunteers who place wildlife-monitoring trail cameras. Even before the call…

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wisconsin calendar

FEBRUARY 1-15 FOX ON THE RUN Red and gray fox tracks aren’t hard to find as they actively seek mates or hunt for food. Trailing hounds are great — and coyotes are a month-long bonus — but you can use a predator call, too. FEBRUARY 1-28 RABBIT TRACKS There’s something special about pursuing cottontail rabbits with trailing hounds after a fresh snow. No dog? Follow the tracks and keep an eye on the brush ahead. FEBRUARY 9 STURGEON OPENER Thousands of spearers who received tags will be on Lake Winnebago, and hundreds who got lucky in a drawing will be on the upriver lakes. No tag? Bring tip-ups and jigging rods and try for walleyes, pike and perch. FEBRUARY 1-28 ICE-FISHING TOURNAMENT TIME There are more than a dozen…

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4 new multi-species fishing machines

STARCRAFT RENEGADE 178 DC Starcraft offers customizable options for the console, including adding a depth gauge, battery charger, sonar unit or a PRV19 Bluetooth stereo. The rear flip down bench offers access to a livewell and converts into a platform for fishing. No need to drill holes in the vessel. Starcraft’s integrated gunnel track system allows anglers to mount rod holders and accessories. LENGTH 18 FT. 5 IN. BEAM 92 IN. DRY WEIGHT 1,176 LBS. FUEL CAPACITY 26 GAL. MAX HORSEPOWER 150 MSRP $20,521 WHILE MOST anglers love the idea of having a top-of-the-line tournament boat, the reality is that most of us can do without the top-of-the-line price tag that usually goes along with it. Starcraft certainly got that message when the company unveiled its Renegade 178 DC,…

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wildfowl medicine

BRAD FITZPATRICK GUN COLUMNIST MY ALL-TIME favorite waterfowl gun is now more than 40 years old. The Browning BPS is as relevant to the waterfowl market today as it was when it was released in the late 1970s. These shotguns are extremely durable and reliable thanks to a solid steel receiver and twin steel action bars, and the enclosed receiver prevents gunk and debris from jamming the action in the blind. That steel receiver makes the BPS a bit heavier than competing shotguns, but that’s not always a bad thing — extra weight makes the BPS a smooth-swinging scattergun and the added heft reduces recoil for fast follow-up shots. The bottom-feeding design and tang safety make this gun equally suited for both right- and left-handed shooters, and there’s even…

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features to consider

ACTION Semi-autos offer the ability to fire three shots with three successive trigger pulls, and gas guns will help reduce felt recoil. Pumps require more effort on follow-up shots, but pumps have a reputation for dead-nuts reliability and once you’re familiar with it you can cycle a pump very fast. Double guns aren’t as versatile as semi-autos and pumps, but they’re a great option, and affordable waterfowl models include CZ’s sleek Swamp Magnum. PRICE For many hunters, the list of potential duck guns is limited based on budget. Pump shotguns are, in most cases, less expensive than semi-autos or double guns because they’re simpler to build. You can purchase a new camo-clad pump repeater like Winchester’s SXP, Remington’s 870 or a Mossberg 500 for around $500, and those three…

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early hardwater : proven tactics to put more fish on ice

(PHOTOGRAPH BY BRIAN GROSSENBACHER) FIRST ICE is prime time to target fish of all stripes — including walleyes, panfish, pike and trout. The first magical weeks of hardwater offer some of winter’s best fishing, often in surprisingly shallow water, before deepening snow, thickening ice and falling oxygen levels drive fish deep and dampen spirits in the underwater world.On the walleye front, veteran guide and Fish ED television host Jon Thelen says early ice is as good as it gets. “Walleyes are still in feeding mode from fall, gathered in easy-to-find spots and active at predictable times. What more could you ask?” Shallow structure and cover are where it’s at. Thelen likes rock piles, reefs, weedlines, points and bottom transitions in 10 feet of water or less. “Avoid areas with heavy…