Yachting Monthly April 2021

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summer calling

After a long, hard winter for most this year, spring is around the corner. Summer days and the possibility of easing Covid restrictions bring a sense of hopeful relief. Inevitably, once polished seamanship skills will have lost some of their lustre when we do get back on the water. While I’d rather just sit and enjoy being back afloat on my first sail, I can see the sense in putting myself through the paces of a proper shakedown sail, as James Stevens suggests (p26). Hopefully, it will get the usual mistakes out of the way before there’s too much of an audience, or before any gremlins can derail any summer cruising plans. While we’re examining our own sailing, spring seems like a good time to consider the impact that sailing, and the…

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have your say on the disposal of flares

News editor If you have a news story to share, contact News Editor Katy Stickland Email Katy.Stickland@futurenet.com Tel 0330 390 6738 Proposals to stop recreational sailors from disposing of their out-of-date flares through the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have been unveiled by the UK Government. Currently, the MCA spends £250,000 a year to provide a free flare disposal service at 18 designated sites. When the service was first launched, the MCA received 60,000 flares per year; in 2018, they received only 12,000. The Department for Transport (DfT) has now launched a consultation, recommending that the MCA ‘withdraw from the offer of (flare) disposal’ for recreational sailors, although it will still dispose of illegally dumped flares. Instead, the DfT favours a ‘polluter pays principle’ with industry being asked to provide a range of disposal…

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uncoded race yachts under scrutiny

Action will be taken against uncoded commercially operated sailing yachts engaged in racing, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has warned. It has just agreed to discontinue prosecutions against the owners of two yachts after they agreed to enter into a written agreement to ensure their vessels are coded when used for commercial activity. Small, commercially operated yachts must hold a valid code certificate when being used for any commercial purposes, including racing and training. The boats must also only operate within the category of water for which they have been authorised. The lead investigator at the MCA as part of the Regulatory Compliance Investigations Team, Mark Flavell, said commercially operated vessels must be coded. ‘This is to ensure commercial vessels are subject to an independent survey and inspection regime. The aim being…

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news in numbers

2 The new UK Double Handed Offshore Series will debut in 2021. The standalone series will be made up of six existing races including the Rolex Fastnet Race and Round the Island Race. 50 The 50th anniversary of Contessa, built at the Jeremy Rogers yard in Lymington, will be celebrated in 2021. Norfolk Broads boat thief caught Lester Lynn, 29, of Church Road, Cantley, has been ordered to serve 240 hours community service and pay over £2,000 in compensation after pleading guilty to breaking into boats moored along the River Yare during the 2020 lockdown.…

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cruising sailors honoured with awards

Bert ter Hart, who completed a non-stop, unsponsored, solo circumnavigation of the world via the Five Capes, without the use of GPS or other electronic aids to navigation, has won the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)’s highest honour – the Barton Cup. The American skipper left Victoria, BC on 27 October 2019 aboard his 1987 Reliance 44, Seaburban, returning on 11 August 2020. The OCC Seamanship Award was won by Garry Crothers. The solo skipper, who has just one arm, was in St Martin when COVID-19 struck, and sailed from the Caribbean to Derry in 37 days to attend his daughter’s wedding. Described as a ‘fantastic character full of soul, wisdom and experience’, Nick Skeates has won the OCC Lifetime Cruising Award. Since leaving the UK in 1975, Skeates has lived aboard almost permanently,…

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join the clean sailors community

A new UK-based not-for-profit Clean Sailors has joined forces with the Swiss Sail and Explore Association to help educate sailors about microplastic. The partnership will allow the two organisations to share research with members of their communities. The Sail and Explore Association regularly runs sailing expeditions with civilian scientists to learn more about the health of the world’s oceans. Founded last July by Holly Manvell, Clean Sailors aims to raise awareness of ocean conservation issues through research and share tips on sustainable sailing. www.cleansailors.com…