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Ultimate 90s Retro Gaming Collection

Ultimate 90s Retro Gaming Collection

Ultimate 90s Retro Gaming Collection
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Get ready for a serious nostalgia hit as this brand-new bookazine brings you all the greatest games from the golden age of gaming, from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 to Super Mario World, Tomb Raider and the excellent Ridge Racer.

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welcome to ultimate 90s retro gaming collection

The Nineties were an exciting time to be a gamer. Most of the hard work had already been done by pioneering developers during the Seventies and Eighties, meaning talented coders were able to take these existing themes and ideas and build upon them. As a result some of the greatest games of all time came from this halcyon period, including Super Mario World, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. That being said, the Nineties were a transitional period as well, as 3D gaming started to become the norm and many systems moved over to formats like CD-ROM. The Nineties were also a time when home computer gaming was on the wane as more and more gamers were turning towards the exciting new consoles that were coming…

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why 90s gaming ruled

One of the great things about gaming in the Nineties was that most of the heavy lifting had been done in the decades before, allowing developers and publishers to simply concentrate on creating excellent new games. It was still, admittedly, a time for excitement and new things to be discovered, and it was also a time where gaming began to make huge advancements, at least from a technological point of view. Granted, the Eighties gave us an idea of what the future of games could look like with the arrival of isometric 3D and 3D polygons, but it was the Nineties, particularly the late Nineties where 3D gaming became the norm, rather than the exception. Some of the most important 3D games of all time were created during this period, including…

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defining systems

GAME BOY YEAR RELEASED: 1989 While Nintendo’s handheld was released at the end of the Eighties, it’s very much a Nineties system. Massively popular on release, its simple games like Tetris saw it crossing generations, while its licensed games were a huge hit with kids. Two high charting singles based on Super Mario Land and Tetris were even released. MEGA DRIVE YEAR RELEASED: 1989 This is another Eighties system that really found its success in the Nineties. Lots of great arcade conversions, a little hedgehog called Sonic and plenty of excellent exclusives saw Sega break Nintendo’s stranglehold on the games market. It was a staggering achievement and it remains Sega’s best-selling machine. PLAYSTATION YEAR RELEASED: 1994 Sony’s console changed everything. If you needed further proof consider this: no home games machine had sold over 100 million units before…

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games that defined the 90s

SUPER MARIO WORLD YEAR RELEASED: 1990 It’s rare that a console launches with a game that redefines a genre, but that’s exactly what happened with Super Mario World. Nintendo’s magic is in full force, showing off inventive level design, gorgeous looking cartoon visuals and plenty of cool new power-ups, including Mario’s lovable sidekick, Yoshi. It’s possibly the greatest game of all time. STREET FIGHTER II: THE WORLD WARRIOR YEAR RELEASED: 1991 Capcom’s sequel improved on the original in every way. There were now eight distinctive fighters to choose, special moves were far easier to execute and combos allowed clever players to string together powerful move sets. It reignited the genre virtually overnight. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 2 YEAR RELEASED: 1992 Sega’s sequel hit the ground running and delivered everything you’d want from a second Sonic game. Sonic was now…

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the making of sonic the hedgehog 2

DID YOU KNOW? The original plan for Sonic 2 included the terrifyingly-named ‘Genocide City Zone’ – later renamed to ‘Cyber City Zone’. Instant success sure can be a curse as much as a blessing. That’s why you hear so much about the ‘difficult second album’ or a ‘sophomore slump’ – it’s tough to follow a breakout debut. Sonic The Hedgehog was most definitely a breakout success, propelling Sega from a minority player in the home console market right into competition with industry giant Nintendo. No matter how difficult it would be to create a successor, you’d imagine the company would be moving mountains to make sure it happened. So you might be surprised to find that the company had allowed one of the key staff behind the success of the game to…

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crunch time

18 SEPTEMBER 1992, 2:26PM At this point the game is using a prototype title screen illustration. All stages are implemented and ground layouts are complete. Hidden Palace Zone and Wood Zone have had their stage graphics removed. Sonic will die if he hits spikes during his post-damage invincibility. 25 SEPTEMBER 1992, 11:00PM New attract mode demos are recorded and added to the game. The game is made harder by converting many extra lives to other items. Casino Night Zone’s flippers and Crawl enemies are moved to avoid crash bugs. Oil Ocean Zone gains even more spikes to ensure players use pressure cannons. Wing Fortress Zone is made harder by removing rings. Death Egg Zone boss spawn point is moved to the far right of the stage. Super Sonic’s underwater colours are…