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Issue 445

Unique Cars is Australia's premier magazine and marketplace for special interest, classic, collectible and performance cars. A veritable showcase of Australia's finest vintage, classic, sports, modified and luxury cars. With classic, luxury and performance car reviews (new and used), specialist car and club events as well as over 1000 cars for sale in gloss colour. Unique Cars is both a window shopper and buyer's dream. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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the fastest-appreciating classic of 2020?

ONE MODEL is standing well above thew pack; Nissan’s Skyline R34 GT-R. According to the GT-R Registry, which has been tracking R34 GT-Rs sold at Japanese auctions since 2018; an increased appetite for Japanese collectibles combined with a number of high-quality and low-mileage cars coming to auction recently has seen values soar even in 2020. Over the past quarter alone, GT-R Registry report that the average sale price for an R34 GT-R is up 49.6 per cent; selling for Au$145,000 on average. Bear in mind this is the cost of car at Japanese export auction only, with upwards of tens of thousands of dollars needed for shipping and compliance. This represents a 56.4 per cent increase since mid-2019. At the top end of the market, various variant records have been achieved in 2020, including…

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adelaide auto expo

ONE OF THE very few car shows to survive the whole Covid bunfight this year is the excellent Adelaide Auto Expo (Nov 20-21), run by local enthusiast Geof Tartoosie, and this year it again includes a barn-find auction in association with Unique Cars mag. The FJ you see here is one of 10 cars being offered. And yes, we're a little surprised that there are still any old cars hidden away in sheds, but it seems there are if you know where to look. The auction happens Saturday afternoon. As for the show, it starts on the Friday night at the Wayville Showgrounds, in the Jubilee Pavillion. Geof tells us there are usually around 40 traders in the pavillion along with around 230 cars. Friday night is also when the big Aussie classic…

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auction action

Block party WHAT'S MOVIN' AND SHAKIN' PORSCHE 928 With something like 60,000 built over an 18-year lifespan, this front-engined Porsche V8 series was a huge commercial success for the brand. Which kind of left us all a little mystified as the car tended to languish in the classic market. That is, however, changing. You can still get one for around $30k, but more like $70k-plus is being asked for prime examples. Even at that level, they're a lot of car for the money and we reckon values will keep creeping up. 1936 STAINLESS FORDS LIFE HAS been a little restless for this trio of stainless steel Fords which was on the market a few years ago, They were built in partnership with what is now Allegheny Industries. Tiny numbers of each of these cars were made…

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ones that got away

1962 CHEVROLET IMPALA My neighbour owned a ‘62 Impala for twenty five years and, as teenagers in the 90s, we would adore that candy apple red Chev parked out front of his home. He eventually got too old and stopped driving and the car was sold by his kids. I would love to own that car today and still wonder what ever happened to it.. TIM PENWAY - BANKSTOWN, NSW $20-25,000 NOW $6000 SEPTEMBER 2009 1989 TOYOTA SUPRA TURBO With the long-awaited return of the Supra to the new car market, even at breath-taking prices, there was bound to be renewed interest in the older generation cars. Locally at least, it’s the prices of fourth generation models that have really climbed, while third-gen cars like this are taking a little longer. And there’s often…

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uncle phil’s picks

FIND ’EM ALL on tradeuniquecars.com.au, or go straight to the car by SCANNING THE QR CODES 1995 VOLVO 850 T-5R ONCE A BOX NOW A BEAUTY AT SOME point in recent history, Volvos went from being the battering ram of choice for the lawn bowls brigade, to being cool old cars. How did that happen? I reckon there’s no more nineties shape than these sharp-edged 850s, and if you’re going to have one it might as well be the quirky five-pot turbo. This one looks like someone has done their best to make the most of the looks, with tinted windows and a slightly lowered stance. We’re told it’s had a couple of loving owners and it looks that way. Interesting car. Go straight to this car by SCANNING THE QR CODE 1955 HOLDEN FJ OKAY, TAKE your…

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1967 - 1968 checklist ford falcon xr

BODY & CHASSIS GT Falcons aren’t any more resistant to rust than base models but more likely to have been saved. Lower panels, especially behind the rear wheelarches, can disappear completely, the sills, boot and cabin floors, turret and lower doors all rust badly. Some repair panels – including replacement floorpans – are locally available and internal sheet metal shared with the US Falcons can be imported. Full sets of body rubbers cost around $1900 and secondhand mudguards have sold for $500 each. Reproduction taillights are available and reconditioned bumpers are available as a change-over.. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION The 289 cubic-inch (4.7-litre) V8 served in a wide range of US-made Fords so anything needed to rebuild these engines is available. Incorrect parts, including entire engines, will ultimately reduce the value of a GT…