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Unique Cars Australia

Unique Cars Australia

Issue 435

Unique Cars is Australia's premier magazine and marketplace for special interest, classic, collectible and performance cars. A veritable showcase of Australia's finest vintage, classic, sports, modified and luxury cars. With classic, luxury and performance car reviews (new and used), specialist car and club events as well as over 1000 cars for sale in gloss colour. Unique Cars is both a window shopper and buyer's dream. Sit back, read and enjoy.

Bauer Media Pty Ltd
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13 Issues


3 min.
wipe out

IT’S ONE of life’s little mysteries that sometimes when it comes to old vehicles, it’s the allegedly simple things that trip you up. Over recent years, I’ve had reason to either tackle or find the right spanner-twirler to undertake weird and wonderful jobs. My old six-series Bimmer is a good example, It’s a relatively complex gadget for 1976 and electrics are often occupying the mind. Now if the early L-Jetronic fuel injection starts to play funny buggers, I know just the mechanic to go to – young Tony at B&M Fuel systems, who is about 30 minutes up the road from my house. He’s tackled them before and, despite the now outdated science behind the things, he knows how to successfully wrestle one into submission. Every now and then it throws up…

2 min.
holden axes commodore

THE HOLDEN Commodore is dead. After 42 years, Holden’s longest-serving badge, launched October 1978, is finished, with Holden axing further imports of the Opel-based ZB Commodore range. Once production of the locally made VF Commodore ceased in October 2017, the ZB Commodore was thrown into a highly competitive market with declining passenger sales as buyers flocked to SUVs and LCVs. Selling just 5417 units to the end of November the decision to axe it comes as no huge surprise, but it’s still a shock to see the nameplate go at the same time. Twenty years ago the same time period saw Commodore sales of 76,453 units, admittedly against far less competition. Ironically the original VB Commodore, also an Opel-based vehicle Australianised to replace the Kingswood, met initial buyer resistance. At the time fuel prices were spiralling…

1 min.
end of an era video series

SHANNONS CLUB has produced a compelling, four-part documentary web series entitled The End of an Era, charting the rise and fall of automotive manufacturing in Australia. Triggered by Ford, Holden and Toyota successively closing their production facilities across 2016 and 2017, the series brings together amazing period footage with several experts from a range of fields. Their input details what went right and what went wrong between 1900 and 2017. Naturally, the kitsch-factor is high, especially across parts two and three, which deal with the 60s-70s muscle car era and the 80s-90s big hair eras respectively. But it’s all given a sense of gravitas by the likes of Prof Graeme Davison, author Dr John Wright and former Holden stylist Leo Pruneau, among others. The content is well-paced, informative and entertaining. Of course, there’s…

1 min.
seen something? send to.

BIG BIRD BIMMER You kind of expect big BMWs to be in more muted colours such as black or silver, and not a canary yellow. Still, this 8-series brightened up our day. NICK TUROS - BICHENO, TAS MELLOW MAZDA The old Mazda was tidy at first glance and gave every indication it was still in daily use, complete with original numberplates. It looks like the rust might be getting to it, though. MANDY ANSTEAD - SHERWOOD, QLD PROJECT ESCORT It looks like some lucky Ford fan might be about to start up a new project. This four-door Escort XL would probably come up as a hot little unit with the right treatment. BARRY JONES - LOBETHAL, SA LOW RIDER The owner of this Chevy looked like he was having a whole lot more fun than the poor sods around him.…

1 min.
bullitt mustang on the block

THE MOST famous movie car in the world, the Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang 390GT driven by Steve McQueen in the Warner Bros classic movie Bullitt is about to go under the hammer at Mecums Kissimmee auction as we go to press. One of two used in the movie, this car featured in the majority of the scenes including the legendary 10-minute car chase through San Francisco that is considered to be the best in cinematic history. Following the film premiere it was sold to Warner Bros employee Robert Ross who used it as a daily driver and was then acquired by New Jersey Detective Frank Marranca in 1970 who kept it until 1974. The Bullitt Mustang was subsequently purchased by Robert Kiernan of New Jersey for US$6000 and bequeathed to Kiernan’s son…

1 min.
unique cars australia

EDITOR Guy Allen PRODUCTION EDITOR Angelo Loupetis STAFF JOURNALIST Alex Affat CONTRIBUTORS Mark Higgins, Mark Bean, Phil Walker, John Bowe, Cliff Chambers, David Morley, Glenn Torrens, Steve Nally, Jon Faine, Rob Blackbourn, Sean Tanner PHOTOGRAPHY SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Ellen Dewar STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Nathan Jacobs DIGITAL DIGITAL CONTENT MANAGER Mary Lee VIDEO PRODUCTION MANAGER Elle Tosolini MARKETING TEAM CORPORATE DESIGNER Caroline Garde MARKETING MANAGER Rachel Nixon CIRCULATION AND RESEARCH CIRCULATION MANAGER Stuart Jones ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES COMMERCIAL CONTENT DIRECTOR Matt Rice 02 9263 9706 mrice@bauer-media.com.au BRAND SALES MANAGER Joseph Lenthall 0401 553 112 joseph.lenthall@bauertrader.com.au AGENCY SALES MANAGER - NSW Max Kolomiiets 02 8275 6486 max.kolomiiets@bauertrader.com.au AGENCY SALES MANAGER - VIC Stephen Hughes 0419 790 218 stephen.hughes@bauerxcelmedia.com.au QLD Todd Anderson 0409 630 733 todd@motormedia.com.au SA Nick Lenthall 08 8212 6256 or 0439 485 835 nick.lenthall@bauertrader.com.au VIC Kim Simonsen 0421 234 831 ksimonsen@bauer-media.com.au EXECUTIVE GROUP GROUP GENERAL MANAGER Terry King GROUP FINANCE MANAGER Cain Murphy BRAND CONTENT DIRECTOR Simon Telford DIGITAL CONTENT DIRECTOR Glenn Butler COMMERCIAL CONTENT DIRECTOR Matt Rice…