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EXPERIENCE 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on TNT & TBS Every winter, more than 121,000 members of the actors' union vote to decide the year's outstanding film and TV performances. Find out their choices right when they do, during the 24th Annual SAG Awards on Sunday, January 21, and share their surprise when a secret few of their peers disclose their personal take on the show's signature, "I Am an Actor." The fast·paced live ceremony hosted by Kristen Bell at 8 P.M. ET on TNT/TBS is the sole entertainment· industry honors at which only actors take center stage. Tune in for the Awards, and stay for the warm elegance, the camaraderie, and the unexpected things-be they provocative, humorous, or heartfelt-that pop out of actors' mouths when they accept the Actor statuette.…

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hard to swallow

If you think your mind is going to explode, what with all the irrational madness of the moment, you’re not alone. A low-grade depression has set in across the land, and it’s not going to lift anytime soon. We have a madman in the White House playing nuclear chicken with a fellow lunatic across the Pacific, in Pyongyang. We have federal officials who are actively stripping away the very regulations— having to do with our environment, our public lands, health and education, and consumer protections (I could go on)—that they are charged with safeguarding. We have raging wildfires in Southern California and snow in the South. We have a 19th-century, coal-obsessed economic plan at home, while China and India look to the future with vast investments in big data and…

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power play

Thank you for a superbly researched and well-written article on the Department of Energy [“The 5th Risk,” by Michael Lewis, September]. I am sharing it far and wide. Nothing else I have read so succinctly positions the dangers we have incurred by allowing Trump to assume the presidency and install his mob of ideologically driven incompetents. Brimming with hubris and contempt, their thinking is anchored in ignorance and self-deceit. Please consider researching and writing a similar article on the devolution of the Department of Education—where the consequences also promise a long-term decline from which it will be difficult to recover. MARKUS ZIMMER Sandy, Utah Michael Lewis highlights the effects of the current administration’s inexperience, ineptitude, and differing philosophies. It is alarming that, as the article explains, even though civil servants are reportedly…

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more from the v. f. mailbag

“What possesses a man (not even considering the litany of revelations of sexual impropriety currently rocking Hollywood) to yank up his girlfriend’s dress to expose her great asset?” We’re guessing that David Lee, of Toronto, is referring to Bethany McLean’s December story, with the cover line “J-Rod! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez on Love, Beauty, and Redemption.” Wendy Pagan, of Sarasota, Florida, notes that “featuring a half-clad A-Rod in a jockstrap facing the fully clothed J.Lo would have been far more respectable.” Ms. Pagan is not alone in considering the merits of featuring A-Rod’s jockstrap. Reader Troy Gilpatrick asks, “How about this: Jennifer Lopez is sitting on the counter. Alex Rodriguez is wearing a shirt and leaning into her; she is lifting the hem of the shirt, revealing a jockstrap,…

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cailee spaeny

AGE: 19. PROVENANCE: Springfield, Missouri. CRESCENDO: “The first time I performed onstage was at church. Then I formed a rock cover band—Pink Floyd and Joan Jett. We’d play at birthday parties since it wasn’t exactly church material.” SLOW BURN: “There was a big sacrifice from the whole family for me,” admits Spaeny, one of nine siblings. “It feels like I came out of nowhere—but for the last four years Mom and I would get into the minivan for 25 hours, back and forth to L.A., for auditions.” UNION DUES: The miles paid off. In March, Spaeny appears in her first professional role, as Amara, the lead in blockbuster-franchise sequel Pacific Rim Uprising. “I didn’t know what a call sheet meant, I’d never been out of the country before, but there…

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my place

Remo Ruffini has been at the helm of Moncler since 2003 and is responsible for relaunching the brand into global popularity. With the label’s hallmark mountain-wear puffer jacket at its core, it’s apt that the chairman and C.E.O.—a keen sportsman— spends winters in his self-proclaimed second home, the Swiss Alpine resort of Saint-Moritz. TYPICAL DAY:“Skiing, hiking, biking.” FAVORITE HOTELS: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel (4), in Saint-Moritz, and Chesa Salis Historic Hotel, in Bever, Engadin. FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: On the slopes: El Paradiso (1), for the best cheese fondue. In Saint-Moritz: Chasellas restaurant and Chesa Veglia, for the best truffle pizza. FAVORITE LOCAL FOOD: Raclette; mushrooms. WHAT TO DRINK: A glass of red wine at Renaissance Bar at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. WHERE TO DANCE: Dracula Club. FAVORITE MUSEUM: Segantini Museum. FAVORITE STORES: Moncler Boutique; Joy Style Concept Saint-Moritz. WHAT TO WEAR: Moncler…