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EVENT The Wallis’ 2019/2020 Season Begins September 18 The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, launches its seventh season of programming this September. Featuring the most exciting artists and companies from around the globe as well as Los Angeles based performers, The Wallis will bring more than 200 thrilling performances of music, theater and cinema to its stages, as well as an entire season of dance that will spotlight Los Angeles-based companies, including Company-In-Residence BODYTRAFFIC. TheWallis.org SHOP Shaken or Stirred or However Every day feels grander in summer, especially with a beautiful cocktail in hand. With Grey Goose® vodka, celebrate the season and turn every moment—big or small—into a memory. Find more cocktail recipes to savor at greygoose.com SAN FRANCISCO. NOVEMBER 7–10, 2019.TICKETS ON SALE NOW WIRED 25 MOVE FAST…

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Despite the scorching summer sun, a grand fireplace roared in Hollywood as Kristen Stewart arrived, with her dog Cole, at the Los Altos apartments for her Vanity Fair cover shoot. It’s been nearly a decade since Stewart’s first V.F. cover, and photographer Alasdair McLellan captured the occasion. “It’s what I’ve always thought L.A. should look like, like the film Sunset Boulevard, and I could see Kristen hanging out there,” says McLellan. “The location has an exotic history—Bette Davis lived there, even Hearst’s mistress.” (The haunted house turned out to be fitting for other reasons—read the profile of Stewart on page 116 to find out if she believes in ghosts.) Nostalgia inspired the process, as McLellan photographed exclusively on film rather than digital. “There’s something exciting about the delay—you can be…

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1 Durga CHEW-BOSE “Playing It Cool,” p. 116 Chew-Bose has been a fan of Kristen Stewart, whom she profiled for this month’s cover story, since 2016 when Stewart starred in Certain Women. “Kristen’s quiet duet, the way she shares the screen—it cracks you open,” says Chew-Bose, the author of Too Much and Not the Mood. 2 Alasdair McLELLAN “Playing It Cool,” p. 116 The acclaimed British photographer makes his V.F. debut with his images of Kristen Stewart at Hollywood’s fabled Los Altos apartments. “L.A. has a great, weird, sinister edge to it,” says McLellan. “Apparently our suite was haunted. It was fun having Kristen’s dog on set, which relaxed things quite a lot.” 3 Baz LUHRMANN “The Pioneer,” p. 140 The director has been dear friends with Miuccia Prada since she collaborated on the suit that Leonardo DiCaprio…

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It’s hard to square how much I look forward to summer with how much I look forward to fall, but the September issue—arriving as it does in August, along with (if we East Coasters are lucky) that first hint of chill in the night air—embodies the paradox. We’re still in relax mode, but underneath the sunblock, we’re gearing up. My son starts kindergarten and he needs a new backpack. Here come the fall books, here come Fashion Week, U.N. week, the film festivals showing the movies we’ll be talking about through Oscar season. And so this issue spills over with artists at the top of their game. Kristen Stewart, that rare actor who shimmers effortlessly between blockbuster and indie film (this fall it’s Charlie’s Angels and a Jean Seberg biopic). Ta-Nehisi…

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“Has it really been that long since June of 1977?” G. Michael Stathis, Cedar City, Utah Star Wars Long ago and a galaxy far, far away, indeed. Has it really been that long since June of 1977? Vanity Fair’s Star Wars issue has become a much anticipated and welcome event. It is somehow right that cast and crew, and Annie Leibovitz, ended up in Wadi Rum where the light and colors are really out of this world. My only complaint is that my subscription issue did not have the Rey cover (a 50/50 chance). Well done to all involved! G. Michael Stathis, Ph.D. Cedar City, Utah Bill McGlashan As the mother of a high school senior going through the admissions process—taking the SATs and ACTs (for real), filling out financial-information and admission forms, going on…

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I’ve been playing a lot of Sims. That’s been my portal back into my own world.” Thomasin McKenzie, 19, stars in Jojo Rabbit and Netflix’s The King Opening Act Thomasin McKenzie speaks with V.F.’s Britt Hennemuth. You broke out in last year’s Leave No Trace, playing a teen who lives off the grid in the Oregon forest. Did it teach you anything about disconnecting? I was banned from using my phone for a couple weeks as preparation for the film, which was eye-opening. I’ve always had a conflict with Instagram—it’s an amazing platform to express yourself, but on the other hand, it’s a trigger for a lot of mental illnesses, constantly comparing yourself to people. I learned it doesn’t deserve all your time and energy. That Debra Granik film still has a rare 100 percent favorable…