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MICHAEL LEWISSpeaking of the trailblazing Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, Contributing Editor Michael Lewis says, “People watched their work obsessively because they knew this was a world-historic collaboration. But most interesting to me is that this was a love story. They had this glorious ability to understand each other, but in love stories we also have great misunderstandings.” Lewis explores the lives, work, and relationship of Tversky and Kahneman in “Bond of Brilliance,” an adaptation from Lewis’s new book, The Undoing Project, on page 132.WILLIAM FRIEDKINShortly before Father Gabriele Amorth (right), the world’s pre-eminent exorcist, died in September, he allowed Academy Award–winning director William Friedkin (The Exorcist, The French Connection) to visit him in Rome—to witness and film an exorcism. In “Battling the Devil,” on page 140, Friedkin…

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the deciders and the damned

(ANNIE LEIBOVITZ)At this point, I suspect that Donald Trump is deeply regretting his rash decision to run for the presidency. It’s difficult to know if he envisioned the kind of scrutiny that seeking office would bring down upon him and his family. The thing is, megalomaniacs tend to believe that whatever they say or think is fact, regardless of how at odds those notions are with reality. A man who surrounds himself with supplicants and family members—offering no opposition to his random thoughts and opinions—comes to believe that he is always right. This is the point when men—and it’s largely the preserve of men—wade into swamps of trouble.In drawing attention to himself, which is the basic point of his political career, Trump got more than he bargained for—but also as…

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jersey boy

BRUCE ALMIGHTY Bruce Springsteen, photographed in Clichy, France, during his River Tour.My October issue arrived, fittingly, on September 14, just hours before my husband and I would be going, yet again, to see the Boss— this time at Gillette Stadium for the last show of the River Tour. Thanks to David Kamp’s well-written article “The Book of Bruce,” I would have a little different perspective this time.I have been listening to Bruce since 1978, when my college-freshman roommate from Summit, New Jersey, opened my eyes (and my ears) to the wonders of E Street.Years later, my two children, now 25 and 23, would see the “heart-stopping” E Street Band multiple times—the kids’ faces on the big screens at Fenway the ultimate highlight.Yet now, tonight, after reading the article, I would…

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the photo that changed my life brooke shields

Lisanne Falk and Brooke Shields, 1978. (PHOTOGRAPH © BETSY CAMERON)“My friend Lisanne Falk and I—both 13 years old and Ford models at the time—were close friends with Betsy Cameron, another model, who happened to be an aspiring photographer and who was like a big sister to us.One day, Betsy asked us to visit her home in Southport, Connecticut, and take a series of fun photos for a possible book about friendship. We got to play dress-up in vintage costumes and crimp our hair and wear makeup, and we were thrilled to create fantasy worlds for Betsy to photograph. This particular picture was the last of the day. We wore red lipstick and felt so grown up.The book never came to pass, but this photo was chosen to run in the…

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alison sudol

AGE: 31. PROVENANCE: Seattle, Washington. ARTISTIC UPBRINGING: “My parents were acting teachers, but I was a bookworm who was passionate about music.” MAJOR SCALE: By 21, she had landed a record deal at EMI. “I felt brave when I sang and could put into lyrics what I couldn’t tell anybody else.” TRANSITION: Sudol decided to try acting after several years of touring under the name A Fine Frenzy. “I did a couple auditions, failed miserably, was about to give up, and booked Transparent.” ALL IN THE FAMILY: As Kaya, the edgy siren who wooed the Pfeffermans’ only son, Josh, Sudol felt “part of something special—it’s a story that needed to be told.” MUGGLE NO MORE: This month, Sudol stars in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where…

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haute news

RULE BREAKERSVetements, the subversive Paris-based label run by brothers Demna (also Balenciaga’s creative director) and Guram Gvasalia, has taken the fashion world by storm. With an ethos of not adhering to trends, their unique signature is to recut, reshape, and re-assemble different styles—and their latest assemblage is more disruptive than ever. The spring-summer 2017 collection features unprecedented collaborations with 17 heritage brands, from Brioni to Juicy Couture, and Manolo Blahnik to Dr. Martens. Fashionable forward thinking. ( ON . . .Let there be light! (1) The Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb synchs to your phone so you can change the color and brightness and turn the bulb on and off. It’s high-tech mood lighting, with an energy-efficient bonus. (, $39) (2) The Lumio multi-functional lamp looks like a hardcover book and…