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from 9/11 to 11/9

(ANNIE LEIBOVITZ)God, I love this country.ONLY IN AMERICA could a serial bankrupt pass himself off as a successful businessman. (And almost none of those he bankrupted were even regular businesses. They were casinos—where people essentially come to lose their money.)ONLY IN AMERICA could a man who offended Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, and African-Americans, as well as women, babies, and the handicapped, become the Republican nominee for president.ONLY IN AMERICA could a man for whom truth is an inconvenient concept feel comfortable referring to his opponent as “lying” and “crooked.”ONLY IN AMERICA , a nation built on a history of immigration, could a man who married two immigrants—one of whom is alleged to have worked illegally when she first arrived—run on an anti-immigration platform.ONLY IN AMERICA could a man with a legendary…

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(KAREN BALLARD)(BARRY BLITT)BARRY BLITTFor “Last Call, 2016,” on page 134, famed New Yorker and New York Times illustrator Barry Blitt created the likenesses of 36 of 2016’s most public personalities and assembled them at a grand get-together, where their interactions reveal their signature characteristics. Aside from the more dignified attendees, Blitt says, “Most of the participants are equally repugnant,” adding, “I naïvely hoped this might be the last time I’d have to draw Donald Trump.”PETER BERGFriday Night Lights director Peter Berg (left) illuminates what unites him and Mark Wahlberg, star of Berg’s new film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Patriots Day, in “A Shared Reality,” on page 156. “We pursue the themes of brotherhood built on the most extraordinary aspects of humanity and adversity,” says Berg. “We find stories…

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bad blood

UNTESTED Theranos founder and C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes in 2015. (JENNY HUESTON)I just read Nick Bilton’s “The Talented Ms. Holmes” [October], and I want to compliment him on a great piece. This article hit me as containing the most accurate depiction of Theranos’s culture. The company hired me in 2012 as a formulations chemist, and I was on board for about one year before I left. I worked with chief scientist Ian Gibbons and was quite troubled when he never returned to work. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you, Nick, for properly uncovering the disgusting culture of this company and its founder,Elizabeth Holmes. NIC BLAIRDenver, ColoradoI was absolutely spellbound by Nick Bilton’s article. I remember wistfully thinking how nice it would be to create a $9 billion enterprise…

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jude demorest

AGE: 24. HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan. A REVELATION: “I grew up in church, seven days a week. The service was very music-driven, so the pastor created a performing-arts school down the street. There was drama, dance, and choir rehearsal—it was my training.” WESTERN UNION: At 16, Demorest followed her passions to Los Angeles. After trying everything from backup dancing to singing, she signed with Epic Records under the iconic producer L. A. Reid. “I learned about the whole music industry from him.” CHART TOPPER: Demorest ended up co-writing the hit single “Work from Home,” which Reid acquired for Fifth Harmony. “I write whenever I’m not on set.” A NEW EMPIRE: This summer, writer, director, and executive producer Lee Daniels held a nationwide search for Fox’s girl-group series, Star (debuting next month).…

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the modern workplace 

The job world certainly has changed since the wild and woolly days of Mad Men and three-martini lunches. What would our grandparents make of nap pods and mental-health days? We would find these modern practices very hard to explain, according to this month’s survey. But we’d like to bring back features of yesteryear. More than 20 percent of us, for instance, pine for the days of the handshake deal. What would tempt someone to leave theirjob? More money, obviously, but younger folks are also looking for new opportunities, and the thirtysomething crowd—perhaps juggling a family and a house in the suburbs—craves more money and more flexibility. With corporate C.E.O.’s earning so much more than the rank and file, it’s natural to wonder how much “so much more” is the right…

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hot tracks

‘Because of this Hamilton fairy dust, I have so many doors open to me now,” says Tony Award–winning actor-rapper Daveed Diggs, whose dual roles as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson were standouts in that American musical theater phenomenon. Diggs, currently on the ABC series Black-ish, is also on tour with his rap group Clipping, and has plans to start work on a solo rap album. Here, he talks with Lisa Robinson about life after Hamilton.LISA ROBINSON: You left Hamilton this past summer. Are you sick of talking about the show?DAVEED DIGGS: It’s a good thing that I love the show and the people who built it, because I just as easily could have been in a hit that I didn’t love. But I like that people are starting to…