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FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @VANITYFAIR Behind the scenes of Jennifer Garner’s cover shoot by Patrick Demarchelier. ONLINE FEATURES THE DEED IS DUNNE While the People v. O.J. Simpson mini-series dramatizes the infamous case, delve into the archive of Dominick Dunne’s courtroom dispatches. With a seat at every day of the trial, the V.F. special correspondent was an inimitable chronicler of the crime. Plus: V.F. digital director Michael Hogan interviews Robert Morse, who plays Dunne on the series. SCENES FROM SXSW By JOANNA ROBINSON Hitch a ride with to Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest, a cultural crossroads of music, tech, and film, which kicks off with Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused “spiritual sequel,” Everybody Wants Some. ELECTION DAZE By T. A. FRANK In the race to the White House, stay up to speed on all…

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the good, the bad, and the short-fingered

An obsession with inexplicably large television ratings or poll numbers will almost certainly do you in over the long run. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has bellowed about the size of his every crowd and the ratings of his every television appearance. What he fails to see is that, when it comes to ratings, there are two types: quality ratings and spectacle ratings. Quality ratings are what make a show like Modern Family successful. The popularity of the series is built on a steady, incremental investment by the audience in the writing, the characters, and the plots. Spectacle ratings are like Kardashian sex videos or car crashes on YouTube. They are one-offs—well, maybe not in the case of the sex videos. People watch them, they forward them to their friends, and…

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ANNIE LEIBOVITZ “Usually blizzards mean shoots get postponed,” notes Senior Photography Producer Kathryn MacLeod of this month’s V.F. Portrait, by Contributing Photographer Annie Leibovitz, on page 184. “But in this case Annie had the idea several weeks before to shoot [U.S. special envoy for climate change] Todd Stern against an extreme-weather backdrop, and it just so happened that the Capitol was at the epicenter of Winter Storm Jonas.” Leibovitz also shot the “Talk of the Summit” portfolio, on page 126. TODD S. PURDUM As a St. Paul’s School alumnus and the father of a teenager, Contributing Editor Todd S. Purdum was in a unique position to reflect on the rape scandal that shook the Concord, New Hampshire, school last year (“Dangerous Privilege,” on page 202). “It was painful for me to see how…

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coming to america

With a certain blowhard fanning the flames, the debate over immigration has gotten testy. Unlike Europeans, who are now confronting a combustible immigration crisis, Americans cherish romantic notions of “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” That said, there’s also fear and suspicion. A plurality see illegal immigrants costing the country “more than they contribute.” Most agree that immigrants are coming mainly for jobs— not fleeing persecution or drawn in by Obamacare. As for what their “quintessentially American” first stop should be: the National Mall, in Washington, D.C. Times Square was a close second, though we can’t imagine why. Some—overwhelmingly Republican—want to require all Muslim immigrants to register as Muslim. (Too bad about the First Amendment!) Americans are also unaware that the French designer of the Statue of Liberty used a Muslim peasant…

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when the 50s met the 70s

In “Grease Lightning” [by Michael Callahan, February] you captured the inventive, creative, imaginative, courageous, painful, bizarre, and sometimes lunatic world of Allan Carr, whom I truly adored and who was a friend and business partner. I feel a strong connection to this story, having been the global president and C.O.O. of the Stigwood Group of Companies and Robert Stigwood’s partner. I am also the man who brought Allan and Robert together for Tommy and then for Grease, which was made during John Travolta’s hiatus from Welcome Back, Kotter and counted as the second of the three films the Stigwood Group had acquired John’s services for. I remember Allan proving to a large group of suits that he could turn the lovely Olivia Newton-John into a tart for the film and saw…

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zoey deutch

AGE: 21. PROVENANCE: Los Angeles. BACK TO THE FUTURE: Her parents, actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch, didn’t bring their work home. “I grew up on a pseudo-farm. We had family dinners and chores. I think I’ve seen one of their movies.” THE BUG: Always drawn toward acting and improv, she enrolled at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. “I got the opportunity to make people feel things, and I knew this was what I had to do.” CAMP RICK: After getting her start in teen films, she nabbed the role of Beverly, the opinionated prima donna, in Richard Linklater’s upcoming ode to the 80s, Everybody Wants Some!! “Richard is in love with his job. It was the kind of set people came to on their…