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WALTER ISAACSON Former Time managing editor Walter Isaacson has chronicled the lives of visionaries throughout history in his best-selling biographies of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci (out this month from Simon & Schuster). For “The Soul in the Machine,” on page 110, the epilogue to V.F.’s annual New Establishment, he analyzes today’s disrupters in a meditation on innovation through the ages. “It’s not about the technology,” he writes. “It’s about connecting people to the technology and using the technology to connect humans to other humans.” STEPHANIE MEHTA AND JON KELLY “Everyone on this list is in the business of competing for attention,” says Hive Editor Jon Kelly, who, with Deputy Editor Stephanie Mehta, assembled V.F.’s 2017 New Establishment, the 100-person register of disrupters across every industry, on page 87. What…

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the reckoning

As we tiptoe up to the one-year anniversary of the election that left more than half the country— and much of the rest of the world— reeling in astonishment and revulsion, it’s difficult not to recoil at the sight of our great leader strutting the world stage, alternately lecturing and hectoring his betters. Donald Trump’s brand of preening narcissism and incompetence is a constant reminder of just how far we’ve fallen. Not only is he the most childish man to have held the nation’s highest office, he may be the most childish man to have held public office in this country ever. You could replace “childish” with all sorts of adjectives—vindictive, erratic, vainglorious, temperamental, and untruthful quickly come to mind—and that declaration would still hold. To be fair, the Trump administration…

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men behaving badly

As a part-time resident of Great Exuma for more than 20 years, I can attest that this tiny jewel of an island in the Bahamas was the absolute wrong location for a music festival such as the Fyre Festival [“It Seemed Like a Good Idea,” by Bryan Burrough, August]. Despite its natural beauty and easy access from the States, Exuma is a longstruggling island with a fragile infrastructure. Many of its native citizens live in povertyriddled conditions. A community center and library, once promised by the nearby resort developers, never happened. To even think this area was capable of handling an invasion of drunk and entitled partyers, let alone all the construction and permits required for a festival, is absurd. What’s even more heartbreaking is the vulnerability of these islanders,…

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lucy boynton

AGE: 23. PROVENANCE: Bi-continental. SCREEN GAB: Daughter of British journalist Graham Boynton, she moved to London from New York when she was five. “I consider myself British through and through, but owe Sabrina the Teenage Witch for when I need my American accent.” BUNNY HOP: At 10, she enrolled in drama class. “I was incredibly lucky. A casting director came to my school to audition girls for Miss Potter, and in that process I realized that I loved, craved, and needed acting.” She got the part. “It was a magical introduction to this world.” CATCH HER: With a dozen films complete, Boynton recently starred as Claire Douglas, J. D. Salinger’s second wife, in IFC’s biopic Rebel in the Rye. “I was familiar with Salinger’s work, but not his reclusive nature.…

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my desk

As the president of Planned Parenthood and a passionate promoter of women’s rights, Cecile Richards is one of the most influential women in America. Under her leadership, the organization has more than tripled its number of active supporters, with an inspirational total of more than 10 million. Now, with its future threatened by the Trump administration, Richards has launched a nationwide campaign to rally support for the indispensable care its centers provide. Herewith, a look inside her office in Planned Parenthood’s New York headquarters. FOR DETAILS, GO TO VF.COM/CREDITS…

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haute news

Back to Your Roots Anita Dongre’s Grassroot was born from her desire to revive the traditional textile craftsmanship of her native India. Working with artisans in rural villages to produce the handwoven fabrics for her designs, Dongre is passionate about creating clothes that preserve these age-old skills and enable better livelihoods for their creators, while staying mindful of the planet. With a new flagship store in New York, the future of Grassroot looks bright. “The question,” Dongre muses, “is whether fashion that isn’t respectful of its people and the planet has any future.” Responsible, sustainable, and irresistible style—that’s here to stay. ( HOME GROWN Makr’s Wood Factory stool checks all the boxes. Made of locally sourced white oak and meticulously crafted to reduce waste, it’s exemplary of the design studio’s socially responsible products,…