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behind the issue

It’s fitting for a star of Michael B. Jordan’s wattage that even a photo shoot has a cinematic arc. For the images that accompany our profile of Jordan, which begins on page 100, the Vanity Fair team and photographer Cass Bird headed out to the eastern tip of Long Island, to a part of the Hamptons known as the Springs, where Jackson Pollock, Nora Ephron, and other creative lions have lived and worked. That list also includes Cass, who retreats to the Springs with her own family, so she knew exactly what spots to hit for some magical late-summer light. First stop was a local public school, which was gearing up for the fall semester. Michael held court on the court with some neighborhood kids, who got him to pose…

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Joe Hagan “The Technicolor Dreams of Michael B. Jordan” p. 100 “This was my first major Hollywood profile; I ordinarily write about politicians and media figures,” says Hagan, the author of the Jann Wenner biography, Sticky Fingers. “I was enthralled by Jordan’s personal history—how his success as an actor speaks so powerfully to our cultural moment, in ways no politician can.” Michelle Ruiz “Skin in the Game” p. 116 The highlight of Ruiz’s reporting “was being on the dance floor at the N.F.L. cheerleaders’ reunion in Nashville this past July, doing the ‘Cupid Shuffe,’ ” she says. “Everyone was wearing sparkles and four-inch heels, and no one was out of step.” Ruiz is a contributing editor at Jon Meacham “The Once and Future King” p. 74 “I first met Obama 14 years ago,” says Meacham, the presidential biographer and author…

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from the creator of mad men

THE ROMANOFFS The highly anticipated contemporary series, The Romanoffs, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video Friday, October 12 with new episodes released weekly, on Fridays. The Romanoffs is created, written and directed by nine-time Emmy award winner Matthew Weiner (Mad Men) and reunites 14 of Mad Men’s creative team. Featuring eight unique stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family, each episode takes place in a new location with a new star-studded cast. Set in seven countries around the globe, The Romanoffs was shot on location on three continents.…

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1. THE VIOLET HOUR OCT 12 Set in Paris, an ancestral home holds the key to a family’s future. STARRING: Aaron Eckhart, Marthe Keller, Inès Melab, and Louise Bourgoin. LOCATION: Paris 2. THE ROYAL WE OCT 12 With their marriage in a rut, a couple finds their own temptations. STARRING: Corey Stoll, Kerry Bishé, Janet Montgomery, and Noah Wyle. LOCATION: Ohio 3. HOUSE OF SPECIAL PURPOSE OCT 19 A movie star and a director go head to head in a battle over what is real. STARRING: Christina Hendricks, Isabelle Huppert, Jack Huston, Mike Doyle, and Paul Reiser. LOCATION: Austria 4. EXPECTATION OCT 26 Over a single day in New York City a woman is confronted with every lie she ever told. STARRING: Amanda Peet, John Slattery, Emily Rudd, Jon Tenney, Mary Kay Place, and Michael O’Neill. LOCATION: New York City 5. BRIGHT AND HIGH CIRCLE NOV…

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editor’s letter

Since the last time this magazine published its annual New Establishment list, the Establishment has taken a number of well-deserved knocks. Down the titans fell—a bunch of them, anyway—from Hollywood to Palo Alto to Washington, and so the New Establishment of 2018 is newer than ever. “Disruption” has been the irritating buzzword of our era since the tech boom began, but it’s arguably in the past 12 months that this ethos started to democratize itself and become a true cultural force, one that delivered returns. Once upon a time, the disruptors tended to be the people in charge; now they can also be the women who fight harassment, or underserved audiences who turn out to see Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, or political candidates who answer to their constituents over…

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“In your honesty, I have found something that helps me.” —Jessica King Role Model Kudos to Amanda Fortini for a wonderfully written, non-stereotypical profile [“The Change Agent,” September]. And to Michelle Williams—from another perfectionist Virgo, who is still searching for radical acceptance in this world—thank you. Your words, which were captured so beautifully in this article, are an inspiration to never stop seeking what we want, desire, and deserve. Know that, while your roles on film may help us escape, your role as a woman of strength and conviction helps us believe in a better future and in the freedom that comes with equality. Carly Gillum, Chicago, Illinois Never once have I teared up over an interview with an actor until now. Thank you, Michelle Williams, for sharing. As a woman, mother, wife, and…