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‘national lampoon’’s presidential vacation

Given the world’s problems, from income inequality to terrorism to climate change, our timing in bringing a man like Donald Trump into the White House really couldn’t be worse. The man is clearly unfit for any kind of public office, let alone the highest office in the land. The majority of the electorate knew this when they went to the voting booths. His response to the events in Charlottesville during his horribly eventful, 17-day vacation sparked a run on his remaining popularity. The members of his vaunted business panels left him. The members of his arts panel left him. The Republican leadership blanches at the mention of his name. His popularity in the swing states he won is on a downward spiral. Even charities that had booked space for their…

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THE HISTORIANS ON TRUMP//P.158 A. SCOTT BERG A. Scott Berg, whose biographies have won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, commemorates President James Monroe and his Era of Good Feelings, a foil to today’s dismal political climate. “Presidents set the psychological tone of the nation, and in less than a year the woefully ill-prepared Trump has created a constant din of anger, bluster, and lies,” says Berg, whose “Profile in Discouragement” is on page 168. ROBERT DALLEK Best-selling biographer Robert Dallek’s newest work, Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life, comes out in November. In “Powers of Separation,” on page 163, Dallek compares the temperament and experience of our 45th president to those of our 32nd. Says Dallek, “The job is difficult enough for even the most skilled politician, let alone someone as…

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the coaster correspondence

EDWIN COASTER 8/21/ 17 Dear Graydon: Back up in Maine, dock side in shorts with a welcome dram of Blanton’s and a pedicurist doing her bit as I type. My buddy Gov LePage has no fondness for immigrants, but cheers to him for ma king an exception for the slim, obeisant little people from whatever hu mid country that mani-pedi ladies come from. Looks like my stint as off-the-books speechwriter for DJT is kaput. Truth is, he hasn’t needed me much, what with Twitter and all. Like a lot of writing gigs, the job of presidential wordsmith has been “disrupted” (a word I loathe, except in contract bridge) by screens a nd apps. Bill Safire would be turning in his grave if he was dead, which, by the way, he isn’t: Wilbur Ross just…

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grace van patten

OCTOBERAll Is VANITIES2017...Nothing Is Fair THIS MONTH Scarlet, crimson, and cherry reds What’s haute: beetles, basketball, and beauty Danielle Steel’s larger-than-life desk AGE: 20. PROVENANCE: New York, New York. FAMILY BUSINESS: She is the niece of actor Dick Van Patten—show business runs in her blood. “Everyone in our family made cameos on Eight Is Enough. I love to go back and watch.” MOB DOLL: Thanks to her father, director Tim Van Patten, she was raised on the set of The Sopranos. “I got my first job at eight years old playing Pontecorvo’s daughter. I remember watching Jimmy Gandolfini transform from a gentle giant into a beast—he made me interested in acting.” FAME: “I was accepted to LaGuardia high school of performing arts. It was four hours of acting every day of the week.” FESTIVAL DARLING:…

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haute news

American in Paris West 53rd Street meets the Bois de Boulogne: beginning October 11, treasures from New York’s Museum of Modern Art will fill Paris’s Fondation Louis Vuitton, in the landmark exhibition “Être Moderne: Le MoMA à Paris.” The 200 pieces on view will include masterworks by artists such as Edward Hopper, Paul Cézanne, and Jackson Pollock. According to the museum’s curator Quentin Bajac, “The exhibition exemplifies how MoMA has shaped the public’s definition of modern art and continues to challenge our interpretation of it.” (fondation SLAM DUNK Celebrate 35 years of Nike’s Air Force 1 with its new “N.B.A.” sneaker. Launching ahead of the pro basketball season next month, the shoe comes in eight colorways tailored to the league’s star teams. Baller. ( THROWBACK The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is back. The gaming…

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my desk

Danielle SteelÕs wildly popular novels have made her a household name, and as the founder of the Nick Traina Foundation—so called after her late son—the mother of nine is also an ardent advocate for mental-health awareness. Ahead of her new book, Fairy tale, being published next month, take a look at where Steel’s best-sellers are brought to life, at her desk in San Francisco. My beloved, partially handmade 1946 Olympia standard typewriter I’ve written 163 books on this typewriter, and it’s still going strong. This tall stack of papers is all pending projects. I love these mementos that my children have given me for good luck. They touch my heart but do not help my creative process. The desktop is so crowded that, when I’m writing, I have to take them off the desk…