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Vantage Issue 27

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A quarterly magazine for buyers and enthusiasts of Aston Martin cars. Vantage celebrates 100 years of one of the coolest car brands on the planet from the early gentlmens racers through to the all-new Vanquish. If you've a passion for Aston Martin's you'll love Vantage magazine.

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2 min.
the magic of zagato

THERE’S AN ITALIAN flavour to this issue of Vantage, and with good reason, for if there’s a centenary worth celebrating it’s that of Zagato. The early works of the famous carrozzeria comfortably pre-date its first collaboration with Aston Martin, but in the six decades that have passed since these two names first became intertwined there’s no question the results have held us in their thrall. This ever-evolving creative partnership has been one of the great constants through good times and bad. Sometimes controversial, often intriguing and always exciting, when an Aston Martin is bestowed with the barbed Z, it creates a degree of expectation and commands a level of attention and scrutiny far in excess of Aston’s regular models. These are cars born to live their lives in the spotlight. None…

7 min.
aston’s pair of zagato aces

WHILE ALL EYES have been understandably turned towards Aston Martin Works’ meticulous continuation build of the DB4 GT Zagato (see page 11), it has been easy to overlook the second and arguably more intriguing half of the £6m (plus taxes) DBZ Centenary Collection – the DBS GT Zagato. After the early concept sketches, we’ve now been treated to a set of detailed renderings and even a scale model of the car, which show the latest collaboration between Aston Martin and Zagato in what is described as the ‘final production intent exterior’. As you can see, there’s certainly plenty to take in. Given that its basis is the DBS Superleggera, you’d expect a certain degree of visual similarity, but whichever angle you view it from, the DBS GT Zagato is very much its…

6 min.
rain dance

IT WASN’T ACTUALLY RAINING when we drove the 1935 Aston Martin Ulster. It had been, and it was soon after, though. In fact rain hardly describes it; sousing out of the sky, turning Silverstone’s Stowe circuit into a shimmering mirror, it was the kind of rain you note down in your diary. Yet Ten Tenths, the historic preparation specialists owned by Nick Mason, Pink Floyd’s head of syncopation, has a track record of grim determination in these circumstances. The other day I was leafing through a mid-80s Willie Green track test of Ten Tenths’ Bugatti Type 35 where Green thanks them for risking such a valuable car in such soaking conditions… Actually, Chloe Mason’s car (for it is hers rather than her father’s) has disgraced itself on starting, fracturing an oil-line and…

2 min.
aston’s v twins

IT WOULD SEEM mid-engined Aston Martin hypercars are like buses; you wait ages for one to arrive, then two turn up at once. Though all is not quite what it seems in the images you see here (or in the YouTube video), the sight of both Valkyrie and Valhalla together on track for the first time is undeniably rather wonderful. First let’s deal with Valkyrie. This is the long-awaited first running prototype, which was shown at this year’s Geneva motor show and made its dynamic debut by running a few laps ahead of July’s British Grand Prix. No-one at Aston (or indeed Red Bull Advanced Technologies) will pretend it has been anything but a monumental effort to get this far, but now that the development car is running, the programme engineers…

1 min.
in brief

GAYDON HOSTS GT8 CLUB A spectacular convoy of 23 Vantage GT8s descended on Aston Martin’s Gaydon HQ in July. It was the second annual gathering organised by the GT8 Club, which was set up to cater for owners of the most hardcore of the VH-era V8 Vantages. The visit, coordinated by Aston Martin Works, took in a factory tour and a chance to view the Valkyrie prototype (left). To find out more about the club, email info@gt8club.com PETROLHEADS WELCOME AMOC area rep Andrew Fawkes (second from right) is one of the driving forces behind a new web portal, Petrolheads Welcome, which aims to steer keen drivers and car clubs towards venues – hotels, pubs, museums – that provide a warm welcome to cars and their occupants. A perfect resource for individuals or clubs…

5 min.
a le mans to lament

IT WAS A RACE that promised so much yet turned out to be a weekend to forget. For Aston Martin Racing the unique opportunity to return to Le Mans for the second time in the same season with the still relatively new turbocharged Vantage GTE was a shot at redemption. Due to the vagaries of the World Endurance Championship’s new ‘Super Season’ format, in which a year’s worth of endurance racing straddles two calendar years, the 2018/19 season saw two visits to La Sarthe, the 2018 race serving as the season opener and this year’s race being the season finale. In fact 2018 was the acid-green Aston’s debut in the legendary French endurance race and it was something of a debacle, thanks largely to an imbalance in the Balance of Performance (commonly…