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Velonews January/February 2019

Velonews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography.

United States
Pocket Outdoor Media, LLC
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9 Issues


2 min.
always the authority

At VeloNews, we’ve helped you pursue your passion for cycling for the last 47 years, with reporting and photography that take you deep inside the professional peloton. For 2019, we’re blending our rich past with a contemporary and captivating new design. The in-depth storytelling and photography remain, and we’ve introduced elements in the information-rich opening pages that blend cycling history with the newest buzz around the sport. For example, we bring you the backstory of an incredible photograph of Davis Phinney riding an elephant at the Coors Classic. We tell you the origin story of one of our favorite Belgian cobbled races. We also debate a pressing topic in today’s peloton: Who benefits most when pro road racers compete in gravel and fixed-gear races? Also up front, our resident coach, Trevor Connor,…

1 min.
depth of field

Enter sandman European champion Mathieu van der Poel (Corendon-Circus) dominated the Koksijde World Cup in November, as he has nearly every cyclocross race he’s started this season. Nikon D5; 300mm lens; 1/500 sec. at f/3.2; ISO 1250 0 Number of’cross wins in 2018 for Wout van Aert, the Dutchman’s main rival 94 to 49 In a head-to-head comparison of all-time results, van der Poel has beaten van Aert 94 times, while the Belgian has come out on top 49 times 87 Percentage of’cross races van der Poel has won this season (13 out of 15), as of the Koksijde World Cup…

4 min.
lizzie deignan

What will it take to get back to the top in 2019? A hell of a lot of hard work—physical work. Mentally, I feel like I’m in a much better place to enjoy the success. Perspective and age have made me realize that I didn’t enjoy the success that I had enough, so I have this feeling that I have a second shot at it. You’ve joined the new Trek women’s team after five years with Boels-Dolmans. What motivated the change? It wasn’t a decision that I took lightly; I was leaving the best team in the world. But, saying that, I was leaving the best team in the world that had a lot of leaders as well. I think it’s good for women’s cycling, and good for the sport, that the leaders…

3 min.
boost your winter training

Cyclists have long sought ways to boost their performance through nutritional supplements and creative training strategies. Some have gone as far as using synthetic drugs and blood doping to gain an advantage. One training strategy is giving some cyclists EPO-like effects and in turn, increasing their VO2 max. The boost is coming from a product called EPOBOOST ® - an all natural supplement developed by U.S. based Biomedical Research Laboratories. EPO is industry shorthand for erythropoietin, a hormone produced by the kidneys that regulates red blood cell (RBC) production. Increasing red blood cell production has long been the focus of competitive athletes due to the impact that RBC levels have on oxygen intake and utilization. The greater the red blood cell production, the greater the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which in…

2 min.
omloop het nieuwsblad

As the professional road calendar has swelled, many racers start their seasons in January, typically in the southern hemisphere. Yet, those races don’t mean that much. They are ridden mostly to build form for that all-important block of racing in the sport’s heartland: the spring classics. Since 1945, that season has opened with Omloop Het Nieuws-blad in late February. The Belgian race began life as Omloop van Vlaanderen. It was the first big race to be held in Belgium since 1939. Flemish newspaper Het Volk and its journalist Jerome Stevens spearheaded the first race, in order to compete with its rival newspaper, confusingly named Het Nieuwsblad at the time. That newspaper hosted the mighty Tour of Flanders—in Flemish, De Ronde van Vlaanderen. Het Volk, a left-leaning publication based in Gent, wanted…

2 min.
off the front talking points

Who stands to gain most from this pro push into nontraditional racing? CHRIS CASE Managing Editor For a team sponsor, the benefits seem obvious: get your brand’s name in front of a larger, more diverse audience. Bolstering a typical WorldTour season with several nontraditional events will bring a refreshing amount of variety to a team’s schedule and yield more eyeballs to sponsors in need of further justification for their investment. The fans who witness some of the world’s best cyclists at these grassroots races, or those lucky enough to toe the line with their heroes, may be subliminally convinced that a team so cool must be worth supporting. Support a team, support its sponsors, right? Then there are the teams, who rely heavily on the happiness of sponsors for their very existence. So, if I’m…