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Velonews Travel Guide 2016

Velonews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography.

United States
Pocket Outdoor Media, LLC
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9 Issues


1 min.
off the front

LITTLE MOAB A group weaves its way through the barren landscape of Timna Park, in Israel’s Arava Desert, not far from the shores of the Red Sea. “We sometimes call the singletrack that was built there—a 24-kilometer loop, out of which 16 is pure flowing singletrack—‘Little Moab,’” says Israeli mountain biking legend Nimi Cohen. PHOTO BY ALON RON EMERALD DREAMS A lone cyclist navigates County Donegal’s majestic Coast Road. Part of the Wild Atlantic Way (Irish: Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin), the route runs 1,500 miles down the west coast of Ireland, passing through nine counties and three provinces, stretching from County Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula to Kinsale, County Cork, on the Celtic Sea coast. PHOTO BY CHRIS CASE…

2 min.
cycling is a trip

PERHAPS THE ONLY WAY to get to know a place better than by bike is on foot. But, with all due respect to the world’s hikers, screw that. How much can you really cover when you’re walking? The bike is the perfect compromise between quality and quantity—intimate enough that you get to enjoy the scenery and feel every rise and dip of the landscape, but effi cient enough that you get to experience a whole lot of it. There are as many ways to travel by or with a bicycle as there are places to travel to. If you want to take your race bike to the Alps and see the times you can put up on iconic climbs like the Galibier or l’Alpe d’Huez, you can do that. If you’d…

2 min.
traveling companion

THERE’S NO REASON TO LEAVE a travel bike at home, especially since their suitcase-sized carriers let you skip the $250 airline bike fees and can easily fit into any cab. Business trip? Slip out for a ride when colleagues are lacing up running shoes or flipping through hotel television. For frequent flyers, particularly those on the road for work, a travel bike is sanity in a box. A set of interlocking teeth and a threaded collar connect the front and back half of this custombuilt titanium frame from Mosaic. But it doesn’t ride like something with a split frame. Bikes that use S&S couplers—the polished clasps visible on the top tube, down tube, and seat post—ride as well as their one-piece metal siblings. The only penalty is a bit of extra…

2 min.
heat-seeking travel

LOST IS SO LAST CENTURY. Modern GPS-enabled cycling computers and mapping software mean there’s no reason to blunder around a foreign land, missing the best rides, stuck on some highway and unable to find your hotel. Strava has a suite of tools perfect for the travelling rider, making the service far more than just a way to race against the Internet. Leaning on its deep database of millions of user-generated routes, Strava now allows travelers to see which roads are popular in a given area, select good mid-ride stops, and export a custom route to a GPS device of their choice. All that’s left is to follow the directions and enjoy the ride. GLOBAL HEATMAP The source of Strava’s power is the Global Heatmap, which overlays a gradient of color to roads and trails…

2 min.
travel smarter

IF YOU WANT TO SKIP AIRLINE FEES BikeFlights negotiates better shipping rates with FedEx than you would be able to get yourself, coordinates pickup and drop-off, and helps you track your bike. Size, weight, distance, and faster shipping options all affect price, of course, but you can usually get a road bike delivered to your destination within a week for $40. IF YOU CAN’T SKIP AIRLINE FEES JetBlue offers the best domestic rates for checking bikes, at $50 each way. Southwest isn’t bad either, charging $75 per flight. If you have to fly with a major carrier like United or Delta, the conversation starts at $150 each way. Travel pros have ways to deceive the gatekeepers at check-in, but your fib needs to be better than just calling it “sports equipment.” Trek Factory…

4 min.
sitting in with joão correia

JOÃO CORREIA’S FOURTH CAREER—as proprietor of bike touring company InGamba—fits with his peripatetic life. A former junior national champion in his native Portugal, Correia was working as a publishing executive in New York City when, in 2006, he decided to give racing another go—largely to lose weight—and eventually worked his way onto the Cervélo Test Team as a full-time pro. He retired in 2010 and transformed himself into a rider agent. But the itch to continue riding bikes around the world—minus the pressures that come with pro contracts—led him to found InGamba, a European bike travel company that attempts to give clients the pro experience, with a staff of World-Tour mechanics and soigneurs, and a fleet of Pinarello Dogmas that gets replaced every year. YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, BUT YOU’RE RUNNING INGAMBA…