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February 2020

VETTE covers the complete spectrum from classic to late-model Corvette performance, restoration, how-to articles, feature cars, news, events and more.

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my two best days with a corvette

All of us have lifetime markers … we remember or note something of importance in our life when an event occurs. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that the birth of my daughter Shannon and the marriage to my wife, Kimi, are the two best days … drop the mic! But there are other noteworthy days. My two best days with Corvettes don’t even include the days that I got my 1957, 1962 or my current 1968 (up and running) and 1971 (still in rebuild mode). Nope, the best days involved racetracks, drivers far more competent than myself and new Corvettes. On Tuesday and Wednesday, November 30 and December 1, 1982, at Riverside Raceway in SoCal I was able to spend time with the 1983 Corvette. Only 43…

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vette magazine

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product preview

Terminator X Expansion Holley is pleased to announce the expansion of Holley EFI’s plug-and-play Terminator X and Terminator X Max electronic fuel-injections systems, which give you self-learning fuel strategies and complete control of your LS engine. Compatible with a wide range of LS engines, Terminator X and Terminator X Max systems come packed with base maps for common engine combinations to get you on the road or the racetrack in no time. They feature real-time fuel learning, an integrated 1-bar MAP sensor, high-impedance injector drivers, and four fully programmable inputs and outputs. Holley Performance Products (866) 464-6553 www.holley.com Electric Exterior Handles Lokar introduces new exterior door handles. Lokar’s new billet exterior door handles feature 12-volt weatherproof touchpads for smooth and seamless operation. With the unique teardrop design, these new door handles virtually hide the factory…

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just for fun: ’68½ chevys

“Never having left the groove, Chevy is displaying a penchant for developing performance and performance potential. The 68½ rendition of the plot seems to bear this out.” On a rainy, late January day in 1968, Hot Rod’s feature editor Steve Kelly and photo editor Eric Rickman were at GM’s Mesa, Arizona, proving grounds to sample some “good news out of Detroit for Chevy lovers.” Several cars scheduled to debut mid-year were there to drive, including a big-block Nova, Z/28 Camaro, and a Corvette coupe. Writing in the May 1968 issue, Kelly said he’d “been in a few” of the all-new 1968 Corvettes since their introduction, “but this was our first time in a coupe. There’d been some hang-ups at the start of production, and coupes had been backordered a good many days.”…

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technically speaking

Q Hello. I’ve had an ongoing problem with my 2008 Corvette for over a year. I have reoccurring fault codes of P0171 and P0174, fuel trim lean on bank one and two. I have had the car to four shops and replaced several parts, including oxygen sensors, air filter and an intake gasket, but no one can seem to find and fix the problem. Is there any test I can perform or give some ideas to the mechanic that I really like to use? Thanks,Kristopher A Kristopher, as you know, lean oxygen sensor and fuel trim codes can be some of the hardest fault codes to diagnose. We will review some of the tricks and diagnostic techniques to help locate the underlying problem with your lean condition. So, basically, when you get a lean oxygen…

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form and function

If you show up to almost any corner-carving competition these days, like an autocross event or Optima Ultimate Street Car event, the most competitive cars are typically late-model C5 and C6 Corvettes. Why? They are relatively cheap, light and come equipped with easy-to-modify LS engines straight from the factory. Their performance-per-dollar ratio is pretty much unbeatable. On the other end of the spectrum there are the guys that bring out their cool restomod classics. They’ve got the style but rarely put up a fight compared to the late-models. It’s when someone tries to combine the best of both that we here at Vette start really paying attention. Enter Bob Gawlik and our friends over at Detroit Speed Engineering. Gawlik is a Corvette enthusiast and all-around gearhead who loves to spend his…