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Victoria September 2016

In a frantic and hurried world, Victoria offers a respite from the chaos of everyday life. The pages are dedicated to living beautifully when entertaining, cooking, and decorating and even in artistic pursuits - and now you can enjoy every single page on your tablet! With a distinct personality all its own, Victoria personifies feminity, passion, and an enterprising spirit. Each issue features decorating and entertaining ideas, recipes, travel stories, essays from inspiring women, and much more.

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dear friends

To the thousands of readers who responded to our recent reader survey, we send our thanks for your participation. We strive to provide magazine content that inspires you to dream, and knowing the direction of your aspirations and preferences helps us plan future issues. If you have been dreaming of a trip to Great Britain, this issue promises to be a treasure trove. We travel to Portobello Road, London’s famous street-shopping district, for a look at The Cloth Shop—a delightful store packed with fabrics and more—and then visit the popular ribbon-filled shop V V Rouleaux, on Marylebone Lane. You’ll find stories of homes (castles, actually) that played significant roles in British history. We take you to Sudeley Castle, once a royal residence for King Henry VIII, and to Chatsworth, home of…

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Take a closer look at some of our favorite September features: Stroke of Genius In her studio in Oxford, England, paint and color expert Annie Sloan puts at-home style within homeowners’ reach. A Magical Moment in the Cotswolds Lady Ashcombe, chatelaine of Sudeley Castle, shares the estate’s intriguing past. Visitors may also view the restored gardens on the property, where English queens have strolled. The Essence of Blue and White Each piece of Blue Calico china, created through an artisanal process of print transfer, holds timeless appeal in an age when most dishes are mass-produced. Unearthing the Allure of Wales The history and mystique of Wales must be experienced to truly understand all the country has to offer. ON THE WEB Look for this symbol throughout the magazine for more online information. Be sure to find us on the following channels! @victoriamagazine @victoriamagazine @vicmagazine @VictoriaMag For…

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enchanted with england

What is it about England that still calls to me across the ocean, some thirty-eight years since I left her shores for good? “We left England from Sheerness Docks” was the solitary line written in the pink paper–covered notebook given as a parting gift by my primary school teacher. Perhaps after that notation, all else was too overwhelming to be put down as words on paper by a small, 6-year-old girl traveling on a banana boat across an ocean. England was gone but not forgotten, even to this day. Then the Caribbean lay ahead—my heritage but not my birthplace. Even now it feels like that sometimes. As the sun and heat of this paradise leave me nauseous and sweating, I long for rain and cooler climates. My body instinctively feels as if…

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ode to pasta

“Years of cooking in Tuscany have made me a fan of this intrinsic Tuscan instinct for spontaneity.” Veloce! Fast! Pasta’s cardinal virtue. A tasty dinner can be prepared in the time it takes to boil water, toss in the salt, and cook the pasta to the perfect point—al dente. Take the Roman favorite cacio & pepe. Toss Pecorino Romano cheese with some pasta water and lots of fresh pepper. To the table! This classic is definitely more than the sum of its simple parts. I’ve seen Tuscan road workers order bowls of plain spaghetti, which they toss at the table with olive oil and Parmigiano. Soul food to generations of Tuscans is a quickly sautéed pan of chopped tomatoes with herbs, lots of herbs. Or when tomatoes reach their summer peak,…

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charmed by a british accent

“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage”. —CATHERINE DOUZEL“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all thee other seasons”. —JIM BISHOP…

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an outing in the cotswolds

LOWER SLAUGHTER Opposite: The River Eye flows through Lower Slaughter, where classic Cotswold homes, adorned with gables and mullioned windows, give the town its quintessential English appearance. Visitors to the iconic Old Mill will find a museum and gift shop, along with an ice cream parlor and the Riverside Cafe and Tea Room. This page: Though the St. Mary’s Church building was reconstructed in 1867, the Anglican parish itself dates to the thirteenth century. STOW-ON-THE-WOLD This page, clockwise from above left: Once famous for its annual fairs when the area’s wool industry was in its prime, Stow-on-the-Wold features the old Market Square and an array of adjacent stores. Family-owned Lambournes is a traditional butcher shop, while The Porch House operates as both a restaurant and an inn. An eclectic range of wares—furniture, accessories,…