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The style and lifestyle magazine for men in their thirties interested in Fashion. The magazine for men like nowhere else

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BENJAMIN BRUNO — A faithful collaborator on Vogue Hommes, Benjamin Bruno is one of most talented stylists of his generation. Trained up from a young age in the school of Vogue Paris, he is today a serial contributor to the US and Italian editions of the fashion bible, as well as to Self–Service and Arena Hommes+. While serving as the creative other half of designer Jonathan Anderson for his eponymous brand and for Loewe, Benjamin also shares his unique brand of inspiration and passion with Tony Burch (whom he “adores”). At present, he lives in London and his key selling point is that the only thing to match his virtuosity is his sheer niceness. He styled the cover for this latest issue as well as the “Beyond Beauty” series, in cahoots…

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“Life is not a problem to solve, but a mystery to be lived.” Olivier Lalanne — Who has never felt things getting out of control? Or felt a vital need, at some point or other, to undo their collar because they’re suffocating? Who has never been alone with themselves, haunted by questions big and small about the meaning of life, the blurry outline of their destiny, the elasticity of the notions of free will, truth and self–awareness? The answer is everyone, of course, and today, perhaps, more than ever. Our hearts are occasionally buffeted by emotional headwinds as we are torn between the desire to live life to the full and “FoMO”, fear of missing out, to exist in the singular but also in the eyes of the plurality, to achieve success…

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the great escape

— In March 1968, writer and film–maker Pier Paolo Pasolini published his novel Teorema. Hardly had it gone on sale in bookshops than he set out to film his screenplay of it. The protagonist is a charismatic, sexually charged young stranger who sleeps with every member of a middle–class Milan family, one after the other. The part was taken by the British actor Terence Stamp, who was already a young star at the time and who had long fantasised about Silvana Mangano after a chance encounter on a Rome street. She had told him that he would be perfect for Pasolini’s next film, where she already had a part. Pasolini, the tetchy left–wing intellectual, brushing off the charm of the cool young actor with his glacial gaze, never spoke directly…

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massimo dutti, looking good

Massimo Dutti chose Paris and the contemporary art Mecca of the Palais de Tokyo as the venue to unveil its S/S 18 fashions, a chic, laid–back amalgam of ultralight fabrics in warm sandy tones, a breath of summer in the bleak midwinter. It was a first for the brand, and its exclusive Limited Edition line is already available in–store on the “see now, buy now premise. Which means that the clothes shown on the runway look set to fly off the racks. Think a beautifully structured, deliciously soft, cream leather saharienne jacket, minimalist gabardines, or flowing, loose–fitting cardigans to curl up in. Elegance is good but goes better with a touch of anti–conformism. Which is why the suits are worn with leather sandals while blazers are paired with print shorts. Think sophistication…

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beach games

On all pages, Kit wears: Gold–plated coral necklace OCEAN REPUBLIC Cauri XL necklace with cotton rope SIRCONSTANCE Bracelets, stylist’s own. Stylist’s assistantsRICKY VAN GILS and MARIA BONFÀ Accessories THOMAS BIRD Grooming PAWEL SOLIS CastingPIOTR CHARMIER…

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OurFave COMME DES GARÇONS HOMMES PLUS SPRING–SUMMER 2018 Short cut Shorts went viral this season. We’ve always thought that cut–offs et al were something of a style fail in the male wardrobe, but we have to admit that, this summer, there’s no avoiding them. They were the big hitters of the best catwalk shows: radically black worn with socks at Prada, baggy to the max at Gosha Rubchinskiy, a 70s’ tease at Gucci, and campus classic at Dior Homme. A word to the wise: please get those calves and thighs into shape before trying any of this at home. Mille time To withstand the extremely physical conditions of polo matches, watchmaker Richard Mille’s new RM 53–01 Tourbillon timepiece, created for Argentinian champion player Pablo MacDonough, boasts a world first with its laminated sapphire glass crystal…