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Vogue hommes English Version Spring - Summer 2020

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The style and lifestyle magazine for men in their thirties interested in Fashion. The magazine for men like nowhere else

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Cotton tank top and leather belt DSQUARED2 Straw hat @ LES MAUVAIS GARÇONS Necklace and bracelet @ DARY’S Necklace HARPO Wool jacket, cotton gilet and cut–off jeans, silk scarf and straw hat SAINT LAURENT BY ANTHONY VACCARELLO Vivienne : Polyamide swimsuit, denim trousers, leather and monogrammed canvas belt, and gold metal necklace LOUIS VUITTON Pre–Fall–Winter 2020–2021 Necklace DINH VAN Lawrence : Wool sweater Joseph : Leather, wool and cashemere Teddy jacket LOUIS VUITTON Pre–Fall–Winter 2020–2021 Jewellery, model’s own…

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The obsession with youth has been a reality throughout history. In the beginning, it symbolised a worldwide fascination with strength and beauty, rooted in, let’s say, an aesthetic dimension. Today, it is far more than that: this source of awed admiration has become a wellspring of influence. Young people are now a minority in society, yet paradoxically their power is increasing. Probably because they embody the future in a completely new way. And they fully intend to prevent others stealing it from them. Free of the torments of the past, and the upheavals of both history and tradition, young people have their sights firmly set on the future, acutely aware of the battles that lie ahead. Technology–wise with complete mastery of the social media, they have consolidated their — instantaneous —…

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in my room

“Tidy your room!” It’s the battle cry of many an exasperated parent who, refusing to relinquish the little control they still have over their darling offspring, makes a last–ditch attempt to impose their authority. As though the disorder or decoration of the domestic cell, now an impenetrable fortress, were the sign of a chaotic mind that must be nipped in the bud if their teenager is to grow into a “responsible” adult. Most teenagers are unfazed and slam the door on what they know to be empty threats. There’s nothing to tidy anyway because everything is where it should be, here in this burrow, a place to quietly nest among the totems, figures to admire, a last soft toy and sexual fixations lining the walls, staining the sheets. It is a…

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FUN PARADE This summer, accessories come in popcolours. SHOWTIME XXL Sunglasses look you straight in theeye. NECK OF STYLE Scarves are back, in pastel or printed fabrics. MELLOW YELLOW Sunny, tangy tones fire up the silhouette. Stylist’sassistant OPHÉLIE COZETTE Hair TERRY SAXON Nails MARIE ROSA…

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top of the season

SONNY HALL INSTA BOY Social media is where today’s boys and girls come out to play (and get themselves noticed). Influencers are everywhere — including on the front row of the fashion shows — most of them fundamentalist consumers vainly attempting to reenchant their own lives. Thankfully there are some exceptions. Sonny Hall is one. The British model’s mother died of an overdose when he was four years old and he grew up in care. At one point he was addicted to alcohol and drugs himself but has been clean for over two years now. His rebirth is all the more spectacular as it took place on Instagram, where his dandy style quickly acquired a fanbase — he now has 131,000 followers. Naturally he became a model and, at 21, also a…

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truth or dare