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Water Ski September - October 2016

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lakeside pokemon battles

(TONY TESKE)I’ve probably stepped on more Pokemon cards in my house in the last few years than you’ve run buoys. I’m not trying to downplay your skills in the course, but I know it’s true. My kids absolutely love Pokemon. Apparently, a lot of people love Pokemon. Ever since the July release of Pokemon Go, a mobile app in which you use your phone’s GPS and camera to battle and capture Nintendo’s monster creatures, there have been over 75 million downloads.It seems that people love the adventure of finding as many creatures as possible, like a Squirtle or Pikachu, while they visit local landmarks called Pokestops and Gyms. Seems pretty harmless, right? After all, it gets gamers outside getting some exercise instead of huddled in a dark room in front…

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a skier's journey

It’s hard to explain to a nonskier. The long winters — sometimes it seems warm weather will never get here. And then, when it does, summer flies by so fast that it doesn’t seem fair. The money pass was coming back. My ski was warming to the water. The water was hitting peak carving density. Right? My ski just settles in, and it’s like those cold-water control issues never happened. The journey, like a bell curve, starts slowly — painfully, actually, as the ski muscles stretch and yawn and creak. Then there’s the month or so when optimum is the word. Ultimately, though, it all fades into another long winter. A long, agonizing winter. Until … warm weather is back again, and woo-hoo! Nope, nonskiers just wouldn’t understand. ■…

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dedication in the desert

Water skiing is my escape from the hectic lifestyle we live in. — Jamal NassarSKI ITTraveling to the United Arab Emirates and need to get your skiing fix? ISki accepts drop-in skiers with advanced reservations and is located about midway between bustling Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.Sets are $34 USD each, consist of six passes, and can be reserved by calling the club’s chief driver, Mahmoud, at +971551571486, or by visiting the website at iski.ae. If the Middle East is too far to drag your ski, ISki has quality slalom skis of all sizes on site.The Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel and Resort, goldentulipaljazira.com, is located right in the marina, so accommodations are a few steps away. Although as one member put it, “Staying there would…

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résumé building

It must be a blast to be Seth Stisher. Pro skier. Traveling coach. Ski-school proprietor. Real estate agent. TV host. Wait — whaaaat? TV host? Really?Ever the résumé builder, Stisher has rolled with the times — aka planned for the future — and three years ago, he made real estate his twin career in Charleston, South Carolina. Everyone needs two careers, right? And why not run them simultaneously? Who knows what might develop! For Stisher, what developed is the opportunity to host a TV show called Waterfront House Hunting, which started its 20-episode season in July and will run weekly on FYI Network on Saturday nights. As he says, “I’ve never seen my two résumés collide like that.”Stisher, 41, landed the TV job after seeing the opportunity advertised on social…

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water skiing meets the sharing economy

Ten minutes. That’s all it took Eric Dole and his ski partner to walk into the house, drop their bags, walk their ski gear to the dock and start lowering the MasterCraft into the water. A few quick stretches later and Dole was in the slalom course prepping for his upcoming season.A normal day at the lake, right? Not when you consider that Dole, a Vermonter, was in Florida, a thousand miles from home, staying in a house and skiing behind a boat owned by someone he’d never even met before. Everything — the house, the boat, even the ping-pong table — had been rented on vrbo.com.Located in Montverde, Florida, northwest of Orlando, the house (vrbo.com/182514) Dole stayed in offers sun-seeking skiers 2,500 square feet of modern luxury and sleeping…

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jumping jimin jeong

South Korea’s Jimin Jeong has high hopes for flying with the world’s best jumpers. This pic was taken earlier this year after he ended a tournament jump set at Lake Hancock in Florida. (HOMASGUSTFSON.COM)DEFINING MOMENTSAlready the Asian record-holder at 192 feet, pushing the mark over the elusive 200-foot barrier was important to Jeong. “I don’t just want to be the best jumper from my country, but I want to be known among the best in the world. All jumpers share the same goal: to fly farther. Right now, I am focusing solely on 210 feet.”The Korean ski scene is getting bigger and bigger every year. Despite the vast majority of the population residing in an urban setting, competitive water skiing is on the rise in South Korea. “Our federation hosts…