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Water Ski Summer 2017

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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pursuing a passion

This photo, more than any other, might best define what it means to be a water-skier. It’s not just about the action, adrenaline and personal bests. It’s about being on the boat with friends in pursuit of a passion — and fun. It’s waking up at the crack of dawn and idling your boat across a foggy, glass-covered lake, knowing you’re about to score. It’s hopping in the still-calm water and feeling guilty you’re getting the first run — but not too guilty. It’s laughing like a school kid when you realize how lucky you are — and sharing that joy with friends. We all love pursuing that passion, whether we’re weekend warriors, competitive junkies or somewhere in between. In this case, these employees of the famed Tommy’s Slalom Shop…

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what’s next

I was only 5 years old at the time, but I distinctly remember the first time I got up on skis by myself. In my family, it was a big deal, almost a rite of passage. Getting up on skis wasn’t a matter of if, just when. Not that my parents pressured me to learn — in fact, it was far from it — but we just spent so much time on the boat that there wasn’t much of a choice. My dad has been skiing his whole life, and in my mind, he was the best (I know, your dad was probably the best too), so I wanted to get up on my own and one day ski like him. I remember my tiny feet swimming around in the rubber…

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the family issue

Flipping back through my oldest water-ski memories, I see my dad; he’s doing a beach start on a green wooden slalom ski. With three coils of slack and a nod to the boat, he jumps off the beach into a tunnel of spray and emerges effortlessly atop the water. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, and the scene plays out in my mind as clear now as it did back then. Fast forward few decades and it’s the memory of my dad taking me to my first pro event in Vancouver, Canada. As terribly as I skied that day, I can’t remember my dad ever looking prouder as I ambled out of the water after falling earlier than I had hoped. Jump another five years and it’s…

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dawn patrol dad

Gracing the cover of our family issue in some epic morning light, national record holder Jason McClintock epitomizes what it means to be part of a water-ski family — and have your own. With little ones Julia and Jax already immersed in the summer, sun and fun associated with his profession, Jason has passed his love on to the next generation of McClintocks. In a family with bloodlines as deep as his, it’s hard not to. Jason has world champions for aunts, uncles and parents, not to mention his sister Whitney.…

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art of freeskiing

“Rediscovering my love of skiing, whether in the course or not, saved me.” Think back to your very earliest water-ski memory. From the weekend enthusiast to the world champion, those memories are undoubtedly quite similar. It will be on a lake, man-made or natural, and will involve your family and the exhilarating allure of skimming atop the water. Fast forward slightly and those constants will still be there: family, friends, and the freedom of flying across the wakes. Slalom skiing, freed from the parameters of the course, is the very root of all forms of competitive skiing. Freeskiing, while oft neglected by the competitive masses, is still at the very center of the water-ski world; every other discipline of towed watersports is a spinoff of the first set we braved to…

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the pink boat

We bought a pink water-ski boat. Seriously, it was almost ridiculous — who buys a pink water-ski boat? Well, we did, because, in what seemed like one day, my husband went from being a normal patriarch of a boating family to a man crazily obsessed with water skiing. None of us could have imagined what the pink ski boat and the sport of water skiing would come to mean to our family. My husband is a fairly athletic fellow. (He will no doubt ask what I mean by “fairly” athletic fellow, if he ever reads this piece.) He loves all sports and seems to easily excel at most of them. When I met him, he was a teenager living away from home playing hockey. So I knew early on what I…